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  Pat Metheny - Discography 320KBps  This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The srcinal image is sized 916x400 andweights ! #$.%ne of the most successful and criticall& acclaimed 'azz musicians to come to (rominence in the 19)0s and *+0s, he is the leader of the Pat   Metheny  -rou( and is also involved in duets, solo works, and otherside (ro'ects. is st&le incor(orates elements of (rogressive and contem(orar& 'azz, (ost/$o(, 'azz/rock fusion, and folk/'azz. Metheny  was born and raised in ee*s ummit, 2issouri, a suburb south/east of #ansas Cit&. 3ollowing his graduation from ee*s ummit igh chool, he briefl& attended the niversit& of 2iami in Coral -ables, 3lorida. 5fter Metheny  withdrew from the niversit& of 2iami in his first semester, he was offered a teaching (osition. Metheny  came onto the 'azz scene in 19) when he 'oined vibra(honist -ar& $urton*s band and recorded $right ize ife with bassist aco 7astorius and drummer $ob 2oses. Metheny *s next recording, 19))*s 8atercolors, was the first to feature (ianist &le 2a&s, Metheny *s most freuent collaborator. Metheny *s next album formalized this (artnershi( and began the PatMetheny  -rou(, featuring several songs co/written with 2a&s: the album was released as the self/titled Pat   Metheny  -rou( on the ;C2 record label. Pat   Metheny  also has released notable solo, trio, uartet  and duet recordings with musicians such as im all, <ave olland, =o& a&nes, -ar& $urton, Chick Corea, 7edro 5znar, aco 7astorius, Charlie aden, ohn cofield, ack <eohnette, erbie ancock, $ill tewart, %rnette Coleman, $rad 2ehldau, oni 2itchell and man& others. Pat   Metheny  has also 'oined (ro'ects such as ong > with %rnette Coleman: 7arallel =ealities: and azz$altica, with lf 8akenius and other ?ordic azz (la&ers and (la&s with some great female musicians such as il'e ?ergaard on Tell 2e 8here @ou*re -oing A1990B, ?oa on ?oa A1994B and 5nna 2aria o(ek on (o'enie A00B. Pat   Metheny  has been touring for more than !0 &ears, averaging 10/40 concerts a &ear. Metheny  has written over 00 (ieces and continues to (ush musical limits in both his com(osition and (erformance. Pat   Metheny  -rou(The Pat   Metheny  -rou( is a 'azz band founded in 19)). The first Pat   Metheny  -rou( release, 19)+*s  Pat   Metheny  -rou(, featured the writing duo of Pat   Metheny  and (ianist &le 2a&s, a collaboration which would s(an over  &ears and 1 albums. The recording featured the bass (la&ing of aco 7astorius bass (rotDgD 2ark ;gan. The second grou( album, 5merican -arage A19+0B, was a breakout hit, reaching E1 on the $illboard azz chart and crossing over onto the (o( charts as well, largel& on the strength of the u(/tem(o o(ening track ACross theB eartland which would become a signature tune for the grou(. This earl& incarnation of the grou( included <an -ottlieb AdrumsB and 2ark ;gan AbassB.The grou( built u(on its success through constant touring across the 5 and ;uro(e. The earl& grou( featured a uniue sound, (articularl& due to Metheny *s -ibson ;/1) guitar and 2a&s* %berheim and euential Circuits 7ro(het F s&nthesizers and teinwa& (iano. ;ven in this earl& state the band (la&ed in a wide range of st&les from folk to rock to ex(erimental. Metheny  later started working with the =oland -=!00 guitar s&nthesizer and the &nclavier guitar s&stem made b& ?ew ;ngland <igital. 2a&s ex(anded his setu( with the &nclavier ke&board and later with man& other s&nthesizers.3rom 19+ to 19+ the Pat   Metheny  -rou( released %ffram( A19+B, a live set Travels A19+!B, and 3irst Circle A19+4B, as well as The 3alcon and the nowman A19+ B, a soundtrack album for the movie of the same name in which the& collaborated with <avid $owie. %ffram( marked the first a((earance of bassist teve =odb& Are(lacing 2ark ;ganB and $razilian guest artist ?ana Fasconcelos whose work on (ercussion and wordless vocals marked the first addition of atin music shadings to the -rou(*s sound, atrend which would continue and intensif& on 3irst Circle with the addition of 5rgentinian multi/instrumentalist 7edro 5znar, which also marked the grou( debut of drummer 7aul 8ertico Are(lacing <ann& -ottliebB / both =odb& and 8ertico were members of the 3red imon -rou( at the time, and had (la&ed in imon/$ard as well, in Chicago, before 'oining Metheny .This (eriod became a (eak of commercial (o(ularit& of the band, es(eciall& for the live recording Travels.3irst Circle would also be Metheny *s last (ro'ect with the ;C2 label: Metheny  had been a ke& artist for ;C2 but left over conce(tual disagreements with label founder 2anfred ;icher. The next three PatMetheny  -rou( releases would be based around a further intensification of the $razilian rh&thms first heard in the earl& 19+0s. 5dditional atin musicians a((ear as guests, notabl& $razilian (ercussion (la&er 5rmando 2arGal. till ife ATalkingB A19+)B was the -rou(*s first release on new label -effen =ecords, and featured several (o(ular tracks.The album*s first tune, 2inuano Aix ;ightB, re(resents a good exam(le of the Pat   Metheny  grou( com(ositional st&le from this (eriodH the track starts with a haunting minor section from 2a&s, lifts off ina trademark Metheny  'ubilant ma'or/ke& melod&, leading to a metric and harmonicall&/modulated interlude creating sus(ense which is finall& resolved in the srcinal ma'or theme. 5nother (o(ular highlight was ast Train ome, a rh&thmicall& relentless (iece evoking the 5merican 2idwest. The 19+9 release etter from ome continued this a((roach, even more relentlessl& atin, in its bossa and samba (ieces. Metheny  then again delved into adventurous solo and band (ro'ects, and four &ears went b& before the release of the next record for the next Pat   Metheny  -rou(, a live set entitled The =oad to @ou, which featured tracks from the two -effen studio albums amongst new tunes. The grou( integrated new instrumentation and technologies into its work, notabl& 2a&s* uniue (la&ing techniue accom(lished b& adding midi/controlled s&nth sounds at command during acoustic solos via a (edal on the (iano.2a&s and Metheny  themselves refer to the following three Pat   Metheny  -rou( releases as the tri(t&chH 8e ive ere A199 B, Iuartet A1996B, and Jmaginar& <a& A199)B. 2oving awa& from the atin st&le which had dominated the releases of the (revious 10 &ears, these albums were the most wide/ranging and least commercial -rou( releases, including ex(erimentations with hi(/ho( drum loo(s, free/form im(rovisation on acoustic instruments, and s&m(honic signatures, blues and sonata schemes.5fter another hiatus, the Pat   Metheny  -rou( re/emerged in 00 with the release (eaking of ?ow, another change in direction adding musicians to the band who are one generation &ounger and thus grew u( with the Pat   Metheny  -rou(. The new members on the bandstand are the drummer 5ntonio anchez from 2exico Cit&, trum(et (la&er Cuong Fu and bassist, vocalist, guitarist, and (ercussionist =ichard $ona from Cameroon.The latest release, 00 *s The 8a& (, is another large conce(t record which consists of one 6+ minute/long (iece Aalthough s(lit into four sections solel& for C< navigationB, a tightl& organized, but not through/com(osed (iece based on a (air of three/note kernelsH The o(ening $, 5E, 3E and the derived $, 5, 3E. The rece(tion of The 8a& ( was consistent, with standing ovations in each of the almost 90 concerts during the world tour 00 . %n The 8a& (, harmonica (la&er -rDgoire 2aret from witzerlandwas introduced as a new grou( member, while =ichard $ona contributed onl& as a guest musician.<uring the world tour $razilian multi/instrumentalist ?ando auria com(leted the line/u( of the 72-. The 8a& ( was released through ?onesuch =ecords and all of Metheny *s -effen and 8arner $rothers back catalogue is to be released on the label. Core members of the grou( are leader and founder, guitarist Pat   Metheny , &le 2a&s A(iano, ke&boardsB and teve =odb& Adouble and electric bassB who  'oined in 19+0. <rummer 7aul 8ertico, re(lacing <an -ottlieb in 19+4, (la&ed with the -rou( for more than 1+ &ears, until he was re(laced b& 5ntonio anchez, currentl& also a member of The Pat   Metheny  Trio.The current Pat   Metheny  -rou( members are Pat   Metheny  AguitarsB, &le 2a&s A(iano and ke&boardsB, teve =odb& Adouble bass, electric bassB, 5ntonio anchez AdrumsB, Cuong Fu Atrum(etB. %ther musicians that have been hired regularl& for Metheny  -rou( tours areH 2ark edford Avocals,  trum(et, guitarB: <avid $lamires Avocals, miscellaneous instrumentsB: 5rmando 2arGal A(ercussionB: 7edro 5znar Avocals, guitar, (ercussionB: =ichard $ona Avocals, guitar, bass K (ercussionB. %n the most recent tour to (romote the record *The 8a& (*, -rDgoire 2aret Aharmonica, (ercussion, vocalsB and ?ando auria Aguitar, (ercussion, vocalsB 'oined the -rou(. Pat   Metheny  has collected 1) -ramm& 5wards with, as (art of The Pat   Metheny  -rou(, ten consecutive -ramm&s. ide 7ro'ects8hen working outside of the confines of the 72-, Metheny  has shown different sides to his musical (ersonalit&. 8orking with established 'azz figures such as %rnette Coleman, Chick Corea, 2ichael $recker, Charlie aden, im all, <ave olland, Christian 2c$ride, <avid anchez and =o& a&nes, he has made records that have found favor with 'azz critics that were dis(araging of the (astoral or light rock as(ects of his work with the 72-. 7ro'ects like the collaboration with <erek $aile& and Lero Tolerance for ilence have confounded critics who saw Metheny  as following a (ath of increasing blandness with the 72-. Metheny *s latest side (ro'ects teams him with $rad 2ehldau and his Trio. Pat Metheny - Bright Size Life (197!   This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The srcinal image is sized 6 0x6 0 andweights !+#$.01 / $right ize ife0 / irabhorn0! / nit& Fillage04 / 2issouri ncom(romised0 / 2idwestern ?ights <ream06 / nuit& =oad0) / %maha Celebration0+ / =ound Tri($roadwa& $luesIualit&H !0 k$itMs7assH high #a$ity%p3  CodeH Pat Metheny &ro#p - B$#e 'spha$t (1977! Concert at -reat 5merican 2usic all, an 3rancisco, !1.0+.19)) Pat   Metheny  AgtrB, &le 2a&s AkbdB, 2ark ;gan AbB, <ann& -ottlieb AdrBThis image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The srcinal image is sized 6+9x6 0 andweights )0#$.1 / 7hase <ancer / 8atercolors! / an orenzo4 / 8rong Js =ightIualit&H !0 k$itMs7assH high #a$ity%p3 CodeH Pat Metheny - aterco$ors (1977! This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The srcinal image is sized 6 x6 0 andweights ! #$.
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