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PAT Sains FORM 2 FORMAT PT3 2014

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  ********** ARAHAN : 1. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 14 soalan. Jawab semua soalan.2. Soalan 1 hingga 10 diperuntukkan 6 markah setiap satu.3. Soalan 11 hingga 14 diperuntukkan 10 markah setiap satu.4. Jawaban hendaklah ditulis dalam ruangan yang disediakan.5. Kertas soalan ini hendaklah diserahkan kepada pengawas peperiksaan pada akhir  peperiksaan. Markah : 1* Ting. 2 ……………… Nama: …………………………………………….. Masa : 2 jam Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 17  halaman beretak   ********** SOALAN 1.  !a # whale is supported by its endoskeleton. $rite  pectora gir!es pe#ic gir!es  or   $ack$one to label the parts o% its skeleton. &3 marks'!b (ath the %ollowing a)uati animals with their skeleton systems. &3 marks'#nimalsSkeleton system*+oskeleton*ndoskeleton,ydrostati skeleton 2  !a -iagram 1 shows a %ew types o% %ood 2*  ********** -iagram 1n -iagram 1/ tik ! ✓ the orret alphabet to show the %oods that need to be onsumed in asmall )uantity by a diabeti patient. &3 marks'!b ik ! ✓ the orret %untions o% the %ood labelled . .  % 2   marks'romotes healthy eye %untion *ssential %or growth o% new ells *ssential %or blood lotting *ssential %or %ormation o% enymes and hormones ! oods in  are rih in itamin  and 7 while %oods in 8 are rih in itamin #/ -/ * and K.ik ! ✓ one di%%erene between the solubility o% itamins %rom soures  and 8. &1 mark'9itamins %rom  are water:soluble while itamins %rom 8 are %at:soluble.9itamins %rom  are %at:soluble while itamins %rom 8 are water:soluble. & . -iagram 2 shows three states o% matter. 3* X Y   ********** -iagram 2 !a n the diagram 2/ tik ! ✓ the orret proesses and tik ! '   %or the wrong proesses.   &2 marks'!b -oes heat is absorbed in the %ollowing proesses; $rite 8es or <o in the bo+ proided. *aporation reeing &2 marks'! -iagram 3 shows two proesses/  and 8. $rite rue or alse %or the %ollowing statements regarding proesses  and 8.-iagram 3 roess  takes plae at any temperature whereas proess 8 takes plae at 100 =7. roess 8 is in%luened by humidity and air moement. &2 marks' (.   -iagram 4 shows the ross:setion o% the human eye. 4*
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