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1. COLUNLPam – 2nd YEAR –ENGLISH “B” - PATCH ADAMS name: Capture a photo from the film and write a text describing it (prose or dialogue). Think of possible…
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  • 1. COLUNLPam – 2nd YEAR –ENGLISH “B” - PATCH ADAMS name: Capture a photo from the film and write a text describing it (prose or dialogue). Think of possible answers to: 1- Where is he / are they? 2- What is he / are they wearing? 3- When is he / are they visiting Iquitos? 4- What is the weather like? 5- How is he / are they feeling? 6- What is he / are they doing? 7- Why is he / are they “clowning”? 8- What are people doing in the festival?
  • 2. PA Eugenio Robatti Activity English 2° Intermediate Video of Patch Adams. Photo selected: Description: Patch Adams is greeting a children in Iquitos, Perú. Dialogue: Patch Adams: Hi children! Carmen Rosa: Hello… Patch: What are you doing? Carmen Rosa: I´m ordering the fruits, and you? Patch: I´m visiting and helping your city. Carmen Rosa: Oh thanks! Do you want an apple? Patch: Yes, please. Carmen Rosa: Take… Patch: María Elena´s waiting for me, bye! Carmen Rosa: Goodbye!
  • 3. Fermin Rodriguez P (Patch Adams) – HelloMy Friends K (Kid) – Hi, Ms Patch Adams P – Hehe, How Old Are You? K – I’m 10 Years Old. P – Oh Great K –Patch, ¿YouLikethe medicine? P – Yes! I Lovethe medicine K – Wow! P – I LiketheFootball? K – No, i dont’t, but i likewatchingfootball in thepark. P – Me Too! K—Whatistheweatherlike in North America? P – GoodQuestion, in North Americaiscloudy. K – Wow! But… Ok, Patch Adams, i’mhungry, Bye! P – Bye!! P (Patch Adams) – Hello, my lady. W (Woman) – Hehe, hello Ms Patch Adams P – How Old are you? W – Meh… I´m 67 Years Old P – Wow! Me Too W – Hehe P – Can youFly? W – No, but i lovewatchingthebirds P – Oh No! But, i can fly, come on! W – Oh hahaha P – I´m a Bird W – Ok, stop, becousei’mscared P – Ok, Ok Hahahahaha. W – ButGood Job, Ms. Patch Adams. P – Oh, Thankyou W – Hehe, bye!
  • 4. PA Valentin Quiroga English 2° Intermediate COLUNLPam VIDEO SESSION: PATCH ADAMS First photo selected: Description: Patch Adams is greeting a old man of Iquitos, Perú Dialogue: -Patch Adams: Hello sir, ¿Whats your name? ¿How are you? -Roberto: Hello, thanks for the question. I’m Roberto -Patch Adams: “Mucho bueno, caballero”, and I’m Patch… Patch Adams -Roberto: Good name, ¿What are you doing here? -Patch Adams: I’m here because many people of here living in bad conditions, and well… I wish children here can have fun -Roberto: You are a good person, and admirable. Thanks for all, for your purposes and for coming -Patch Adams: Thank you very much, the people of here are beatiful, I’m very happy… and I am going to make that children can have fun today -Roberto: Great! I am looking… Second photo selected: Description: Patch Adams is playing with a old woman of Iquitos, Perú Dialogue: -Patch Adams: Alright… now you are moving your arms up and down -Roberta: Jaja, and now what, Patch? -Patch Adams: Now you are moving your arms to the sides -Roberta: What funny! Your coming is amazing. Thanks -Patch Adams: Thank you, Roberta, I’m very happy, the people of here is beautiful, and when I am looking the smile of the kids, I’m very happy, really! -Roberta: You are a good person, and admirable
  • 5. PA Matina Villegas Patch Adams Patch Adams is playing with the kids cards and having fun. Patch: Hi Kids! Kids: Hi! Patch: What do they do? Kids: We're playing cards Patch: that good! That's too funny, I love to play cards. Kids: ahah, Patch They are very good, we are very happy that you are here. Patch: and I am very happy to be with you here. Bye Kids! Kids: bye! Patch Adams is talking to a man and are smiling. Patch: Hello man; how are you? Man: Hi I am fine, and you? Patch: great! I hope you have beautiful days. Man: Thank you! I hope you continue making people happy. Patch: you like to play? Man: Yes! Sometimes I play ball with the kids, it's fun. Patch: That good!
  • 6. PA Joaquin Fernandez Photo Project Patch Adams: Hello sir Señor: Hello Patch Adams: How are you? Señor: Bery good Patch Adams: Hello friend, I like your hat Muchacho: Thank you, I like your shirt Patch Adams: Thank you Muchacho: Bye Patch Adams: Goodbye friend
  • 7. PA Federico Ruppel Patch Adams: Hi, what is your name? José: Hi, my name is José. Patch Adams: What are you doing?, José. José: I´m watching a clowns. Patch Adams: I’m a clown, my name is a Patch Adams. José: Why come here ? Patch Adams: Because these people need Friends. José:You are my friend now. I´ like your nose. Patch Adams:Ohh, I’m like your home. José: Tanks but i´m going to help my son Patch Adams: Me to , i am going to play with the kids. José :Goodbye Patch.
  • 8. Celina Villalba- Inglés Intermedio- Segundo año. Patch Adams greeting peoples from Iquitos, in Belén Amazonas Perú. He is very generous and a good people because he finding the happiness in Iquitos. Patch Adams: Buenas tardes, buenas tardes, buenas tardes Peoples: Hello, Who are you? Patch Adams: I’m Patch Adams, I from Estados Unidos, and I a payamedic. Peoples: Payamedic? What is that? Patch Adams : I visit the world findig a smile in the peoples People: oh! Really? Great! People: Why are you wearing this clothes? Patch Adams: Because i am a clown People: Wow! Patch Adams ir greeting with the finger because he doesnt know others cultures or lenguages. He is talking with the peoples in English. Patch Adams: Hellow good man Man: ooh!! Hellow!! Are you a clown? Patch Adams: Yes, I am a payamedic Man: Payamedic? What it is? Patch Adams: Is a clown and a medic in a one people, We are findig the happiness in the sad peoples. Man: wow! Are we visit Iquitos or the worl? Patch Adams: The worl!! Man: Great! We are good peoples.
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