Pathways to ICAEW Membership Programme for ACCA Members

How to gain membership of the ICAEW if you hold an ACCA membership already
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   APPLICATION FORM AND GUIDANCE NOTES PATHWAYS TOMEMBERSHIPPROGRAMME  02 ELIGIBILITY To be eligible to apply under the Pathways programme youmust be one of the following. 󰁬  A full member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) 󰁬  A member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) 󰁬  A member of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) 󰁬  A member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) 󰁬  A member of CPA Australia 󰁬  A member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA)* 󰁬  A member of the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA).Membership must have been gained through the normalexamination and training route. We do not accept membershipobtained through reciprocity agreements, full credit/exemptionschemes or similar schemes with another accountancy body. * Individuals who have joined HKICPA as members from the Association of International Accountants (AIA) prior to 1 June 2008 are not eligible to joinICAEW under the Pathways to Membership programme.  You must also: 󰁬 have a minimum of five years’ full membership andrelevant post-qualification experience in an accountingand/or business environment; 󰁬 have complied with the CPD requirements of your existingprofessional accountancy body; 󰁬 provide us with a letter from your current homeprofessional body confirming;–membership and date admitted to membership; and–that you have a good disciplinary record, nooutstanding complaints against you and that theyknow of no ethical or other reason why you couldnot be admitted to ICAEW or advising us of the detailsof any disciplinary record or outstanding complaint(s).  AICPA, HKICPA and MICPA members who join ICAEW under the Pathways to Membership programme must maintaintheir home body membership.The accompanying guidance is designed to help you and your sponsor complete the forms and the Examination of Experience. Please visit or contact our membership advisers on +44 (0)1908 248 250 or email if you need any further guidance or advice on this route to membership. SPONSOR  Your application for membership must be supported by a sponsor. The role of the sponsor is to verify that theinformation provided by you in the application form and theanswers to the Examination of Experience are accurate and a true representation of your work. The sponsor must completethe sponsor form in Section 5 of this document.If you work for an organisation that is not an ICAEWauthorised training employer (ATE), your sponsor must bean ICAEW Chartered Accountant. This member must: 󰁬 have been an ICAEW Chartered Accountant for at least five years; 󰁬 have known you for at least three years and have detailedknowledge of your work, by working closely with you, for at least three of the past five years; 󰁬 have a good disciplinary record; and 󰁬 comply with ICAEW continuing professional development(CPD) regulations.If you work for an ATE, the sponsor can be either: 󰁬 an ICAEW Chartered Accountant who has been a member of ICAEW for at least five years;–have known you for at least three years and havedetailed knowledge of your work, by working closely with you, for at least three of the past five years;–have a good disciplinary record; and–comply with ICAEW continuing professional development (CPD) regulations. 󰁬 the qualified person responsible for training (QPRT) who isresponsible for the office where you work  . If the sponsor isthe QPRT at the organisation where you work, he/she doesnot need to know or have known you directly. Your QPRTmust complete sufficient due diligence to be assured that theinformation provided by you in the application form and theanswers to the Examination of Experience are accurate andare a true representation of your work. This due diligence willinclude discussing the application with your line manager. Your QPRT should have been in post as a QPRT for aperiod of 12 months . A family member is not necessarily disqualified from acting asa sponsor, but you must declare this relationship on thesponsor form – as long as they meet all of the sponsor criteria. Anyone acting as a sponsor and found to have testified in aninappropriate manner, for example failure to conduct sufficientdue diligence to verify that the evidence provided by you isaccurate, will be liable to investigation and possibledisciplinary or regulatory action. Pathways to Membership is a route to membership that is available to qualified accountants. If yourapplication is successful you will be granted membership of ICAEW (The Institute of Chartered Accountantsin England and Wales) and you will be entitled to use the designation ACA. You must demonstrate youreligibility by meeting the criteria outlined below. INTRODUCTION  03 For more information about sponsors please see the sponsor section of the website at For more information about authorised training employersplease visit the ‘potential employers’ area at ASSESSMENT To apply through the Pathways route to membership your application must consist of: 󰁬 a completed application form; 󰁬 a letter from your current home professional body (see page 2); 󰁬 a completed Examination of Experience (see Section 3); 󰁬 a completed sponsor form (see Section 5); and 󰁬 the correct payment. NUMBER OF PERMITTED ATTEMPTS  Applicants are allowed a maximum of four attempts at theExamination of Experience. CONDUCT Engaging in any activity likely to give an advantage to anyapplicant will be considered misconduct. Examples of thismay include (but are not limited to) the following: cheating – failing to comply with the rules governingassessments. colluding – helping another candidate to gain anadvantage by any means, facilitating or receiving suchassistance. fabricating – misleading or attempting to mislead theexaminers by presenting work for assessment in a waywhich intentionally or recklessly suggests that factualinformation has been collected which has not in fact beencollected, or falsifies factual information. personating – acting, appearing, or producing work onbehalf of another candidate in order to deceive theexaminers, or soliciting another individual to act, appear or produce work on your own behalf. plagiarising – incorporating within your work, work(published or unpublished in whatever format or medium)created by another person without appropriateacknowledgement, is considered to be misconduct. WhereICAEW believes misconduct may exist, the case will bereferred to the ICAEW assessment committee for investigation and potential disciplinary action.ICAEW reserves the right to withhold publication of theresults of an assessment, and prevent further assessmentattempts of a candidate involved in misconduct. ASSESSMENT DEADLINES Please refer to  for details of submission deadlines and results dates. You will receive your results by letter and email. Results canalso be found on a published pass list on the website. GUIDANCE NOTES How will I benefit from gaining the ACA and membershipof ICAEW? 󰁬 As an ICAEW Chartered Accountant, you will receiveexclusive access to a wide range of practical supportincluding :–advisory helplines;–technical helpsheets;–invitations to events including technical seminars, conferences and roadshows, networking events and awards dinners;–the world-leading business library; and–a free subscription to economia  magazine.– You will also have the option to develop your technical and industry knowledge by joining special interestgroups (SIGs) and faculties. 󰁬 Accelerate your career : the ACA will help you fulfil your career ambitions and ICAEW membership will give youaccess to ongoing support, training and development. 󰁬 The right to use the designatory letters ACA : successfulapplicants will be awarded the designatory letters ACA. Am I required to keep membership of my existing body? If you are a member of the ACCA, CIMA, CIPFA or CPA Australia, you are not required to keep membership of your existing body – this is not a reciprocal arrangement.  AICPA, HKICPA and MICPA members who join ICAEW under thePathways to Membership programme must maintain their homebody membership. What is meant by a business or accounting environment?  We do not expect all future members of ICAEW to work inpractice or in an accounting department in the business or public sectors. Our current members work across a diverserange of areas and sectors and we expect and encourage thisto continue. We expect applicants applying through thePathways route to work or have worked in anaccounting/business environment for five years, but we do notexpect your role necessarily to have been that of anaccountant. You may, for example, be a business manager or marketing manager. You should be able to demonstrate thekey professional skills requir ed in the Examination of Experience. However, you can demonstrate these skills byholding one or more of a wide range of professional roles. Why must I complete an Examination of Experience?  You are required to complete an Examination of Experience todemonstrate that you meet the appropriate standards for membership of ICAEW. This examination requiresdemonstration of the same professional skills as the Case Study,taken by ACA students.The Examination of Experience is designed to assess your pastexperience and achievements, your planning and analyticalskills, your professional judgement, your quality of thought, and your awareness of current and technical issues.  04What should my submission look like?  A standard template is provided for you to follow whenproducing your examination submission (see Section 6).  Your submission should be divided into three parts. 󰁬 Part 1 is where you answer the set examination questionsusing your own work experience; the examples you useshould refer to the list you provide in Part 3. 󰁬 Part 2 is a summary CV/résumé providing dates of employment and employers for at least the last five years, your academic record and other professional qualifications. 󰁬 Part 3 is a description of your jobs, roles and responsibilities for the last five years, with individual reference codes. Youshould provide a list of skills developed and demonstratedand achievements while in these jobs/roles cross-referencedto your answers in part 1.Please follow the standard template in Section 6. Your answers must be produced as a word-processeddocument. Please note that hand-written documents willnot be assessed.  All submissions must be in English. You can view exampleanswer scripts on the website at much evidence must I submit?  We expect your answers to the examination questions (Section3, Part 1) to contain approximately 3,000 words in total. Eachanswer should fill approximately one typed A4 page. Anyextremes either side of this guide would suggest a lack of experience or an inability to summarise concisely. We will notassess any papers which are more than 6,000words long. How far back can I go for my evidence? Please provide details of your employment during the last five years. You should use your experience and achievementsduring this period to provide evidence of your suitability for membership. Why might my application be rejected?  Your application may be rejected from submission if: 󰁬  you and/or your sponsor do not meet the criteria; or 󰁬  your application form and/or Examination of Experiencesubmission is incomplete; or  󰁬  you demonstrate inappropriate conduct (pages 2, 3and 12). Why might my application fail?  Your application may fail if: 󰁬  your answers to the Examination of Experience exceed6,000 words; or  󰁬  your answers to any of the questions within the Examinationof Experience are insufficient; or  󰁬  you fail to pass the Examination of Experience. We strongly recommend that before you submit your application, you review the guidance notes from examiners,listen to the recorded webinar or attend a workshop. All of these will help you understand what is expected of you in your application and Examination of Experience. If I am unsuccessful will my fee be refunded? If, for any reason, your application is unsuccessful, we willrefund your fee, minus an administration and assessment costof £275 including local taxes. If I am unsuccessful can I re-apply?  You may re-apply until you reach the maximum of four attempts. You will need to make full payment and a fullresubmission for each attempt. Do I need an ICAEW practising certificate as part of myPathways to Membership application? If you are a sole practitioner or a principal (partner, director or member of a limited liability partnership) of a firm offeringaccountancy services to the public within the EuropeanCommunity or if you wish to act as an insolvency practitioner or a responsible individual for audit, you will need to hold anICAEW practising certificate. To find out which accountancyservices require a practising certificate, please refer to under Council statement on engagingin public practice.Please note that holding a practisingcertificate does not give you the right to undertake insolvencyor audit work. You will need to be appropriately qualified andauthorised under the insolvency regulations or auditregulations. Please refer to  for details.For more information please refer to Section 2A.There are certain exceptions to the above if you are practisingoutside the UK and ROI and are licensed to practise by another body comparable to ICAEW, which is headquartered in thecountry you are practising in. For more information please seethe practising certificate regulations at If as an ICAEW member, you are intending to act as a‘responsible individual’ within a firm of registered auditors youwill need an ICAEW practising certificate, the appropriate (ie,audit) qualification and additional requirements will apply.Please see Sections 2A and 2B for more details. Who do I contact for more information/advice? Please visit or contact our membershipadvisers on +44 (0)1908 248 250 or email if you need any further guidanceor advice on this route to membership.
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