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  User-friendly / Individual / Simple / FlexibleTime-saving / Intelligent PATTERN SOFTWARE M1PLUS® Step by Step into the Future  EVEN THE BEST IS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER. STOLL has been a synonym for flat knit-ting machines of the highest quality for more than 140 years. This is especially due to the fact that we have always react-ed to the needs of our customers. For example, this is how the world’s first mass-produced computer-controlled flat knitting machines (1975) and the CMS Generation (1987) were developed. We have also taken many suggestions from our customers and the market demand into account in the continuing develop-ment of our established pattern software. The result is an extremely flexible pattern software with many influencing options for the programmer: M1plus®.The outstanding feature of the M1plus® is its ‘Design Mode’ and its arrangement technol-ogy. With this you can benefit from numer-ous built-in automatic functions, but also work totally freely and flexibly. Safe to run and optimised knitting time oriented. And fast creation of different sizes for produc-tion is no problem with M1plus®. Technical  views and fabric views let you control the result of your design and give you an imme-diate technical and visual feedback – now even in Design Mode. Additional powerful tools are available for the pattern design of knit and wear garments. Moreover, the M1plus® ensures production benefits by generating patterns for a highly optimized knitting process.All this makes the M1plus® Pattern Soft-ware the key to the next step: the efficient production of your knitwear. M1PLUS® DESIGN  Symbol view Symbol view (expanded)Fabric view Technical view  TECHNICAL CONTROL  AS MUCH SUPPORT AS NECESSARY, AS MUCH FREEDOM AS POSSIBLE. M1PLUS® IS YOUR PERFECT PARTNER.  M1plus® supports you – the way you want it to – with numerous automatic func-tions which relieve you of the burden of having to program standard procedures. However, it also always enables you to individually influence it. The best exam-ples for this are the two editors “Module Arrangement” and “Color Arrangement”, as well as the new “Drawing with Yarn Carrier Colors”. With these, you can determine the ideal path to the finished knitting programs completely based on your own vision. MODULE ARRANGEMENT: MANUAL MATCHING OF MODULES You can include two or more modules in a Module Arrangement, and therefore predefine their knitting order. This way the knitting and transfer rows of each module can be brought together in the desired processing order. You can assign the Module Arrangement to the entire pattern or only to certain rows. During the later step of “expanding”, the modules are then expanded in the order you specified. Module Arrangements are administered within the program like regular modules, and can therefore be reused at any time. Module Arrangement Editor with special relocating tool With this, the rows of each module can be relocated relative to each other in an especially simple way. Compiling modules By selecting a pattern area, M1plus ®   com- piles all the modules occurring in it and shows them in the Arrangement Editor along with a ready-to-use proposal. Expanding to  your specifications The result corresponds exactly to the order  you entered in the Arrangement Editor.
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