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  coege, oege o Engineering Proposal Presentation on Printed Circuit Board(PCB) Design and manufacturing By C.R.D   1 PCB design and manufacturing  PCB Design and Manufacturing Outline  Introduction  Motivation  Objective  Applications/ market penetration  Methodology  Pert chart  Resource allocation ã Human resource allocation and ã Financial resource allocation 2 PCB design and manufacturing  Introduction  PCB means Printed Circuit Board  PCB design helps to make circuit components mounted on a standard circuit board and get soldered so that the circuit can be used and documented permanently there by it:  avoids wiring and lose connections  saves space, time and energy and  offers reliability PCB design and manufacturing 3   Motivation  PCB fabrication is in its infant stage in Ethiopia  Our survey shows that, though many project circuits are constructed by students and researchers using wires and circuit components for the last 16 years in Defence Engineering College none of the circuits are documented well and used as a reference and teaching aid either.  We found that establishing this laboratory is burning issue of the time in our institute PCB design and manufacturing 4
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