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1. The Problem ã Investors from outside the United States need an in-country investment facility to take advantage of real estate and other compelling projects inside…
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  • 1. The Problem • Investors from outside the United States need an in-country investment facility to take advantage of real estate and other compelling projects inside the US. • Investors want to have a decent return on investment, without the day to day operational duties.
  • 2. Our Solution • Create a fund with foreign investors putting in smaller amounts from $500,000 using a Reg A offering. • Invest the cumulative funds into real estate projects that the banks and other lenders may turn down for not being a perfect match for them. • Share profits from transactions that result from buying, holding, flipping, wholesaling and rehabbing commercial or residential projects. • Share profits from investment in compelling situations.
  • 3. Business Model •Professional Management engaged for each property acquired. •At the right time, sell the asset and take profits for distribution to investors. •Using funds from investors, buy, wholesale, or hold for cash flow. •Opportunities for commercial and residential real estate, and other profitable projects. Identify Acquire ManageExit
  • 4. Underlying Magic • National and International contacts and resources for identifying opportunities. • Web portal for project sponsors to find funding options. • Creativity in structuring deals otherwise ignored because of stringent criteria for funding.
  • 5. Marketing and Sales • Principal has extensive Marketing and Advertising experience. MBA-Marketing. Real Estate investor. Team Builder. • Leads for projects to fund come from our web portal, • Support staff added as appropriate to build and maintain momentum.
  • 6. Competition There are many competitors vying for deals to name here. The key to funding a project is in the ability to move swiftly to close, once due diligence on the project and its sponsor is complete. We will seek deals that fall under the radar of the larger institutional investors, but are viable nonetheless.
  • 7. Team • Michael J. Weiner, Managing Member. MBA. 35 years business experience in advertising, communications, mortgages, real estate and project reviews. Visit for detailed background. • A team of experienced professionals are ready to take on the roles of filling out the rest of the team on an ad hoc basis. Team members will include attorneys, CPA’s, real estate management professionals, appraisers, inspectors, and other expertise as identified and needed.
  • 8. Projections and Milestones • Achieve a minimum amount of funds invested to begin funding and acquisition activities. $2,000,000 minimum raise. • Invest in select projects currently in review and determined to be feasible with a high probability of profits. • At the end of 5 years, PCC Capital Investments will have a portfolio of $90,000,000 in assets with a target return of 12%.
  • 9. Status and Timeline • 2015- ongoing: Raise initial funds from crowdfunding investors. Upon $2 Million minimum raised, full-blown activities begin. • 2016- Fund 3 projects , acquire 2 income-producing commercial properties, provide hard money to residential renovators, rehabbers and smaller residential deals. • 2017- Fund 4 projects, acquire 3 income producing commercial properties, establish minimum reserve accounts of 10% cash for unforeseen events. If market conditions allow, sell off first round of properties, take profit, and reinvest in additional deals.
  • 10. Your Next Step • Determine your investment amount of $500,000 or more. • Request the documents needed for your investment. • Wire funds into escrow account. No funds are touched until the minimum $2 Million raise is accomplished. • Watch us grow your money.
  • 11. Contact For further information and investment forms, please contact Michael Weiner (202) 657-6960 Skype: michael.j.weiner
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