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Science_Grade 3 2nd Quarter
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  Grade 3, Second Quarter SCIENCE CN: Name: ________________________________________________________________Section: ________________________Date: ________________________ I.Directions: Write T if the sentence is true. Write F if it is false. T_______ 1. The leaves make food for the plant. F_______ 2. All plants must grow on soil. F_______ 3. The stem holds the plant firmly to the ground.F_______ 4. A plant cannot make food if its flowers are cut.T_______ 5. The roots take in water and minerals for the plant.F_______ 6. A leaf develops into a fruit.T_______ 7. Some roots are underground while other roots are hanging in the air or sticking out of the mud.F_______ 8. The fruit contains seeds but seeds cannot grow into new plants.T_______ 9. The leaves contain a green substance which helps the leaves make food.T_______10. There are many tubes inside the stem that carry water and minerals to the different parts of the plant.F_______11. All flowers have a pleasant smell.T_______12. Venus fly-trap and pitcher plant are examples of plants that “catch” their own food.F_______13. Pongpong and allamanda are examples of useful plants.F_______14. Catterpillars are useful to plants.T_______15. Plants need the sun in order to live.  II. Directions: Label the parts of the plant.III.Directions: Write L for land plants and W for water plants. L______ 1. bird’s nestW______ 2. water liliesW______ 3. hydrillasL______ 4. vinesL______ 5. mossW______ 6. cattailsW______ 7. water hyacinthsL______ 8. creepers L______9. coconut L______10. ilang-ilang  IV. Directions: Write the organ system that is being described. SKELETAL _________________________________ 1. This organ system protects the delicate organs in our body.MUSCULAR __________________________________ 2. This organ system allows us to move.RESPIRATORY __________________________________ 3. This organ system helps us with our breathing.SKELETAL __________________________________ 4. This organ system supports the body and keeps it in shape.CIRCULATORY __________________________________ 5. This organ system carries useful substances such as food, oxygen, water to various parts of our body.DIGESTIVE __________________________________ 6. This is the organ system that breaks down the food that we eat into substances that our body can use.RESPIRATORY __________________________________ 7. This is the organ system that takes air into our body and removes air from our body.CIRCULATORY __________________________________ 8. This is the organ system that carries waste materials away from all parts of our body.NERVOUS __________________________________ 9. This is the organ system that controls activities inside and outside our body.URINARY __________________________________ 10. This is the organ system that removes waste materials from our body.NERVOUS __________________________________ 11. This is the organ system that carries messages to and from different parts of our body.URINARY __________________________________ 12. This is the organ system that removes extra water from our body.  V. Directions: Match the body part to its organ system. Write them in the chart.VI.Directions: Write True if the sentence is correct and False if it is not. TRUE ________ 1. Our digestive system helps break down the food that we eat into nutrients that can be absorbed by our blood.TRUE ________ 2. The food that we eat is first broken down in the mouth.TRUE ________ 3. From the mouth, the food that has been cut into smaller pieces by our mouth is pushed down through our gullet.TRUE ________ 4. The organ systems in our body carry out many important jobs to keep us alive.TRUE ________ 5. The waste or feces that is left by the digestive system is passed out from our body through the anus.FALSE _________6. The circulatory system helps us understand what is happening around us.FALSE _________7. Blood can only be found in the heart because blood is pumped from the heart.FALSE _________8. The brain can control activities inside the body, but not outside the body.FALSE _________9. The heart removes waste materials from the body.SKELETAL SYSTEMNERVOUS SYSTEMURINARY SYSTEMCIRCULATORY SYSTEMDIGESTIVE SYSTEMRESPIRATORY SYSTEMbackbonespinal cordbladderheartgulletlungsthigh bonebrainurethrablood vesselslarge intestinewindpipeskullnervesureterssmall intestinenoseribkidneysstomachmouth
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