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    PERSONAL DATA SHEET READ THE ATTACHED GUIDE TO FILLING OUT THE PERSONAL DATA SHEET (PDS) BEFORE ACCOMPLISHING THE PDS FORM. 1. CS ID No. I. PERSONAL INFORMATION .SRNAME P A !  L A A N FIRST NAME R E ! I N # A S P E R NAME E$TENSION (#R.% MIDDLE NAME S A L I ! A N A N .  &' ' ()* 1+. CITI,ENS-IP.PLACE OF IRT- !ON,A!A% CA!A AN If /ol0er of 0ul 2iti3ens/ip% Pls. in0i2te 2 .SE$plese in0i2te t/e 0etils.CI6IL STATS17. RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS-ouse'lo29'Lot No.ALISu:0i;ision'6ill<e.-EI!-T (=)  .7* PE>ALANCACity'Muni2iplity.?EI!-T (9<) )& ,IP CODE *8&@.LOOD T PE O 1. PERMANENT ADDRESS-ouse'lo29'Lot No.&!SIS ID NO. N'A ALISu:0i;ision'6ill<e1PA!BII! ID NO. N'A PEÑABLANCA City'Muni2iplity.P-IL-EALT- NO. &&B8&&B)@(B8(* ,IP CODE *8&@.SSS NO. N'A 1. TELEP-ONE NO. N'A 1. TIN NO. (7B ((B887 @&. MOILE NO. +*171*887 18. A!ENC EMPLO EE NO.  8E@ &*+8 @1. EBMAIL ADDRESS (if ny) II. FAMIL AC!ROND @SPOSES SRNAME PA!LA AN @*. NAME of C-ILDREN (?rite full n=e n0 list ll) FIRST NAME -AI,EL DANIELLE MIAELLA T-ERESE TAN!ILAN PA!LA AN  MIDDLE NAME TAN!ILAN #ASTINE -AILIE TAN!ILAN PA!LA AN OCCPATION TEAC-ER #ASTINE !ARIELLE TAN!ILAN PA!LA AN EMPLO ER'SINESS NAME DEPARTMENT OF EDCATION SINESS ADDRESS CARI!% T!E!ARAO CIT TELEP-ONE NO. N'A FAT-ERS SRNAME PA!LA AN FIRST NAME ROERTO MIDDLE NAME LIN!AN @MOT-ERS MAIDEN NAMESRNAME SALI!ANAN FIRST NAME T-ERESA MIDDLE NAME CASTILLO (Continue on sep1r1te s/eet if ne2ess1ry III. EDCATIONAL AC!ROND  +LE6EL PERIOD OF ATTENDANCE Fro=ToELEMENTAR PRIMAR EDCATION 1991 1996 SECONDAR PE>ALANCA NATIONAL -I!- SC-OOL -I!- SC-OOL 1996 2000 WARNING: Any misinte!et ti#n m $e in t%e Pes#n & D t S%eet n$ t%e W#' E!eiene S%eet s% &&  *se t%e +i&in, #+ $minist ti-eimin &  ses #nene$. Print le<i:ly. Ti29 pproprite :oGes ( ) n0 use seprte s/eet if ne2essry. In0i2te N'A if not ppli2:le. DO NOT ARE6IATE. DATE OF IRT- (=='00'yyyy) Jhaspher_33@icloud.c NAME E$TENSION (#R.% SR) NAME E$TENSION (#R.% SR) NAME OF SC-OOL (?rite in full)ASIC EDCATION'DE!REE'CORSE (?rite in full) ! E#$ LE&EL' (N!$# EA)NE* +i, -o /raduaed PE>ALANCA ?ESTBCENTRAL ELEMENTAR SC-OOL CS Form No. 212 Revised 2017     Filipino Dual Citizenship Male Female Single Married    Widowed Other/s: Separatedby birth  N'AN'A N/A N/A N'A COLLE!E SAINT PAL NI6ERSIT P-ILIPPINES 2000 200 !RADATE STDIES N'AN'A N/A N/A N'A (Continue on sep1r1te s/eet if ne2ess1ry) SI!NATREDATE  CS FORM @1@ AC-ELOR OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TEC-NOLO!     (Do not fill up. For CSC use only)  R) N/A  untry4 ,ONE 8StreetANNAO -ILLSrn<yCA!A ANPro;in2e,ONE 8StreetANNAO -ILLSrn<y CA AAN Pro;in2e N'A DATE OF IRT- (=='00'yyyy) )'* '@&&*'@@'@& @@'@+'@& 7 (Continue on sep1r1te s/eet if ne2ess1ry)   ((+@&&&   , inst t%e !es#n m EA) )A*(A$E* SC-OLARS-IP' ACADEMIC -ONORS RECEI6ED  by naturalization  N'AN'A @&& N'AN'A 1r1te s/eet if ne2ess1ry)  (Re;ise0 @&17)% P<e 1 of 
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