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  CS FORM 212 Revised 2005Print legibly. Mark appropriate boxes with (x ) and use separate sheet if necessary I.PERSONAL INFORMATION 2.SURNAME NARABAL FIRST NAME CLARENCE MIDDLE NAME IGNACIO 3.NAME EXTENSION (e.g. Jr., Sr.)4.DATE OF BIRTH (mm/dd/yyyy)  APRIL 14,1973 16.RESIDENTIAL5.PLACE OF BIRTH  AGNO, PANGASINAN  ADDRESS Phase 2,Poblacion, Muntinlupa City 6.SEX XMaleFemale 7.CIVIL STATUS SingleWidowed ZIP CODE 1776 MarriedSeparated 17.TELEPHONE NO. 553-9974  AnnulledOther, specify 18.PERMANENT 88 RIZAL ST., POBLACION, WEST, 8.CITIZENSHIP FILIPINO  ADDRESS  AGNO, PANGASINAN 9.HEIGHT (m) 1.63 10.WEIGHT (kg) 59 ZIP CODE 2408 11.BLOOD TYPE O 19.TELEPHONE NO. NONE 12.GSIS ID NO. B73GECIN019 20.E-MAIL ADDRESS 13.PAG-IBIG ID NO. 0007-043638-10 21.CELL PHONE NO. 09394379507 14.PHILHEALTH NO. 19-000013362-4 22.AGENCY EMPLOYEE NO. 0066 15.SSS NO. NONE 23.TIN 176-800-209-000 II.FAMILY BACKGROUND 24.SPOUSE'S SURNAME25.NAME OF CHILD(Write full name and list all)FIRST NAME // MIDDLE NAME // OCCUPATION // EMPLOYER/BUS. NAME // BUSINESS ADDRESS //// TELEPHONE NO. // 26.FATHER'S SURNAME NARABAL 1/3/44 FIRST NAME SAMUEL MIDDLE NAME NATINO 27.MOTHER'S MAIDEN NAME 5/24/46 SURNAME IGNACIO FIRST NAME CARMENCITA MIDDLE NAME JAVIER III.EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND 28. ACADEMIC GRADUATE DEGREE COURSE(Write in full)LEVEL/ UNITS(if graduated) PERSONAL DATA SHEET DATE OF BIRTH (mm/dd/yyyy)HONORSRECEIVEDEARNED(if not graduated) INCLUSIVE DATESOF ATTENDANCE FROMTOLEVEL NANAN/AN/A NAME OF SCHOOLELEMENTARYSECONDARYVOCATIONAL/TRADE SCHOOL(Write in full) GRADUATED YEAR GRADUATE 1. CS ID No. 1990 HIGHEST GRADE/ SCHOLARSHIP  AGNO CENTRAL ELEM. SCHOOL AGNO NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL N/A 1986 198619861990 ( to be filled up by CSC ) 1980 B76,L12,Sanchez St.,Katarungan Village 1ST HONORABLE MENTIONSALUTATORIAN   X X  IV.CIVIL SERVICE ELIGIBILITY 29. V.WORK EXPERIENCE (Include private employment. Start from your current work.) 30.INCLUSIVE DATES(mm/dd/yyyy) Parole and Pobation Administration DATE OFRELEASE 24,887SG15/S1 PERMANENT 12,175 PERMANENTPERMANENT GOV'T.SERVICE(YES/NO) 06/01/12present YESYESYESYES PERMANENTPERMANENT 13,392 PERMANENT 17,76516,41916,157 PERMANENT SG11/S3SG11/S314,775SG15/S1SG11/S4SG11/S4SG11/S3YESYES PERMANENT YESYESSG11/S3YESYESYES11,87810,79810,53522,688 Parole and Pobation AdministrationParole and Pobation AdministrationParole and Pobation AdministrationParole and Pobation Administration Parole and Pobation AdministrationParole and Pobation AdministrationParole and Pobation AdministrationParole and Pobation AdministrationParole and Pobation AdministrationParole and Pobation Administration Probation and Parole Officer IProbation and Parole Officer I Probation and Parole Officer IProbation and Parole Officer IProbation and Parole Officer I N/A COLLEGETO 04/03/12 Probation and Parole Officer IProbation and Parole Officer IProbation and Parole Officer II 05/31/11 Probation and Parole Officer II 05/31/12 CAREER SERVICE/RA 1080(BOARD/BAR)POSITION TITLE(Write in Full)OFUNDER SPECIAL LAWS/CES/CSEERATINGDATE OF EXAMINATION/SALARYAPPOINTMENTSTEP 82.97 06/24/1012/12/1012/13/10 Probation and Parole Officer I CONFERMENT(Write in Full)DEPARTMENT/AGENCY/OFFICE/COMPANY 06/01/1104/02/1212/13/0406/30/0706/23/1007/01/0806/30/0907/01/0912/13/0112/12/04 FROM 12/13/0706/30/0807/01/0712/12/07 NUMBER 1994 MONTHLYSTATUSPLACE OF EXAMINATION/ (FORMANT '00-0') SALARY GRADE Probation and Parole Officer IN/A1994 1990  AUG. 29, 1994 (Continue in separate sheet if necessary) E. RODRIGUEZ HIGH SCHOOL INCREMENT N/A LICENSE (if applicable) N/A CS FORM 212 Revised 2005 - Page 1 of 4 PERMANENTPERMANENTPERMANENT SG11/S2SG11/S2SG11/S1 UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS AB POLITICAL SCIENCE CAREER SERICE PROFESSIONALAUGUST 21, 1994 GRADUATE STUDIESCONFERMENT  VI.VOLUNTARY WORK INVOLVEMENT IN CIVIC / NON-GOVERNMENT / PEOPLE / VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATION 31. VII.TRAINING PROGRAMS (Start from the most recent training.) 32. Parole and Probation Administration - NCRTraining on Public Sector Unionism & Financial ManagementParole and Probation Officers League of the PhilippinesSeminar on Circle of SupportParole and Probation Administration - NCR2nd National TC Enhancement Training for Probation OfficersParole and Probation Administration - DOJLecture-Seminar on R.A. 9262Parole and Probation Administration- NCRLecture on Preparation & Review of Project ProposalParole and Probation Administration - NCRGSIS Update on Program and BenefitsTraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeGender ForumTraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeSeminar on 5STraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeSeminar on New Program of PAG-IBIGTraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeProbation & Parole Officers Basic Course Class No. XXXIIITraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeEcho Orientation on Voters Education, Batch 1Training Division, PPA-Central OfficeDisaster Management SeminarTraining Division, PPA-Central OfficePaglalakbay ng PusoPAGCGender Sensitivity TrainingTraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeHMDF Housing Counseling SeminarTraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeSeminar on Crime PreventionTraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeLecture on Seeing the Future for Success Training Division, PPA-Central OfficeTeam BuildingTraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeSeminar on Communication Phase IIITraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeLecture-Forum on R.A. 105928 4/13/104/13/10 3 10/23/1310/23/12 4 4/17/12 4457 3/11/135/21/1410/10/136/28/1310/10/13 P arole and Pobation Administration P arole and Pobation Administration 7/1/14 6 5/31/106/9/10 80 7/16/107/16/10 2 8/24/10 102 1/2 11/23/0911/5/0910/14/099/24/09 8163 1/2 11/23/0911/6/097/20/097/20/098/26/08 412 2/12/10 48 8/26/08 Parole and Pobation Administration YESYESYESYES  Parole and Pobation AdministrationParole and Pobation Administration POSITION / NATURE OF WORKNUMBERSOF Clerk II INCLUSIVE DATES(MM/DD/YYYY) 01/14/9710/31/9702/21/9512/31/9501/01/9612/31/9601/01/9701/13/97 Clerk IIIClerk IIIClerk IIIClerk IIClerk II Parole and Pobation Administration  Cllerk III TO4/17/12 (Continue in separate sheet if necessary) CS FORM 212 Revised 2005 - Page 2 of 43/11/135/21/14TO6/24/134/13/112/11/108/24/107/1/144/13/11(Write in Full)INCLUSIVE DATESTITLE OF SEMINAR/CONFERENCE/WORKSHOP/SHORT COURSESFROMNAME AND ADDRESS OF ORGANIZATION(Write in Full) 01/14/0006/30/01 YESYESYES Parole and Pobation Administration (MM/DD/YYYY) 5,0504,050SG4/S1 NUMBERSHOURS7/17/09 88 10/14/09 ,7,425 (Write in Full)CONDUCTED/SPONSORED BY7/17/09OFHOURS9/24/09FROM 7,2446,5856,0735,646 PERMANENTPERMANENTPERMANENTPERMANENTPERMANENTPERMANENTPERMANENT SG6/S2SG6/S1SG6/S1SG6/S1SG4/S1SG4/S1 N/A 11/01/9712/31/9901/01/0001/13/00  Seminar-Workshop on Communication Phase IITraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeSeminar on Communication Phase ITraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeSeminar on Harmonized Rehabilitation Program of the AgencyTraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeTraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeSeminar on First Time Drug OffendersTraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeBarkada Kontra DrogaDangerous Drugs BoardFilm Showing on Bunso cum forum on JICLTraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeTherapeutic Community Training Batch 1Training Division, PPA-Central OfficeYear-end Assessment & Stress Management TrainingTraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeSeminar-Forum on VolunteerismTraining Division, PPA-Central OfficeKnowledge ManagementJICA-Net, UP VIII.OTHER INFORMATION you related by consanguity or affinity to any of the following:a.Within the third degree (for National Government Employee):YES x NO Appointing authority, recommending authority, Chief of Office/Bureau/Department or person who hasIf YES, give detailsimmediate supervision over you in the Office, Bureau or Department where you will be appointed?b.Within the fourth degree (for Local Government Employee)YES x NO Appointing authority or recommending authority where you will be appointed?If YES, give details37.a.Have you ever been formally charged?YES x NOIf YES, give detailsb.Have you ever been guilty of any administrative offense?YES x NOIf YES, give details38.Have you ever been convicted of any crime or violation of any law, decree, ordinance or regulationby any court or tribunal?YES x NOIf YES, give details N/A Renal Disease Control (REDCOP) Seminar 43886503 1/2163 12/21/047/22/045/26/0712/16/06 128 7/22/043/15/043/15/0412/21/046/17/087/23/077/19/073/6/082/14/085/27/067/19/07 5/25/0712/16/067/18/056/17/087/23/0711/14/057/18/05 BOD Member, SAMKAPPABoard Secretary, PPAMCO ACTING/SPORTS ( TRACK AND FIELD, VOLLEYBALL CS FORM 212 Revised 2005 - Page 3 of 4NON-ACADEMIC DISTINCTIONS: (Continue in separate sheet if necessary) HOSTING SPECIAL EVENTS/ DANCING/SINGING (Write in Full)(Write in Full) (Continue in separate sheet if necessary) SPECIAL SKILLS / HOBBIESMEMBERSHIP IN ASSOCIATION/ORGANIZATION
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