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  Peter Walsworth New Approaches to Teaching10/22/2012What makes a Great Teacher?As one learns in early education all stories ha!e a eginning middle and end# what di$$erentiates a great story $rom an a!erage story is the de!elopment along the way% The de!elopment o$ the plot the un$olding o$ scenery and the growth o$ the characters and the reader&s e!er'changing understanding o$ those characters# all these things together make a story great% (n the same way a  person&s li$e de!elops slowly o!er time shaped o!er time y in$luences oth good and ad% Teachers in all their !arious $orms and areas are a$$orded a special opportunity when it comes to in$luencing li!es% They are allowed to help in the process o$ shaping and molding a great num er o$ indi!iduals& li!es as they teach and work with their students% Teachers ha!e this opportunity to e hugely in$luential ut some capitali)e on it more than others# some teachers make a more lasting impression than others% The di$$erences etween the teachers that make lasting impressions on their students and those that don&t are sometimes su tle and sometimes pain$ully o !ious ut it is those di$$erences that separate great teachers $rom the rest o$ the pack% This paper will identi$y the characteristics that help tode$ine a great teacher%(n the school wide seminar all o$ the students were di!ided into si* groups o$ si* to se!en  people and asked to de$ine a great teacher in a concise list o$ de$ining characteristics% The lists !aried widely with interesting and thought$ul answers# some listed with sweeping generalities so as to encompass the many traits that they $elt separated their est teachers $rom the rest others tried to $ind key speci$ic di$$erences that allowed the teachers they lo!ed to e*cel% (n the end we had a road summary o$ our ideal teachers% Those who we thought stood out and made their students etter oth in their indi!idual $ields and in their li!es%The $irst and most o !ious re+uisite $or a teacher is a wide knowledge o$ their $ield% To instructand in$orm a teacher must $irst ha!e the knowledge themsel!es that they wish to impart to their  students% They must also ha!e at least a asic knowledge o$ related $ields# $or e*ample a !oice teacher needs a knowledge not only o$ !ocal repertoire linguistics and music $undamentals ut also o$ related$ields like human anatomy and physiology and the di$$erent styles o$ learning% (t&s the knowledge o$ the material and how to present the material that make $or an impressi!e and meaning$ul learning e*perience% A teacher needs to e a le to answer +uestions on su ,ects and to ha!e enough knowledge that they can do so with con$idence# yet when the +uestion comes that a teacher doesn&t ha!e an answer $or they need to know enough a out the $ield to direct their student&s in+uiry to a point that they can $ind the answer% -or a teacher to e great they must $irst and $oremost e a le to instruct and in$orm and this comes $rom ha!ing a wide knowledge ase%The second necessity on the path to teaching greatness is an a ility to communicate and relate with the students% .ommunication takes on many di$$erent $orms etween a teacher and a student# $rom an a ility to understand a student to an a ility to e understood y a student $rom eing empathetic to eing a le to read the emotions on a students $ace the aspects o$ communication oth !er al and non'!er al are !ital to a teacher'student relationship% The need $or a teacher to de!elop these skills is a solutely necessary so that they can uild a good connection with their students and understand them in words thoughts and actions% A great teacher uilds a le!el o$ trust with their students y communicating $re+uently and openly and endea!oring to understand the student&s point o$ !iew%The third !ery important aspect o$ teaching closely relates to communicating# it in!ol!es maintaining a student&s interest% There are a num er o$ indi!idual points that go into keeping teaching interesting one o$ them is adapta ility% Teaching indi!iduals means that e!ery student reacts di$$erently to each teaching method a great teacher $inds a way upon noticing the student&s reaction to adapt the material to the student so that they are engaged and $ully comprehending what is eing taught% This kind o$ adapta ility o$ten re+uires creati!ity and impro!isation $rom the teacher% eeping a student&s interest also re+uires that the teacher maintains an interest in their su ,ects% An attenti!e  student can see whether a teacher is engaged with the material or not# can see i$ a teacher en,oys the su ,ect% (t&s important $or a teacher to keep a lo!e and enthusiasm $or their su ,ect so that it can e imparted to the students they teach%Truly great teachers display these three characteristics with their students% They teach ased on the knowledge that they ha!e gathered a out the su ,ect in a manner that keeps the student&s interest  pi+ued and that they can understand% They use the three to compliment each other and uild o$$ o$ each other% The knowledge alone is useless i$ it cannot e imparted in a use$ul way to the student% An a ility to communicate isn&t help$ul unless the teacher can hold the student&s interest% !en i$ a teacher is capti!ating and intriguing their teaching will e meaningless i$ they ha!en&t studied and researched their su ,ects in an e$$ort to uild a meaning$ul knowledge ase%Great teachers aren&t $ound e!erywhere and not e!ery student recei!es the teaching $rom a single indi!idual in the same way% There isn&t a correct method to go a out teaching well# no single  path to greatness% The paths to teaching greatness are o$ten long and winding% (t&s these $actors that can typically e $ound in the teachers that ha!e made an impact on their students li!es% (t&s these $actors that allow a teacher to make that meaning$ul impact and change the li!es o$ their students% Great teachers aren&t $ound in a undance ut their in$luence stretches eyond that o$ almost any other  pro$ession% (t&s a spectacular opportunity and a hea!y responsi ility to contri ute to the shaping o$ human li!es and personalities# the positi!e change made in the world ecause o$ great teaching is utterly remarka le% Great teachers are de!elopers o$ the human nature in the most wonder$ul way  possi le%
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