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Penny Press Nevada, USA Volume 8 Number 24 MARCH 3, 2011 THE PENNY PRESS,MARCH 3, 2011 PAGE 2 Penny Press Logotype Pointedlymad licensed from: Rich Gast Credits: Publisher and Editor:
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Penny Press Nevada, USA Volume 8 Number 24 MARCH 3, 2011 THE PENNY PRESS,MARCH 3, 2011 PAGE 2 Penny Press Logotype Pointedlymad licensed from: Rich Gast Credits: Publisher and Editor: Contributing Editors: Fred Weinberg Floyd Brown Al Thomas Doug French Chuck Muth John Getter Pat Choate Wyatt Cox The Penny Press is published weekly by Ely Radio LLC All Contents Penny Press 2011 Letters to the Editor are encouraged. They should be sent to our offices at 335 W. 4th Street Winnemucca, NV They can also be ed to: No unsigned or unverifiable letters will be printed Fax: Penny Press WINNEMUCCA, NEVADA 16 PAGES VOLUME 8 NUMBER 24 MARCH 3, 2011 Wisconsin Is Just The Start By FLOYD and MARY BETH BROWN Contributing Editors I m going to bankrupt this country by any means necessary, and if you try to stop me or slow me down, I ll shut the government down and blame it on you. If you try to stop me, you can kiss your political careers Commentary good-bye. Isn t this essentially what Barack Obama and his allies in the US Senate are saying to the Republican leaders in Congress? One thing is certain; it s not an idle threat. Obama and his allies control the executive branch of the government and the United States Senate. They also control the Mainstream Media. On top of that, they control the unions, which they are sending into the streets. Our great nation is on the verge of bankruptcy: The untenable national debt stands at 14 trillion dollars. When the people cried out and demanded that Washington put a stop to the out-of-control waste and spending, Barack Obama instead responded by proposing a budget that, by his own calculations, doubles our already untenable debt over the next decade. Americans assumed wrongly that Obama would change accordingly after taking his election shellacking. He said the day after the elections, And I told John Boehner and Mitch McConnell last night, I am very eager to sit down with members of both parties and figure out how we can move forward together. His compromising rhetoric worked to get Americans to back-off and lower their defenses. In reality, when the Republicanled House of Representatives put forth legislation to cut our out-ofcontrol deficit by 61 billion dollars, a mere 3.7 percent of our deficit and a scant 0.4 percent of our national debt, Barack Obama and his allies in Congress threatened to shut the government down. In the days that follow, more protests will break out in a number of states across the nation. It is only the beginning of a prolonged battle for the future of America. Barack Obama and his allies heard the message voters sent in November loud and clear and they are striking back. The chaos in Madison, Wisconsin is precisely the future Barack Obama wishes for every state in the union. It s the change he really promised when he campaigned in 2008 because only economic paralysis can pave the way for him to press forward with his extreme agenda. If you believe that these Wisconsin protests are a local issue you re sorely mistaken. If you believe that these protests are, in actuality, about public-sector union employees demanding more of your hard-earned money during a time of extreme economic distress while the rest of the nation suffers, you re still missing a huge part of the picture. These protesters are being used. Joseph Stalin coined the phrase, useful idiots. These protesters are dupes. They are pawns in a very dangerous game that Barack Obama is playing with the United States of America. Barack Obama and his Continued on page4 The Conservative Weekly Voice Of Las Vegas Inside: Bargaining With Yourself Nonstarter See Editorial Page 6 Penny Wisdom The process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. Franklin D. Roosevelt CHUCK MUTH PAGE 5 FRED WEINBERG PAGE 6 DOUG FRENCH PAGE 7 WYATT COX PAGE 7 AL THOMAS PAGE 10 MATT BARBER PAGE 11 PATRICK NOHRDEN PAGE 14 PETS OF THE WEEK PAGE 15 THE PENNY PRESS,MARCH 3, 2011 PAGE 4 Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out Continued from page 3 allies tell us that they are only supporting the Wisconsin demonstrations because they care about the teachers, because they care about the children, but the end result of Obama s support for these demonstrations cannot be ignored. Barack Obama, through his support of the Wisconsin demonstrations, is essentially ensuring that no state, which is attempting to balance its budget, can do so. It s not enough, for him, to bankrupt and indenture the federal government to our foreign creditors and our enemies abroad; he must bankrupt the states as well. We re not questioning Obama s motives; we re simply looking at the fruits of his actions. Obama is not just giving these demonstrators rhetorical support. As Senator Jim DeMint recently noted, Obama s political machine, Organizing for America, is on the ground ginning up opposition to Wisconsin Republicans who are trying desperately to balance their budget. Make no mistake, the Democrat Party is bought and paid for by the unions. Of course, some of our elected officials are giving Obama the benefit of the doubt. They accuse him of a lack of leadership; but does Obama really lack leadership? We believe the actual end-game is to bankrupt the United States of America. And by bringing this country to its knees, he can then remold it from the ground up and move it ever closer to socialism. Former Obama Administration Green Czar Van Jones put it this way: Revolutions are sold from the top-down, bottom-up, and inside-out. Top-down, bottom-up, and inside-out. Are we in the midst of a political revolution? THE PENNY PRESS,MARCH 3, 2011 PAGE 5 Commentary: Chuck Muth GOP Senators Unite, Declare Tax Hikes DOA It required a do-over, but Republicans in the Nevada state Senate appear to have now gotten with the program and are foursquare behind the no-new-taxes budget proposed by fellow Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval. A couple weeks ago, Senate Minority Leader Mike McGinness and Assembly Minority Leader Pete Goicoechea inked a joint letter to Sandoval pledging to back the governor s insistence on balancing the budget without raising taxes or fees. At the time everyone thought the leaders were speaking on behalf of their members; however, the very next day Sen. Dean Rhoads was quoted declaring his belief that taxes would have to be raised to balance the budget. Following a series of s and robo-calls into his district, some radio ads and a trip to the gubernatorial woodshed, Sen. Rhoads had an opportunity for reflection and has now revised and extended his remarks. The moderate Republican from Elko is now back on Gov. Sandoval s No New Taxes ranch. But because of Sen. Rhoads unfortunate statements, it became an open question as to whether the rest of the GOP members of the Senate - other than the four who had already signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and Sen. Greg Brower who already made a public and Shermanesque statement of support for the governor s no-newtaxes budget - were onboard. Which is why a second, less ambiguous letter of support became necessary. And this week just such a letter was delivered to Gov. Sandoval which - because it s signed by all ten Republican state senators - takes legislatively imposed tax hikes completely off the table in the Senate for the duration of the 2011 session, as Democrats need at least three GOP votes to get the 2/3 supermajority required. The letter, dated February 23, states that all ten Republican senators reject calls for new taxes and expresses their unwavering support for your plan to balance the budget while fighting job-killing taxes. Not exactly Shermanesque and leaves a little room to weasel around a bit, but in a caucus that includes unrepentant former tax hikers such as Sen. Rhoads and Sen. Joe Hardy, this was probably the best they could all agree on. And considering the Jedi mindcontrol powers Gov. Sandoval appears to possess, I think there s a darned good chance the ten GOP senators will, indeed, stick together, thus killing any chance for Democrats to get the 2/3 vote they need to raise taxes and balance the state budget on the backs of Nevada s beleaguered, overburdened citizens and small businesses. The problem now is with Assembly Republicans. For his part, Goicoechea undermined his own signature on the original letter by saying in follow-up interviews that he supports Sandoval s no-newtaxes proposal for now. Paging Obi-Wan: These are not the tax hikes you re looking for. CHUCK MUTH Chuck Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, a non-profit public policy grassroots advocacy organization. He may be reached at The Penny Press Tips Its Cap To: Gov. Brian Sandoval who made public proposals to grade schools on student performance and constitutional amendment to provide private school vouchers. The public employees' unions immediately went nuts. Imagine that. Public employees against grading them on the basis of performance. American Wagering Inc. subsidiary Leroy's sports book has begun extensive field tests for its sports betting application for Google's Android OS smartphones just in time for March Madness. Local company, great idea. Steve Wynn for treating Las Vegas to another Royal wedding. The Penny Press Sends A Bronx Cheer And A Bouquet of Weeds To: Harry Reid for having the nerve to try and get the legislature to ban legal prostitution in Nevada's rural counties. While we're not condoning prostitution it is a choice which should not be made by a Federal office holder. We'll go with the blog comment which suggested that Reid just didn't want any competition when it comes to shtupping the citizens of Nevada. THE PENNY PRESS,MARCH 3, 2011 PAGE 6 OPINION From The Publisher... You Can't Negotiate With The Boss When You Are The Boss The nonsense you have seen in Wisconsin and Indiana during the past two weeks is being billed as a defense of workers rights to collectively bargain. Workers, as a matter of law and public policy, certainly have those rights in the private sector. And, interestingly enough, where they have those rights, union membership is down sharply. Union membership is up, way up, in the one sector where those rights actually do not and should not exist government employees. Most government employees are subject to civil service laws which were originally designed to make the government workplace free of the patronage system which used to dominate government employment. Simply put, government workers would lose their jobs each time an administration changed so the new administration could hire who they wished. With the advent of civil service in 1872, most government employment came to be hired professionally and subject to employment codes which made them difficult to fire. Government employee unions are a relatively recent phenomenon. Here s a pop quiz: Who said this? The main function of American trade unions is collective bargaining. It is impossible to bargain collectively with the government. Unions, as well as employers, would vastly prefer to have even Government regulation of labor-management relations reduced to a minimum consistent with the protection of the public welfare. George W. Bush? Mike Huckabee? Mitt Romney? Bill O Reilly? Sean Hannity? How about the late George Meany who merged the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations and served as the first president of the AFLCIO. The biggest labor organizer ever. How about this? Particularly, I want to emphasize my conviction that militant tactics have no place in the functions of any organization of government employees. Upon employees in the federal service rests the obligation to serve the whole people... This obligation is paramount... A strike of public employees manifests nothing less than an intent... to prevent or obstruct... Government... Such action, looking toward the paralysis of Government... is unthinkable and intolerable. Maybe Ronald Reagan? How about Richard Nixon? Perhaps Newt Gingrich? If you guessed any of those names you might find out that while they agree with the sentiment, this was from President Franklin D. Roosevelt, hardly a detractor of the labor movement. Meany and Roosevelt, though strong union advocates understand reality. You can t negotiate with the boss when you are the boss. And the ability of government employee unions to extract mandatory dues from their members to donate to politicians running for office makes them the boss. It is the reason why Clark County firefighters average $168,000 a year for a $70,000 a year job. Or Nevada state employees who not only out-earn their private sector counterparts but get pensions which make your pathetic 401k look like a blue light special. So when the Governors of Wisconsin and Indiana decide to ask their legislatures to pass bills which stop mandatory union membership and remove collective bargaining from the table, the very people who visited these travesties upon the taxpayers see the gravy train pulling away from the station without them. And you get the nonsensical bleating which you saw in Madison Wisconsin while 14 Democratic Senators ran like rats so the legislature would not have a quorum to pass the inevitable bill which would accomplish exactly what the people of Wisconsin elected a Republican Governor, House and Senate to do. The union thugs should be ashamed of themselves, but they won t be because they have no shame. The people who profess to know history ought to read some. FRED WEINBERG THE PENNY PRESS,MARCH 3, 2011 PAGE 7 Commentary: Doug French A Bigger IRS Is Change We Can Believe In President Obama has proposed a $3.7 trillion dollar budget, $100 billion less than last year. The president says he s making the tough choices, trimming $1 trillion from federal government spending over the next decade. Mr. Obama claims that he will lower discretionary spending to the lowest share of the economy since the Eisenhower administration. However, he plans to double federal spending by And this year, the president s debt mania will drive the national debt to over 102 percent of GDP, somehing which hasn t happened since the United States was bogged down in the global conflagration of World War II, reports the Washington Times. While the president may be holding the line on spending for most federal agencies, the one people love to hate the Internal Revenue Service is getting more money and more troops if Mr. Obama has his way. The White House is requesting that the IRS be budgeted for 5,100 more agents and a 9.4 percent increase in its budget, to $13.28 billion. Reuters reports this would allow for a roughly 5 percent increase in agency manpower to just over 100,000. In its budget summary, the White House explains that the additional $1.1 billion in extra money will help the IRS improve service to taxpayers and make interactions with the IRS more smooth and effective. Do the words service, smooth and effective come to mind for any taxpayer on April 15? The budget increase will support new investments in IRS compliance efforts that the administration says will help bring down the deficit, and The result will be a more nimble, responsive, data-driven IRS that is better able to manage the complex tax administration environment posed by a more global and interconnected economy, the budget report says. In his wildest dreams George Orwell couldn t have crafted such doublespeak. The tax collector claims that its toll-free help lines have been jammed, Because (of the) new tax cuts aimed at helping taxpayers and stimulating the economy over the last few years... However, anyone calling the IRS for help should be forewarned. A January 2004 report of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration confirmed that the IRS provided incorrect answers 20 percent of the time and in another 15 percent of cases, IRS reps just happened to guess right without first obtaining the facts. The Treasury Department budget calls for a doubling of funds for IRS enforcement and the president wants to double the enforcement budget again within five years. Chasing down tax cheats will supposedly save taxpayers $1.3 trillion by the year 2014, according to the IRS. Are we honestly supposed to believe that Uncle Sam will lower our taxes if the IRS shakes a few more coins out of the pockets of tax evaders? It also turns out that a portion of the increased budget will go toward the IRS s implementing the new health care law. Wait, wasn t the new healthcare legislation supposed to lower costs? So a bigger, more intrusive IRS is what Mr. Obama meant by change we can believe in. DOUG FRENCH Commentary: Wyatt Cox Winners And Losers ELY It s hard to do high school sports. I mean, a lot of emphasis is put on winning. And that s not bad. But I have a hard time with the Winning is the Only thing routine. No one wins them all. No one can. We had to deal with that this weekend here in Ely. Our Ladycats are a pretty darn good team. They went 19-9 for the season. They beat 3A Elko twice, they Split with 3A Lowry, and they lost twice to the 3A State champions Spring Creek. They lost the championship game this weekend to what I can only call a Buzzsaw team. The Pershing County Lady Mustangs. Pershing lost two games all season. Two games. To Reed and Bishop Manogue. Both 4A Schools! They ve won 19 in a row! They haven t lost a game in 2011! The Ladycats came THISCLOSE to taking them at the regionals in Winnemucca...and lost by 1. Some people don t want to hear it. Some people believe that On Any Given Day...and it can happen that way! It almost did in the regional. The Ladycats get second place. Second in the state over 15 other schools. Plus three players on the all conference team. Senior Alex Hall was only one of two 2A players on the first team. Junior Ma a Kingston was the ONLY 2A player on the second team. And Sophomore Bailey Moore was one of two 2A players on the Honorable Mention list. They ve got credentials, they ve got upcoming talent for next year, they ve got the ability. If only the fans will let them. When you look at how hard these girls worked, how many hurdles they ve overcome, you can t help but be proud. In a land that values winning so very much, some people refuse to accept second, refuse to acknowledge the 19 wins but focus on the 9 losses. Thanks to Alex Hall for being such a great all-around player. Thanks to Chelsie Heggie for being such a great leader. Thanks to Kathy Murdock for being a solid anchor. And thanks to Sami Scott for giving us a couple of great Kodak moments, including that midcourt buzzer beater that fell for 3 in Elko. To the Sophomores and Juniors that will be here next year, you ve got a rough road to hoe. Pershing s big playmakers will be back next year. You ve got one more big hill to climb. To the boys: Yes, you got eliminated in the first round of playoffs, but you lost to the team that finished second to Agassi Academy! That s better than you ve done in a number of years. Keep growing and you might get to be on that big stage next year! Finally, if you enjoy true athletic competition, quit sitting at home and watching the NFL, NBA, or Major League Baseball. The real competition is right at your local ball field. Get out and support your local high school, little league, junior jazz, or other local sports teams. There you have someone to root for, right in your own back yard. WYATT COX THE PENNY PRESS,MARCH 3, 2011 PAGE 8 Rodd William Stowell Weekday Mornings 6-9 KWNA1400AM Winnemucca KTSN1340AMElko KELY1230AMEly THE PENNY PRESS,MARCH 3, 2011 PAGE 9 THE PENNY PRESS,MARCH 3, 2011 PAGE 10 Commentary: Albert Thomas Biggest Ponzi Of All This is one that can easily pull the whole world in with it. Result: Utter chaos. Anarchy As I have said many time before I am not an economist. Just a practical guy who pays his bills and does not go into debt for something I want, but don t need. Example: New car, pool, vacation to foreign lands, etc. The
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