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Pentagon I User Manual

Pentagon I User Manual
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  Pentagon I Performance Oriented Synthesizer User ManualThank you for using rgcAudio Pentagon I!  Pentagon I   is an extremely poerful instrument packed ith an extensi e feature set# Most of its functions are ery intuiti e and easy to use $ut to get the $est results and to un eil some hidden  features e strongly suggest you take at least a $rief look at this manual# %asics  Pentagon I   includes &'' factory presets for instant   music production $ut its greatest potential lies in its programming flexi$ility# (ere is a $rief list of things that ill makeyour track ) preset construction experience more comforta$le* Sound Bank Selection Pentagon I has + $anks ith ,-. presets each# All $anks are sa ed together in all hosts so all presets are ready hene er you open the instrument# %anks can also $eselected ith the main screen $ank selector letters /a 0 f1#%ank selection from front panel sends %ank 2hange e ents to the host , # Preset Selection 3ight 2lick anyhere on the screen and a complete list of all presets a aila$le for the selected $ank ill appear for instant recall#In lo4resolution screen modes ith $ig fonts sometimes there is not enough space on the screen to sho all presets In this instance use 2trl43ight 2lick to sho a scrolla$le preset list /2trl43ight click ill toggle $eteen full and scrolla$le modes1# Preset selection ill send Program 2hange MI5I e ents to the host , # ,  Few hosts (Cubase 5 the most common) are capable of processing MIDI events transmitted from plugins. , ,  Sound Preview On the main screen   click and drag horizontally on the $ottom ood ri$$on to pre ieyour sound hile editing# It acts like a key$oard $ut ithout the alua$le screen space and ith full note /' 0 ,-61 range plus a 7glissando7 action useful for ad8usting release times to sa e 2PU#Pre ie 3i$$on sends MI5I note on)off to the host , # Circular-Linear Knob movements Alt - 2licking a kno$ can $e used to turn the kno$ handling from 2ircular to 9inear mode or ice ersa# In some hosts /e#g# Stein$erg:s 2u$ase ;1 this option can $e fixed to any mode#<or hosts that don:t ha e this capa$ility 8ust click on the Pentagon I logo to toggle $eteen 2ircular and 9inear modes# Default Values 2trl49eft 2lick on a kno$ to select the default parameter alue /ie - for Pitch%end 3ange1# Double Function Knobs =no$s marked ith a small triangle $elo the la$el ha e a dual function#This dou$le function feature allos the less commonly used functions to still ha e their on kno$ for programming and automation purposes hile keeping the screen usage ithin comforta$le limits#>hile playing $ack a se?uence or hile using an external MI5I controller automation ill mo e the kno$s according to shon la$el# , -  Oscillators Section An Oscillator is the Sound @eneration unit in Pentagon I# There are four oscillators grouped in to pairs# ery oscillator has ,& different a eforms to select from including most classic and intage a eforms like Sa S?uare Sine >hite Boise plus C user4loada$le a eforms# Oscillator %asics Shape  Fine  Coarse  and Pitch !  controls ha e a dou$le function# 2licking on the la$el $elo the kno$ they $ecome ode  Phase  #ctave and LF# !  respecti ely# <or all oscillators the folloing parameters can $e ad8usted* $%#scillator #n&#ff  2licking on the indicator light the oscillator is turned On)Off#  en one4oscillator programs sounds ery fat in Pentagon I due itDs sophisticated a eform generation engine# (oe er most complex sounds are generated using to or more oscillators#TIP* Turning off   unused oscillators decreases 2PU utilization so itDs much $etter to disa$le the oscillator than setting the Level  parameter to zero# '%#scillator Level This control ad8usts the olume le el of the oscillator#TIP* 9ike in (ardare Synthesizers hen using the same a eform in to oscillators ith a small alue difference in the <IB parameter /small detuning1 high transient peaks could appear# Eou can a oid these $y ad8usting the le el of one oscillator slightly loer /say 6'F of the other1# (%Shape This kno$ allos selecting the a eform that the oscillator ill output# The a eforms are arranged from high to lo harmonic content to allo ?uick real4time a eform sapping ith a MI5I controller#The a eforms a aila$le for all oscillators from min to max are*Perfect Sa&  Gintage SaPerfect S?uareGintage S?uarePulse ;'FPulse -;FPulse ,-FPulse +F(armonics ;)-(armonics &(armonics C(armonics ;Pure SineUser >a e ,User >a e -User >a e &User >a e C>hite Boise>hen using User >a e ,4C a eta$les loaded as a eta$le ,4C ill $e used#Perfect Sa and Perfect S?uare are mathematically generated a eforms ery $right hile Gintage Sa and Gintage S?uare are modeled from old intage generators using ery special intage filters ith a arm and dull sound#Pulse ;'F -;F ,-F and +F are classic pulse a eforms found in most common synthesizers#(armonics ;)- & C and ; are mathematically generated a eforms containing onlyB4th harmonics# <or example (armonics & is a a e that ha e only fundamental H &rd harmonic H +th harmonic H th harmonic### etc#All a eforms are fully $and limited alias free so donDt $e afraid to play chords using the highest notes on the key$oard#One of the most impressi e capa$ilities in Pentagon I is its a$ility to load external a eforms for use ith its four oscillators# There are to modes for external a eforms*<ull a eta$leThis kind of a eta$le is a special file descri$ing the full range of ta$les the oscillator ill use for e ery MI5I note#Se eral full a eta$le files are a aila$le at rgcAudio e$ site#<ull a eta$le files must $e loaded as US3 , and US3 -#Single42ycle >a eta$leThis is a single4cycle that ill $e used for the oscillator as source# It can $e created in any standard a e editor# See Appendix , J2reating Single42ycle a eta$les:#Single42ycle a eta$le files must $e loaded as US3& and US3C#To load a a eta$le click on the corresponding a eta$le indicators on top*C

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