Performance Simulation - Part 1

Performance Simulation - Part 1
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  UNIVERSITY F WOLVERHAMPTON Schoof f Engineering nd heBuilt Environment llodule CodeAT3018ilodule TitlePerformonce iniulotionilodule 6uide @Tn Unlv€Blty of WdvefiamptonSchool of Englno€dng nd h€ Bullt Envlrcnm€nlMod'i6 Gulds 2008-091 ol8  i{odule Title:i\r\odule ode Pre-reguisifestCo-reguisiies Module uide Performonce imulafionAT3018Design Optimisotion ET2007)noneSemester/Acodemicyeor: Semester 1 2@8/09Credif VoluerLevel of study: 3IV\odule eoderr name K. YohiaouiPhone: +44 9O? 32 664Foxr +44 9OZ 2E-moil: K.Yohiooui@wlv.oc.ukXnternol Moderotorr Grahsm Oakes15 1 Rqfionqle The principol in of lhis module s or. Extend he student's nowledge f finite elenent modelling echniguesto more omplex pplicotions n conponeni nd product nolysis.. lnlegrcle computer-oided €sign with performonce onolysis ondbehoviour inulofion.. Apply hese odvonced echnigues o synthesise nnovdtive esigns fengin€erin9 ystetns.. Criticolly pproise he role of FEA n on ntegrdted roduct evelopment Droce55. 2 Lcorning utcornesBy successful omplEtion f ihe module tudents ill be oble o showr @The Unive6ity oi WolverhamptonSchoolol Engineering nd ho Built Environrnenl [,lodule uide 008-09 2otA  2.1 Kdowledge nd Understonding flThe woys hoi onolysis, qrkeiing, eseorch. evelopmenl nd prePoroiion f odesign riel specif cqtion eqd o qn qppropriqte esign olution nd drowingDreDorotionHow +he use of qppropriofe CT underpins he design process nd how suchtoals con be used n the cornnunicotion, nolysis nd dolq exchonge f productdefinition qto2.2 g)bicct Sp€cific SkillslSkills in ihe evoluqfion, nferpreiotion ond synthesis of technologicolinforhation nd dqtoDemonsiroie n understqnding f design nd echnology ssues n the reolisotionof design oluiions2.3 Intellcctuql kills:Apply Knowledge nd Understondingr e oble o solve losed nd open robletns,demonsirote opplicotioh of meihods to develop solutions, verify givenihfonnotion, niegrote heory ond prociiceAnolyse nd Synthesiser ropose nd esi hypotheses, rovide criiicol review,be qble o sunmsrise n issue nd o possible olution, rgqnise, nolyse ndinterpr€t doto ond drqw out conclusions2.4 Kcy SkillslApply Numbersr Be oble to plqn ond interpret infornotion, corry ouicolculotions, nierpret esulis ond present indingsUse nforhqtion Technologyr e qble o plqn qnd select nfortnotion, evelopinf orhotion ond present nf orlnotion3 ,'lodule Content (Pleose ote hot on occosioh i lnoy be nec€ssory o omend he schedule) @The nive6ity f WolvehamptonSchoolor ngineerins nd he Bullt EnvironmenlModule uide 00&09SofB  1. Introduction o ihe module. inite Elernent Anqlysis nd the ProductDesign rocess2. Fundqmentols f Stress Anqlysis3. Using EAr opobilifi€s nd imifotions4. FEA Modelling: l€ment hoice nd Pre-Processing 5. FEA Modelling: roperties nd Boundqry onditions6. Lineor Anolysis7. Non Linecr Anolysisr qrge Deformotions nd Non Lineqr Moleriols8. Non Lineor Anqlysisi ontact nolysis qsics9. Buckling nqlysis10. Dynomic nqlysisr qlurol Freguency xtroction11. Dynqmic nqlysisr orhonic nd Trqnsieni12. Fundomentols f Thermol nolysisYou should lso efer to the Acodemic qlendor or further inforhqtion nteoching nd ossessment eeks:hf prl/ speciolist Resources School rovided)Industry siondord omherciol inite elenent aftwore5 Speciqlist Resources Student providcd with cost indicoted) None 6 Indicqtive Reoding nd L€orning upporf ListLeciure otes nd utoriolsNAFE[\S' How o monoqraphsFogon, . J.; Finite elemeni nolysis iheory qnd proctice. Horlow Longmqn cieniific & Technicol, 992. 0582022479Boguley, .; How oBoguley, .R. Hose.w9724248D.lon o finite element nqlysis outhors,Eost Kilbride, losgow NAFEMS, 994.Mottrom, . Toby, Janesdesign J. Toby Mottrom1996. 0077090934 Toby; Using initeond Christopher. elements n mechonicolLondon Mcorow-Hill, Adqms. . Building etter products with Finite Elemeni Anolysis. OnWord ress, 998. Study kills ips vdildble o downlood rom:httpr//€vel3.osp?UserTvp€=6&Level3:542 l- C A. S^e A \,t\qv<,ri I oT.e ur ve'siry 'wolvFfiampton I A'Or1 ^^\ l{'Sc\oolol ngnepnng nd ho Bu..l rvrornelt - | lModJe oo8-09 Lr,J t'l ta lr c.n , -r /t/eys 4ofg
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