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  S uccess means different things to different people. To one it means making money. Toanother it means political power. To a third itmeans living on the moon. To a girl, with stars inher eyes and rainbow in heart, it may mean marrying asuper star or a flamboyant international cricketer.Writing a novel, scoring a century, being an eminentprofessor, designing fashionableclothes—whatever sphere to activ-ity you name—someone some-where regards it as the mark of success in life. However, the mostimportant factor is becoming whatyou want to become. If you wantto become an IAS, and becomeone, you are successful. But if you become a lecturer, you are, in real-ity, unsuccessful.Most people would agree, forinstance, that success involves being intensely interested in someway in people or things, being glad to bealive, finding life continually full of fresh challenges. Success means having some curiosity and optimism about the future.Success rests on the ability to get real, lasting satis-faction from life. It means being positive, practical andconstructive in our thoughts and actions. It means being forward-looking in attitudes. Success means constructive action that turns it into reality. Mere day-dreaming does not bear fruit.No one can order you what your dreams should be,though everyone will agree that some dreams are moreworthy than others. Many would say that an educatedwoman is likely to lead a more positive and practicallyuseful life than a dud.We cannot add up the contributions made to life bypeople in different occupations. We cannot strike a  balance, calling one way of life more socially worthy,and therefore more successful than another.People who achieve outstanding success in theirchosen way of life, whatever it might be, invariablyshow one vital characteristic in common. And that issingle-mindedness.They have the will-power topersist in following a single, clear-ly defined goal, ignoring alluringdistractions, keeping on relent-lessly in one direction. To achievesuccess in one field they pay theprice which life demands—the sac-rifice of and satisfaction andattractions. When happy-go-luckyyoung men are clicking glasses ina bar, the slogger is burning mid-night oil. It is the latter who gets acushy job. The former join thestanding army of the unemployed.Thus, you find the foundersof big enterprises working sixteenhours a day and more to build it up, and going withoutholidays and social life to concentrate all their time, tal-ents and resources on one aim. Dr Ashok Chitkara, whopioneered corporate culture in the virgin educationalfield, teaches for fourteen hours a day, in addition tohis staggering duties and responsibilities in otherfields, administrative as well as financial. No wonder,his brain-child “Chitkara” is now a famous archipelagoof education.Books which have changed men’s thoughts aboutthe world, like Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species  , forexample, get written after years wholly devoted to theirpreparation and completion.To attain masterly success in your chosen vocationyou must cut yourself away from the world, give up Steps to Success [ PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT ] 1    April 2008 © The Competition Master. Contents or Translation of contents of this document must not be reproduced in any manner without prior permission. THE COMPETITION MASTER  Available as Print Edition also for Rs 45 per copy from your local newspaper agent SUBSCRIBE& Save More than 30%* For One Year Subscription  just send Rs 300 by MO or Cheque in the name of The Competition Master  to 126, Industrial Area-1, Chandigarh - 160002, alongwith your complete name and address.  your whole being to that one aim for as long as it takesto achieve it.A violinist, after a solo performance, was greeted by an eager lady fan, who said, “I would have given mylife for such a performance.”The violinist replied, “Madam, I have doneprecisely that.”Few are willing to pay so high a price, and that isone reason why they think of success in modest terms!But the principle remains. Success in any endeavour canusually be measured by willingness to pursue it withsingle-minded determination.Some people are easily turned aside from theiraims. They tend as a result to go round in circles, toabandon projects where they get difficult. Others aregiven to short-lived enthusiasms.For a year or two a man’s whole interest might liein photography, for example. It is his completelyabsorbing hobby. Then just as he is beginning to showsigns of progress, he loses interest, takes up golf andthrow himself wholeheartedly into that for a year ortwo, eventually dropping it for his next fancy. Success comes from defining your dream makingplans for achieving it, then sticking to them withgreat persistence, refusing ever to admit the possibili-ty to failure or of changing to something different. Success on that level can be reached by regularlyfollowing certain rules. They are easily expressed anddescribed. Anyone can follow them who properlyunderstand what they can do for him. Ambition B egin by choosing a clear ambition. Make it some-thing bold that will take your best to achieve.Make it precise, so that no doubt or ambiguitycan creep into your thoughts as the years go by.Success begins with knowing what you want. Your aim should be written down where you canrefer to it often. The more you consider your ambition,the more you think about it, the stronger will grow your belief in its eventual achievement.Without belief you can attain little. It is given to fewto obtain results greater than they believed possible. If you do not believe you do not achieve.For that reason one must aim high, yet make theambition sufficiently realistic for its attainment to be believable. If the target is genuinely within the boundsof possibility, it will act as a spur to your efforts.A realisable target will beckon you on, leading youto form the right plans, to say and do the right thingsto bring it about. Faith brings miracles!You must be persistent. Every great attainment is [ PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT ] 2    April 2008 © The Competition Master. Contents or Translation of contents of this document must not be reproduced in any manner without prior permission. 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Don’t Give Up M ore often than not, failure is the result onlyof giving up. People often become bored orlose heart, or cease to believe just when theyare on the brink of success. The achievementof success rarely comes suddenly. Usually, it is the culmination of years of hard work. Even when itappears to be the result of one sudden flash of inspira-tion, long years of disappointment usually preceded thegreat moment as one plan after another failed toachieve its aim. Super Mind B y concentrating our attention on our shortcom-ings or failings we can convince ourselves thatsuccess is not to be attained. Success comes tothose who turn their backs on these depressingthoughts, concentrating their minds instead on positivereasons for succeeding.List your good points. Be generous in your assess-ment of them. Write down ways in which you can deve-lop those good points to help you achieve success. Useyour strong points to help improve or overcome the weak ones. Turn negative thoughts into positiveones. Whenever events reminded you of a weakness,counter the thought by telling yourself about thesteps you are taking to cure it. For example, “I cannotsucceed because I lack education” must be turnedinto “To help me succeed I shall improve my education.” Use setbacks and failures as guides to furthereffort. Use them to teach yourself where you wentwrong, how you can improve. Make the lesson of a failure a reason for doing better next time, not a reasonfor giving up. Everyone who has ever done anythingreally outstanding has overcome setbacks. Successfulpeople and those who fail are alike in that respect. Theydiffer in their attitude towards the setbacks. Make yourattitude one of learning and trying again.Expecting the best means that you will put your whole heart and strength into what you are doing.You are beaten in life not by a lack of ability but of drive. Do not expect to succeed, and you fail. Emerson says: “Beware of what you want for you willget it.”He meant wanting with the power of your full per-sonality. But why be defeated when victory can beyours? You have to make up your mind that what youwant is really what you want.Make sure it is the right thing for you. You must besure of a right objective. Hold it before you constantly.Check and re-check. Watch your progress and make arecord of your failings and successes. Examine the caus-es of both failure and success. Correct yourself as youproceed. Keep your mind on the goal. And then refuseto be swayed from it.You will have not only to believe in what you aredoing but more so in yourself. “Rome was not built in aday.” And neither will you be able to build up a positiveattitude to living in five minutes.The memory of your failures will be constantly atthe back of your mind and these thoughts must bereplaced by more powerful optimistic thoughts.A tremendous amount of energy is lost by flirtingabout from one project to another. Don’t tolerate the“grasshopper mind” which darts from one thought toanother, but never staying long in any one place to really get down to business. Leave the past behind you.Reach out for the future.Success is achieved mentally first. If the elementsare dominated by doubt, so are the results. These must be consistent belief and confidence. If there is a shakingfaith, there is a shaking fruit.The reason is simple. It is not the situation which makes the man but the man who makes the situation.If you are determined to do a thing, you can not atonce, but perhaps after a time. With patience and perse-verance, there is nothing you cannot achieve. [ PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT ] 3    April 2008 © The Competition Master. Contents or Translation of contents of this document must not be reproduced in any manner without prior permission.

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