Personality Development

Personality Development
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  Made By: Aakash Bhargava Roll. No.  –  101    A man is identified by his personality –  public image.  It is the totality of the person and not merely external looks, but character, behavioral traits and attitude towards life.  Personality development –  is the improvement of behavioral traits such as communication skills, interpersonal relationships, attitude towards life and restoring our ethics.  Personality development –  is a process that makes you smart enough to take responsibilities and challenges with confidence.  Importance  To know how to behave appropriately at social and business functions.  To have a good networking and relationship within the organisation.  To enhance the sense of confidence and self worth.  To groom and polish your character.  TYPES OF PERSONALITY   Nine Types  Perfectionists  Helpers  Romantics   Achievers   Asserters  Questioners   Adventurers  Observers and  Peacemakers.
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