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  Course Svllabus n Persons Family Relations Persons and Family Relations is a 4) four unit course and a bar subject, covering the ff.: I Preliminary titles of he Civil Code Articles 1-5 1) 2. Family Code and supplementary l aws on marriage, children and the family, as amended 3. Funerals Art. 305-3 1 0), care and Education of Children Art. 356 -363), Use of Surnames Art. 364-380, as amended by RA No. 9048), Absence Art. 381 -389), Preswnption of Death Art. 390- 396), Civil Register Art. 407- 413) all under the Civil Code oftb.e Philippines and Summary Judicial Provisions Mid-teem examination-August 14, 2012 Final Examination -   References: I New Civil Code of he Philippines NCC), Articles 1-51; Articles 254 -257; 305-3 10; 356-396; 407-413 Republic Act No. 386) 2. A. Tolentino, Civil Code of the Philippines-Commentaries and Jurisprudence 3. Alicia Sempio-Dy, Handbook on the Family Code of the Philippines Cases and Comments) 4. Family Code of the Philippines Executive Order 209) as amended by E.O No. 227 5. Paras, Civil Code of the Philippines 6. Quick Reviewer on Law on Marriage and F amily Relations Other References: Executive Order No. 200, amending Article 2 of he Civi l Code Maniage Law Act 3613) Civil Registry Law Act No. 3753) Domestic Adoption Act of 1 998 R.A. No. 8552) Inter-Country Adoption Act of 1995 Republic Act No.8043) Supreme Court Rule on Adoption A.M. No. 02-6-02-SC) Supreme Court Rule on Custody of Minors and Writ of Habeas Corpus in relation to Custody of Minors A.M. No. 03-04- 04 SC) 4w.. 6 ~. ~ H. ~ ht Ci/.y / __:.~r< f ~  R.A. 9225, Dual Citizenship Law , 2003 Phillipinc Passport Act Republic Act 8239) Child Youth and Welfare Code P.O. 603) Code of Muslim Personal Laws P.O. I 083) C onvention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women CEDA W) R.A . 9139, Administrative Naturalization Law, 2000 See Section 12; Women in Nation Building Act of 1992, Republic Act No. 7192, Sections 5-8; Cesar S. Sangco, Chapter IX Special Torts Human Relations) , Philippine Law on Torts and Damages, JMC Press, 1978, 363-420 R.A. 8171 1995 ) R. A. 9139 , Administrative Naturalization l w , 2000 See Section 12 Presidential Decree 965, 1976) Presidential Decree 1083, Muslim Code of Personal Laws R. A. 9262, Anti-Violence Against Women and Chi l dren Ac t of 2004 Supreme Court A. M. NO. 02-1 1 -10-SC , March 4, 2003Rule on Declaration of Absolute Nulity of Void Marriages and Annulment of Voidable Marriages Supreme Court Rules on Legal Separation. A. M. NO. 02-11-11-Supreme Cowt, March 15 , 2003 SC Rules on the legal Guardianship of Minors . A.M . NO. 03-02-05-Supreme Court, May I, 2003 SC Rule on Provisional Orders A.M. No. 02-11-12-S C) Supreme Court AM . No. 6- 11-15, 2 October 2007. Rule s on DNA Evidence Rule on Declaration ofNullity of Void Marriages and Voidable Marriages, A.M .. No. 02-11-10- SC 2003-03-04 Republic Act 9262 , Anti-Violence Against Women nnd Children Act of 2004 R. A. 9255 , 2002) An act allowing illegitimate children to use the surname of heir father , amending for the purpose, Art. 176 oftbe Family C ode Note: read also its implementing guidelines in Adm . Order No I. Serie s of 2004 2  RA 6809- an act lowering the age of majority to 18 years. amending Art. 234 and repealing Articles 235 and 237 of the Civil Code) R. A. 9048 amending Art.. 376 of the Civil Code) MAJOR PARTS: I. Course Overview and Introduction to the Civil Code and Preliminary Title Articles 1 5 I 2. Introduction to the Family Code 3. General Provisions: Persons, Civil Personality Citizenship and Domicile 4. Formal and Essential Requisites ofManiage 5. Rights Obligations Between Husbands Wives 6. Void Voidable Maniages and Legal Separation _7. Support, Parental Authority, Emancipation and ge of Majority 8. Paternity and Filiation, Adoption, 9. Funerals Art. 305-310), care and Educat.on of Children Art. 356-363), Use of Surnames Art. 364 -380, as amended by R.A. No. 9048), Absence {Art. 381 -389), Presumption of Death Art. 390-396), Civil Register Art. 407-413) all under the Civil Code of the Philippines and Summary Judicial Provisions Criteria for passing: Class attendance 5 ) ; Graded Recitation and (35 ) ; Mid Term Examination (20 ) ; Final Exams(30  ) . Students who miss a quiz shall gel an automatic 5. No make-yp quizzes and exams will he given_ COURSE OVERVIEW fJ .:U: Course Overview and Introduction to the Civil Code and Preliminary Title a) The Concept of Civil Law, Influences of Philippine Civil Law b) The Effect and Application of Laws Art. l-18, New Civil Code) c) Human Relations {Art..l9-36, NCC) fm:ll: Introduction to the Family Code 3   a) Family and Marriage Laws the concept o amily b) The Status o Women and Equality in Marriage and the Family: CEDAW, Art.l6 Part 3: Persons, Civil Personality Citizenship and Domicile a) Persons, Civil Personality, Natural Juridical Persons b) Citizenship Domicile Part 4: Marriage, Formal and Essential Requisites a) Marriage, Definition b) Formal and Essential Requisites o Marriage c) Valid Marriage License and Marriage Ceremony Part 5: Rights Obligations between Husbands and Wives a) Obligations between the Husband and Wife b) Property Relations and Family Home b.l) Marriage Settlements, Donations by reason o marriage b.2) Absolute Community Conjugal Partnership b.3) Separation o Property and Property Relations o Unions without Marriage b.4) The Family Home Part 6: Void Voidable Marriages and Legal Separation a) Lack o Essential and Formal Requisites b) Psychological Incapacity c) Incestuous Marriages and Marriages Void for reasons o Public Policy; Presumptive Death d) Deficiency in Consent; Prohibition on Collusion e) Legal Separation Part 7: The Family/Family Relations; Support, Parental Authority , Emancipation and Age o Majority a) The Family Family Relations 4


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