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This is a QBA case study of Petrojam Ltd
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  Running Head: Saving Jamaica’s Energy Needs1 Northern Caribbean UniversityCollege of usiness and Hos!itality anagement#e!artment of usiness $dministration and Hos!itality anagementSub%ect: &uantitative usiness $nalysisResearch 'ro%ect: 'etro%am (imited're!ared for )ir*land $nderson're!ared by Natoya Smith +# , 11-..1//0incent (eslie +# , 11-/123)ati4$nn 5reen +# , 61--2/.Sharon 7illiams +# , 61-8.9.2)eisha rancis +# ,11-811/6#ecember -/; .--3  Running Head: Saving Jamaica’s Energy Needs.History of 'etro%am'etro%am (imited; Jamaica<s only !etroleum refinery; is a subsidiary of the 'etroleum Cor!oration of Jamaica ='CJ>; a statutory body created and ?holly o?ned by the 5overnment of Jamaica@ 'etro%am ?as established in 132. ?hen the 5overnment of Jamaica !urchased the Esso )ingston Refinery; ?hich had been built; and o!erated by Esso since arch 1389@ 'etro%am su!!lies Jamaica ?ith a full range of domestic; trans!ortation and industrial !etroleum !roducts@ +n addition; a!!roAimately 1-B of total sales volume is eA!orted@ EA!ort sales in .--/ eAceeded US918 illion@ +n .--/; ?ith a ca!ital base of US2/ illion; 'etro%am generated revenues in eAcess of US1@9 illion; ?hilst fulfilling its mission Dto su!!ly !etroleum !roducts at internationally com!etitive !rices and uality; ?hile acting at all times in the best interest of its sta*eholdersD@ Fhe com!any<s mar*et focuses !rimarily on meeting the needs of the national mar*et; and; involves refining im!orted crude oil into finished !roducts for the domestic mar*et; bun*ering of marine vessels and aircraft refueling@ Fhe refinery<s rated ca!acity is 6;--- barrels !er day ?ith average !roduction ranging bet?een .2;--- and 6-;--- barrels !er day@ +n addition; finished !roducts are im!orted; mainly from Frinidad;to su!!lement refinery !roduction@ Crude oil is sourced from 0eneGuela; Ecuador and eAico; and refined to !roduce t?o grades of gasoline =2/ and 3- =R >I. octane>; JetIFurbo uel; Heavy uel il; $s!halt; (iuid 'etroleum 5as; and $utomotive #iesel il@  Running Head: Saving Jamaica’s Energy Needs6'etro%am also o!erates a laboratory ?hich !rovides uality control and certification services for !roducts manufactured and im!orted by the refineryK laboratory service is also !rovided to Jamaican businesses and the scientific community@ StaffingFhe anaging #irector re!orts to the oard of #irectors; and is assisted by his management team of eight =/> functional managers@ Fhe com!any is staffed by a!!roAimately .- full4time em!loyees ?ho are de!loyed to the de!artments of inance L $ccounts; (ogistics L ar*eting; Human Resource L #evelo!ment; Safety L Environment; Fechnical Services; 'roduction and Strategic 'lanning@ 'etro%am maintains high standards for uality; health and safety; and environmental !rotection; and is committed to delivering high uality !roducts on schedule to the com!lete satisfaction of its customers@ 'etro%am<s business strategy from .--84.--3 focuses on: Ensuring (ong Ferm Com!etitiveness ã +m!roving 'lant Reliability ã eeting L EAceeding Customer Needs ã aintaining L eA!anding mar*et share ã +ncreasing usiness 'rocess Efficiency and Cost Savings ã Strengthening rganiGational Su!!ortShi!!ing $ctivities  Running Head: Saving Jamaica’s Energy Needs9'etro%am Shi!!ing manages the vessels used in its marine o!erations@ 'etro%am o?ns a tugIbarge and charters vessels as reuired to effect movement of crude and finished !roducts into the country@ Fhe vessels are also used to ma*e round island movements ?ith !roducts for 'o?er !roducers and to 'etro%am<s ontego ay Ferminal@ un*ering !erations$ su!!ly agreement ?ith $5E$N arine 'etroleum S$ (td@ of (iberia through its local subsidiary $5E$N un*ering Jamaica (td@ for sale of bun*er fuels for vessels outside of )ingston has resulted in significant increase in sales volume over the last 6 years@ Subsidiariesoth subsidiaries; J$RS and 'etro%am Ethanol ?ere transferred to 'CJ under a  %oint venture agreement bet?een '#0S$ and 'CJ@ Under this agreement; signed in $ugust .--8; 93B of 'etro%am<s share ?as sold to '#0S$@ 'etro%am has sought to strengthen its com!etitive !osition in the mar*et through the follo?ing measures:+ntroduction of E41- =1-B ethanol in gasoline>Fhe inistry of +ndustry; Fechnology; Energy and Commerce has mandated the use of ethanol in gasoline in the Jamaican mar*et by .--2@ Fhe results of a !ilot study conducted in revealed that cars in the mar*et are suitable for E41-@ E41- ?ill be im!lemented on a !hased basis ?ith full im!lementation eA!ected by $!ril .--3@
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