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Motor Matt's Mystery by Stanley R. Matthews
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   The Project Gutenberg EBook of Motor Matt's Mystery, by Stanley R. MatthewsThis eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere in the United States and mostother parts of the world at no cost and with almost no restrictionswhatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms ofthe Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online If you are not located in the United States, you'll haveto check the laws of the country where you are located before using this ebook.Title: Motor Matt's Mystery or, Foiling a Secret PlotAuthor: Stanley R. MatthewsRelease Date: October 23, 2014 [EBook #47179]Language: English*** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK MOTOR MATT'S MYSTERY ***Produced by David Edwards, Demian Katz and the OnlineDistributed Proofreading Team at (Imagescourtesy of the Digital Library@Villanova University( MOTOR STORIES THRILLING ADVENTURE MOTOR FICTION NO. 5 MAR. 27, 1909 FIVE CENTS MOTOR MATT'S MYSTERY OR FOILING A SECRET PLOT[Illustration: That's Motor Matt! yelled the man in the automobile, Get him, Spangler! ]   MOTOR STORIES THRILLING ADVENTURE MOTOR FICTION _Issued Weekly. By subscription $2.50 per year. Entered according toAct of Congress in the year 1909, in the Office of the Librarian ofCongress, Washington, D. C., by_ STREET & SMITH, _79-89 Seventh Avenue,New York, N. Y._  No. 5. NEW YORK, March 27, 1909. Price Five Cents.Motor Matt's Mystery;OR,FOILING A SECRET PLOT.By the author of MOTOR MATT. CONTENTS CHAPTER I. A DUTCHMAN IN TROUBLE. CHAPTER II. THE RUNAWAY AUTO. CHAPTER III. THE MAN AT THE ROADSIDE. CHAPTER IV. THE MYSTERY DEEPENS. CHAPTER V. MATT GETS A JOB. CHAPTER VI. CONCERNING THE LETTER. CHAPTER VII. THE TWO HORSEMEN. CHAPTER VIII. ON THE ROAD. CHAPTER IX. IN THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY. CHAPTER X. A SHIFT IN THE SITUATION. CHAPTER XI. A SURPRISE. CHAPTER XII. ESCAPE. CHAPTER XIII. THE HUT IN THE HILLS. CHAPTER XIV. BACK TO THE CAR. CHAPTER XV. A RACE AND A RUSE. CHAPTER XVI. IN ASH FORK. A YOUNG MARINER'S PERIL. SWANS CARRIED OVER NIAGARA FALLS. PARA RUBBER AND ITS GATHERING. QUEER CALIFORNIAN TRADERS. BURROWING FISHES. TURN RIVER TO MINE ITS BED.CHARACTERS THAT APPEAR IN THIS STORY.   =Matt King=, concerning whom there has always been a mystery--a lad of splendid athletic abilities, and never-failing nerve, who has won for himself, among the boys of the Western town, the popular name of  Mile-a-minute Matt.  =Carl Pretzel=, a cheerful and rollicking German lad, who is led by a fortunate accident to hook up with Motor Matt in double harness. =James Q. Tomlinson=, the jeweler from Denver, who seems to have troubles of his own, and about whose identity there is more or less confusion. =Trymore=, } a trio of sporting gentlemen who believe in hunting big =Hank=, } game, and who consider themselves experts in the line =Spangler=,} of choice gems. =Pringle=, once honest Carl's pardner in vaudeville, but latterly engaged in a far less honorable business. =Gregory=, a chauffeur. =Hop Loo=, } =Charley Sing=,} the two eccentric laundrymen of Ash Fork.CHAPTER I.A DUTCHMAN IN TROUBLE.Whiz, bang! Dutchee boy no good! Have gotee mon, no makee pay. Whoosh! Allee samecheap skate! Whiz, _bang_, clatter, _bang_! Vat's der madder mit you, hey? You vas grazier as I can't tell! Pyshiminy grickets, oof you hit me mit a flad-iron I vill mad be as somehornets. Shtop a leedle, und I vill---- There followed a wild yell, a pandemonium as though Bedlam had beenturned loose, and then a heavy fall and sudden quiet.Motor Matt, just turning into the yard of a small adobe house, heardthe tremendous uproar and came to a startled halt.Hop Loo, a Chinese laundryman, lived in the house, and Matt was justcoming after his week's wash.Under a cotton-wood tree in the yard, some fifteen feet from the house,was a wash-tub mounted on a couple of chairs. Between the tree and acorner of the house, and running thence to a post set at right angleswith the adobe wall, was a line strung with clothes.Charley Sing, who worked for Hop Loo, was at the tub, up to his elbowsin hot suds.  The racket in the house had claimed Charley's attention just as it hadcaught Matt's. Pulling his hands out of the wash-water, Charley driedthem on his kimono, jerked the wash-board out of the tub, and, holdingit by one leg for use as a weapon, stole toward the open door of theadobe.Matt had been so situated that he could look into the house and catcha restricted view of what was going on. The thumping had been causedby flat-irons striking against the inner walls, each one being nimblydodged by a fat youth of decidedly odd appearance. Hop Loo, who wasironing, had shrilly piped his denunciation of the fat boy; the latterhad replied; and Hop Loo, failing to make a bull's-eye with theflat-iron, had sprung at the boy. The latter, with an astonishinglyquick move, considering his size, had grabbed a rack of ironedclothes and hurled it in Hop Loo's way. Thereupon Hop Loo had turneda somersault over the clothes, and was now standing on his head veryquietly in a wood-box. Meppy you t'ink I vas a Vandefeller, or Rockybilt, cried the fatboy, breaking the silence, but you bet my life you got anodder guesscoming. You make me some drouples, by shinks, und I don'd like dot.Goot-py, Hob Loo! Sorry dot I can't vait undil you ged right-site-oop,aber I haf pitzness in some odder blaces, und vill broceed to fly mykite! The fat boy turned and wabbled through the door. Matt, now that he hada good look at him, began to laugh. Dutchman was written all over the boy's face. He had a mop of carrotyhair, and on top of it was a little plaid cap that looked as though itwas lost in the wilderness. His ample dimensions were covered with asuit whose pattern consisted of a very loud plaid, and under the opencoat could be seen a crimson vest that made even more noise than therest of his apparel.As this ponderous vision ambled through the door, it was met by CharleySing and the wash-board. Ged oudt oof my vay! yelled the fat Dutch boy. Oof you don'd, pyshiminy, somet'ing is going to take blace vat is nod on der pills. Charley, grimly determined, whirled the wash-board and let drive withit. The strength he put into the blow caused the board to leave hishands. The Dutchman dropped, the wash-board flew over his head and hitHop Loo, who had up-ended himself and was just returning to the attack,in the pit of the stomach. Wow! gurgled Hop Loo, catching his middle with both hands and doing awild dance in his straw sandals.Charley Sing was now thoroughly aroused. Jabbering in frantic pidgin, he proceeded to make front on the Dutchman.The latter, continuing to display his surprising agility, duckedsideways between Hop Loo and Charley Sing, and rushed in the directionof the cottonwood. Charley followed him with such speed that hispigtail stood straight out behind him, and the sandals flew right andleft from his rapidly moving feet.


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