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  Multi-Cell Uplink Radio ResourceManagement A LTE Case Study Naizheng Zheng PhD Thesis2011, ˚Alborg, Denmark  Supervisors: Professor Preben E. Mogensen, PhDAalborg University, Denmark Co-supervisors: Jeroen Wigard, PhDNokia Siemens Networks, Aalborg, DenmarkKlaus I. Pedersen, PhDNokia Siemens Networks, Aalborg, DenmarkIstvan Z. Kovacs, PhDNokia Siemens Networks, Aalborg, DenmarkAalborg UniversityDepartment of Electronic SystemRadio Access Technology SectionNiels Jernes Vej 12, Aalborg 9220, DenmarkPhone: +45 99408645Email: nz@es.aau.dkwww.aau.dkISSN 6666-8888, ISBN 111-666-888Copyright c  2010 by Naizheng ZhengAll rights reserved. The work may not be reposted without the explicit permissionof the copyright holder.  Abstract Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the next generation mobile broad-band networkand its standardization has been finalized by 3rd Generation Partnership Project(3GPP) in Release 8 (Rel’8). In order to ensure the long-term competitiveness for the next decade and beyond, the study item on LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) hasbeen started as the next evolution step to investigate how LTE can become areal Fourth Generation (4G) network.This study explores the enhancement of  LTE network in the Uplink (UL) direc- tion at system level. In the earlier literature, most of the studies were focusedon the single-cell Radio Resource Management (RRM) optimization, where theperformance of multi-cell RRM is being less investigated. The inter-cell inter-ference is the major concern in the LTE network. By exploiting the multi-cellsolution, the impact of inter-cell interference can be limited, and the overallnetwork performances can be further enhanced.Antenna downtilting is an efficient way to reduce the inter-cell interference inboth UL and Downlink (DL) direction. With a certain optimal antenna down- tilting angle, the received signal power is improved within its own serving celland the inter-cell interference to the other neighboring cells is also reduced.However, if the antenna is downtilted too aggressively, it may result in insuf-ficient coverage and mobility support. In this study, the mechanical antennadowntilting is firstly investigated in the UL LTE and the interaction of antenna downtilting together with UL Fractional Power Control (FPC) is also analyzed. Based on the antenna downtilting study, it can be foreseen that the UserEquipment (UE)s who are close to the cell-border still suffer from the degrada-tion of high level of inter-cell interference and the low signal quality due to thepropagation loss. To solve this problem, the Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP)solution is investigated. CoMP is an advanced technique for interference miti-gation which is proposed in the LTE-A as one of the features to further reduce  ii the impact of inter-cell interference. Theoretically by applying CoMP, the inter-cell interference could be converted into the useful signal and being completelyeliminated. For the UL LTE application, the UL CoMP in the form of both macro diversity reception and joint reception are investigated in this study. The joint effort of  UL CoMP reception together with Interference Cancellation (IC) technique and UL FPC are thoroughly analyzed. Besides, the multi-cell Coor- dinated Packet Scheduling (CPS) is also investigated in this study based on theUL CoMP joint reception, where a simple CPS algorithm is studied for a cluster of neighboring cells to jointly allocate the UEs served in their cells.Handover (HO) is another effective technique to mitigate the inter-cell interfer-ence. A simple HO decision algorithm is being proposed in this study by uti-lizing Reference Signal Received Power (RSRP) measurement in the DL LTE. The performance is compared with the traditional Power Budget (PBGT) algo-rithm, where the proposed integrator algorithm has the advantages of requiringless parameter setup for the realistic application.


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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