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  21/10/13inglese lunedi-maria cristina gatti lunedi 11-12 ricevimento s.a. ufficioProf pedrazzinimariacristina.gatti@unimib.it2 semesters:: 40 ours part !: ponetics and ponolog .Part #: $ords and prases.%&' presenze per l(esame intermedio. )ebbraio e aprile-maggio.*ulp$p$e+ ,.+ mb+ ).+ ers$ill+ p.+ mcener + t.  $oda+ r. eds 200 englis lenguage: description+ variation and contet. #asigstoe: palgrave macmillan 2.3.4.&..10.13.1&margolis a. and smit , 2012 5nglis for academic stud : pronunciation 2012 edition- stud boo $it audio *6s garnet education.5same scritto: -reading 00 parole piu 1& scelta multipla e aperte.-$riting 100 parole parendo da frase guida.-multiple coiceorale:accertamento linguistico+ conversazione su film e racconto tra 7uelli previsti.6iscussione sugli argomenti trattati letture ad alta voce di brevi testi alcuni in 8P!. Phonetics : te stud of speech sounds  and teir physiological production  and acoustic qualities . 8t deal $it te configurations of te vocal tract used to produce speec sounds articulator  ponetics+ te acoustic properties of speec sounds acoustic ponetics+ and te manner of combining sounds so as to mae s llables+ $ords and sentences linguistic ponetics.-9ar n-par n: soft palate+ velum. 8f ou use tis part ou mae te velar sounds: ;. sing: 8<<= velar sounds.-;ard palate: te roof of te mout. >ounds lie te ?. palatar sounds-alveolar ridge sounds lie =; or te englis . te tongue goes up to te alveolar ridge. 8t is different from te italian sound .-teet: ou mae te dental sounds: ;-lips: te lips stops te sounds: labial sounds: P+ #+ -tongue: $e use te tongue to mae all ind of sounds.  )rom te root to te tip $e ave te bac te front and te blade.A$$.bb*learningenglis.com88P!: 8<5B<!8C<!9 P;C<58* !9P;!#5eac s mbol rapresents difference sounds.4& s mbols for englis.>pace bet$een vocal cord is called te glott .ere are $ords $it a lot of letters but a fe$ sounds.!#95: & letters -!-#9 3 sounds. ! is a diptong.*! 3 letters 3 sounds+ *!*; & letters 3 sounds.2 sounds3 sounds4 sounds& sounds soundsco$orseenougno$ledgecupboardno$trougsugarcarrotbuisnessmorecaugtislandcemist*;58>6CCB,udgedaugter treasure;8<8<=lougsingingtiningeartsinger8>9!<6door toroug6!?=;5B cec>8<=8<=*?P#C!B6  Vowels and consonants a vowel  is an sounds $it no audible noise produced b constriction in te vocal tracta consonant  is a sound $it audible noise produced b a constriction.e nucleus of a s llables can onl be a vo$el+ so for eample in 9895 te 9 is considered a vo$el.e D is a semivo$el.BP britain englis=! american englis!u5 australian englis  *C<>C<!<>consonants are formed b interrupting+ restricting or diverting te airflo$ in a variet of $a s.ere tree $a s of describing te consonant sounds:-te manner of articulation-te place of articulation-te force of articulation;5 !<<5B C) !B8*?9!8C<-it refers to te interaction bet$een te various articulations and te air streamE i.e. te air is temporall trapped and ten released.-te manners of articulation are:P9C>8F5 !))B8*!8F5 )B8*!8F5 <!>!9 9!5B!9 !PPBCG8!<.
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