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  HBSC4103 PHYSICS I (SMP) (HBSC4103)Name : Lim Mooi SiamID:831230095066001H/P:0192878993mai!:!o e#$a%o&863'mai!*omCe&+%e : Pe+a!i& ,a-a Ce&+%e 1  HBSC4103 .BL  CN.N.N.I.LP N102030405060IN.DC.IN.YPS  LC.MN.IC S INDILY LI21 Y22 DI S23 IND S24 L.IL. SNLY H .H S Y HS..D CLD C. .H LIS.YL .H PPL IN MLYSI31 Y32 DI S33 IND S34 L.IL. SSS. H Y CHN Y LIS.YL . MINIMI .H N.IC.S  .HS LC.MN.ICSCNCLSINNC1  234567  99  101111  1314  1616  171810 IN.DC.IN 2  HBSC4103Electromagnetic wave can be defined as electrically charged particle that travels throghspace to create waves! Sch waves are also created by the vibration of electric charge with electricand its magnetic component! he energy travels itself throgh a vacm at the speed of light #3!00 $ 10% m&s'! (s theenergy travels throgh material medim) the atoms fond inside the medim absorbs and reemitswave energy) casing electrons of atoms to vibrate! Sch vibration creates first electromagneticwave! he repetition of electron vibration creates a series of electromagnetic waves with the samefre*ency! +igre 1!1 shows electromagnetic wave and its components! (s the wave travels theelectric field and magnetic field oscillate bt perpendiclar from each other! Electromagneticwaves can be calclated based on their wavelengths #,') energy #E' and fre*ency #f' and isrepresented by e*ation f- ,.c and e*ation E.h-f! /avelength can be fond by measring thedistance between wave crests in micron #m'! +re*ency is the nmber of wave that passes per second! n E.h-f e*ation) h is directly proportional to f! the higher the fre*ency the higher theenergy contained in the wave! (s for f- ,.c e*ation) f is directly proportional to ,! he higher thef and , the higher the speed #c'! i;%e 11: !e*+%oma&e+i* <a e# a&= i+# *om>o&e&+# Electromagnetic waves with different wavelength are re*ired to form electromagneticspectrm! Electromagnetic spectrm is the entire continos spectrm of all forms of 3  HBSC4103electromagnetic radiation) from gamma rays to long radio waves #ernerman /ebsters Collegeictionary) 2005'! he range of electromagnetic spectrm is from 1023 hert6 to 0 hert6 or) 10 713centimeters to infinity in wavelength! +igre 1!2 shows electromagnetic spectrm with varios8inds of electromagnetic wave! 9adio waves have the longest wavelength followed bymicrowaves) infrared) visible light) ltra violet) :7rays and ;amma rays! i;%e 12: .$e e!e*+%oma&e+i* #>e*+%;m20 .YPS  LC.MN.IC S IN DILY LI Electromagnetic waves are crcial for the betterment of or daily life! here are <fndamental electromagnetic waves in or daily life= radio waves) microwave) infrared wave)visible wave) ltraviolet wave) :7rays and ;amma rays! Each wave differentiates from one another depending on the fre*ency of the waves! 21 Y 4

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Jul 23, 2017
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