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  Semester 1 2017/2018 FOR INTAKE 171 AND ONWARDS 1 INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA KULLIYYAH OF SCIENCE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PHYSICS (HONOURS) PROGRAMME STRUCTURE FOR SEMESTER I 2017/2018 In order to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Science (Physics) from IIUM, a student must successfully complete 126 Credit Hours (CH) of course work consisting of the University, Kulliyyah and Department required courses, as shown below: Credit Hours Percentage (%) 1. University Required Courses 20 15.8 2. Kulliyyah Required Courses 9 7.2 Department Required Courses 3. Core Courses 64 50.8 4. Concentration Courses 15 11.9 5. Industrial Training/Internship 12 9.5 6. Final Year Project 6 4.8 TOTAL 126 100 UNIVERSITY REQUIRED COURSES Students must complete all university required courses. The total university required courses are (20 CH) and consist of Philosophy, Values and History Courses (4 CH), Soft Skills Courses (10 CH), Malaysia Studies Courses (4 CH) and Community Engagement (2 CH). (See Table 1) KULLIYYAH REQUIRED COURSES The Kulliyyah requires students in the programme to complete (3 CH) of Computers in Science, (3 CH) Islam in Science and (3 CH) of Principles & Practice of Management. (See Table 2) DEPARTMENTAL CORE COURSES Students are required to complete (64 CH) of core courses. (See Table 3)  Semester 1 2017/2018 FOR INTAKE 171 AND ONWARDS 2 PHYSICS CONCENTRATION COURSES  Each student is also required to choose and complete 15 credit hours (15 CH) of concentration courses from any one of the three specialization areas shown in Table 4 INDUSTRIAL TRAINING  The compulsory Internship carries 12 credit hours (12 CH). Each student must choose his/her place of internship, which could be in the areas of management, industry, research, education or specialized laboratory work. Students may also have their training in medical science laboratories in hospitals or other medical institutions. The duration of internship is 6 months.  Semester 1 2017/2018 FOR INTAKE 171 AND ONWARDS 3 Study Plan Schedule of Courses The curriculum structure of the programme is shown in the following table. The students are advise to follow this study plan to avoid any difficulties. YEAR 1   SEMESTER I Course Code Title Credit Hours SPS 1103 Mechanics 3 SPS 1205 Linear Algebra 3 SPS 1278 Calculus 3 KOS 1110 Computers in Science 3 KOS 1000 Islam in science 3 UNGS 2090K Islamic Worldview, Knowledge & Civilization 2 TQS/B 1001K Tilawah Al-Quran I 0.5 TOTAL 17.5 SEMESTER II Course Code Title Credit Hours SPS 1203 Electricity and Magnetism I 3 SPS 1213 Vibrations, Waves and Optics 3 SPS 1202 Experimental Physics I 2 SPS 2281 Mathematical Methods 3 SPS 2247 Probability and Data Analysis 3 UNGS 2060K Malay Virtues, Heritage and Malaysian Society (for non malaysian students)  2 LM 1030K /LM 1040K Bahasa Melayu I untuk Pelajar Antarabangsa/ Bahasa Melayu I untuk Pelajar Antarabangsa (Nusantara)   (for non malaysian students) 1 TQS/B 2001K Tilawah Al-Quran 2 0.5 LQ 1008K Quranic Language I 0.5 CCHB/HS 1011K Usrah 1 (BUDI) 0.5 TOTAL 15.5 / (19.5 for Intenational students)  Semester 1 2017/2018 FOR INTAKE 171 AND ONWARDS 4 YEAR 2 SEMESTER III Course Code Title Credit Hours SPS 2103 Modern Physics 3 SPS 2113 Electronics 3 SPS 2284 Mathematical Analysis 3 SPS 2282 Advanced Mathematical Methods 3 MPU 3112K Hubungan Etnik (  for Malaysian ) 2 UNGS2011K Creative Thinking and Problem Solving 2 CCHB/HS 1012K Usrah 2 (BUDI) 0.5 CCLM 2051K Leadership and Management 0.5 LQ 2008K Quranic Language II 0.5 UNGS 2080K Ethics and Fiqh  of Contemporary Issues 2 TOTAL 19.5 / (17.5 for International students) SEMESTER IV Course Code Title Credit Hours SPS 2203 Quantum Mechanics 3 SPS 2213 Nuclear Physics and Radiation 3 SPS 2202 Experimental Physics II 2 SPS 3216 Vector Analysis 3 MGT 2010K Principles & Practice of Management 3 MPU 3122K Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS) (  for Malaysian ) 2 LM 1031K /LM 1041K Bahasa Melayu II untuk Pelajar Antarabangsa / Bahasa Melayu II untuk Pelajar Antarabangsa (Nusantara)   (for non malaysian students)  1 CCFM 2052K Family Management and Parenting 0.5 LE 4000K English Academic Writing 3 TOTAL 19.5  / ( 18.5 for International students)
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