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  Sample Paper Class – XIISubject – Physics Question:1 Answer all the questions briefly and to the point. (one mark for each) (13) (1) What will be the nature of the electric potential at a place where the electric field E   = 0 ? (2) Why is a potentiometer preferred over a voltmeter in measuring the emf of a cell(!) Why the field lines are not intersecting( ) When can an electric dipole have ma#imum energy and feel ma#imum torque($) %hree capacitors are connected in series. %he combination is connected to a battery. Which quantity has the same value for all the capacitors(&) What is polari'ation in cells ow is it rectified in the voltaic cell() What is *hm+s law(,) Which has higher resistance- an ammeter or voltmeter Why() %hree identical point charges- each of Q coulomb are kept at the three vertices of an equilateral triangle having each side a. what will be the electro static potentialenergy of the system(1/) 0efine current density. ive its .3. unit.(11) Write 4irchhoff+s econd 5aw and what is the basic principal of that(12) Why are we using galvanometer in wheat stone bridge instead of ammeter(1!) 3f we are varying the position of a charge with respect to another in a way thatdistance between them become radius of that circular path then which are the physical quantities will not vary for the system Question : 2 (1) What is electric dipole And what is electric intensity at a point on the a#is of thedipole. (03) (2) 6#plain the phenomenon of induction for the electrification of a conductor. (03) (!) %he diameter of a long straight metal rod is 1/./ cm. %he electric field due to thisrod at a distance 1/./cm from the a#is of the rod is $. /#1/ !  78c directed radiallyoutward. 9alculate the charge per unit length of the rod. (03)( P.T.O)…  Question : 3 (1) What is electric potential 0erive the e#pression for the electric potential at a point due to a point charge. (03) (2) What is dielectric material et e#pression for capacitance of a parallel platecapacitor with a dielectric slab between the plates. (03) (!) A   :; capacitor is charged by a 2//< supply. 3t is then disconnected from thesupply and is connected to another uncharged 2 :; capacitor. ow muchelectrostatic energy of the first capacitor is lost in the form of heat and light form (03)Question : 4 (1)0raw a labeled diagram of a balanced wheat stone bridge. =sing either *hm+s lawor 4irchhoff+s law obtain the relation between four resistors forming the bridge. (03) (2);igure (a) below shows a potentiometer circuit. when the >ockey is pressed on theslide wire AB at a point C  such that A9?2. m the galvanometer @  + shows nodeflection. ;ind the 6mf of the cell ! . (03) fig. a(!)*btain an e#pression for the drift velocity in terms of rela#ation time and discussthe consequences based on the value of rela#ation time. (03) 
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