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  Materials Required    Connecting Wires    A Plug    Single Lead wire 2m    3 nuts and bolts 2 to 3 cm length    Circuit board    A Transformer    A Capacitor    A Resistor (1KΩ)      P N Junction Diode    An LED    Insulation tape , Blades, Soldering wax , soldering lead , soldering iron and sand paper.  Circuit Diagram Connection Details: Connections are done as in the circuit. The A.C supply is given to both the input wires of the transformer and the two ends of the secondary coil is given to the P side of the two diodes and the N side of the diodes are twined and then connected to one end of the capacitor and the other end to the center tap lead and to the resistor. Further , the other end of capacitor with the diode connection is connected to the other end of the resistor to measure the output and this is connected to the +ve and negative terminals of the bulb.
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