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Pierre Frankel in Moscow-Unfreezing change
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  What did Frankel do wrong? 1.   Didn’t establish trustworthy relationships with Lebedev(the head of Russian subsidiary)  2.   Pushed too hard at the very beginning (insisting on the office next to Lebedev’s)  3.   Didn’t take his wife with him (had to travel a lot and missed some events) Recommendations: 1. Establish sense of urgency a. Should have expressed the disapproval upper management had with this branch. b. Warn of consequences if numbers did not improve. 2. Create guiding Coalition a. Nadia (head of HR): She had the inside knowledge of company culture and the ability to recruit others for coalition. b. Someone above Lebedev: This would prevent Lebedev from speaking out against Pierre c. Neutralize those who stand against the change. 3. Communicating the vision Vision wasn’t openly and freque ntly communicated to the employees. The employees’ goals need to be in sync with the organizational goals for better performance. 4. Aligning Goals He had to surmount the huge challenge of changing the way the employees thought and worked , to make the work environment full of energy, collaboration and trust for each other which would help achieve the goals for which he had taken up the assignment. Unfreeze   Stabilit   Refreeze   Stabilit   Unfreezing/ Change     5.   Before any change can occur, the employees must believe the change is needed. 6. Very important for him to understand the ‘ soul’ of Russia  


Jul 23, 2017
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