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  CHENNAI METRO Dear MadhurimaPl. discuss with me / update on progress on Design of Elevated staon almost on daily basis. ( J asto #e need to resolve following crical issues at tender stage itself $%han&s egards' From:  P)DE* nand Sent:  +, -ebruary ,+ +0$10 To:  MD234M 5aha Cc:  )4%4) *adav6 5%784 Jitendra6 7 5an9ay6 2MD 2assan Subject:  :hennai;elevated;staon+.   Drainage at %rac& <evel.   5i=e of 8round to :oncourse columns . <ength chec& for .1 m.>.   emoval of <ongitudinal e?p. 9oint between Pla@orm slab and %rac& 3 girderA.   :onnecon of all precast members at :oncourse level to behave as a single unit.1.   -inal Design of P5: :anlever beams   i ! pl. follow as per schedule We have to discuss with Architect & track to finalised.  >/+/,+1:M<Drawing <ist preparaon B sent to mam>//,+:M<:hennai Depot modal Cnali=e (si=es >/>/,+:M<Depot drawings Cnalised B sent to rvind Dubey>//,+:M<Depot li bloc& design  Group Efciency o pile Pile :apacity,F))umber of rowsm1)umber of pile per rownDia of pilesd,.A5pacing of piless+.1d/s,.>G+.AtanH+(d/s Pile EIciency,.0+,,.+,.+0%otal EIciency of groupAA1.+F) PILE GROUP IN CL!
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