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  BostonChicagoDallasDenverLAMiamiBoston09831815199130361539Chicago98301205105021121390Dallas18151205080114251332Denver19911050801011741332LA303621121425117402757Miami153913901332133227570Phoenix2664172910278363982359Seattle261220522404137319093389  PhoenixSeattle26642612172920521027240483613733981909235933890148214820  TypeRegularMediumLarge Veg–I 75150260Veg-II130230310 NV–I 95200310NV-II140240340Extra Cheese354565Feast30 Customer Service at Pizza Kutir The proprietor of Pizza Kutir has realized that a certain segment of his customers consists of low budg maximum amount (budget) they want to spend, and want to know which Pizza is feasible within that could answer such quest ions using a spread sheet. He would like to experiment with the idea by first the options that are offered by his menu card, and using some assumptions about his customer. Pizza NV-I, NV-II), each in three different sizes, regular, medium, or large. On any of the above types, the cu which depends on the size of the Pizza. Furthermore, for an extra cost of Rs. 30, any of the above typ non-feast version is called the normal version). The prices for the various type-size combinations and given in cells A37:D45. For example, one unit of the NV-II Pizza in medium size, feast-version with extr unit of large size, Veg-I with extra cheese, normal (non-feast) version costs Rs. 260 + 65 + 0 = Rs. 325. Rs. 30 extra. A number of other options such as toppings are usually offered, but can be ignored for t proprietor assumes that the low budget customers want the proprietor to suggest them only alternati that the budget of a customer never exceeds the price of the costliest combination. In case the budge rank the alternatives in descending order of price, and indicate to the customer only the top 3 alterna 110, then the following four combinations are feasible: 1. Veg – I Regular, feast, without extra cheese2. Veg – I, Regular, non-feast, extra cheese3. Veg – l, Regular, non-feast, without extra cheese4. NV – I, Regular, non-feast, without extra cheese owever the proprietor suggests only combinations 2, 1 and 4 in that order. Design a spreadsheet without a macro in where the user will be able to input a customer’s budget an combinations (type of pizza, size, feast or non-feast and with/without extra cheese) that can be offer Size   et customers, who before placing an order, state the mount. The proprietor was wondering whether he developing a spreadsheet, considering only a subset of Kutir offers four different types of Pizza (Veg-I, Veg-II, stomer can choose to have extra cheese, the cost of s can be ordered in what is called its feast-version (the he extra costs for extra cheese and feast-version are a cheese, costs Rs 240+45+30 = Rs.315. Similarly, one Each of the 3 sizes is available in its feast version for e task at hand. To further simplify the analysis, the ves each of which consists of one unit of a Pizza and t permits several alternatives, the proprietor wants to tives. For example, when a customer's budget is Rs get as output the list of best three alternative d.
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