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Planned Teaching on Occupational Health Hazards

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  PLANNED TEACHING ON OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH HAZARDS     Name of the student Mr.     Name of the guide ……….      Topic Occupational Health Hazards    Group Workers of ACC cement Induustry    Venue ACC cement industry Lakheri    Time    Method of teaching Lecture cum discussion    A.V. Aids Chart and f. chart, PPT GENERAL OBJECTIVES :-   At the end of the teaching the group will be able to know about occupational health hazards to their prevention measure able to utilize this knowledge in their routine for the self    SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES At the end of teaching the group will be able to. 1)   reviews the previous know ledge   2)   introduce the topic 3)   explain about accidents and type of injuries occurs in cement industry   4)   enumerate the causes for accidents and injuries 5)   discusses the preventive measures for accidents and injuries in cement industry  6)   explain first aid for minor wounds   7)   explain first aid for fracture 8)   Explaine first aid for foreign body in the eye   9)   explain about hazards due to dust inhalation 10)    preventive measures for allergic rhinitis 11)   summarise the topic  . S.NO. SPECIFIC OBEJECTIVE DURATION CONTENT TEACHING LEARNING ACTVITY A.V.AIDS EVALUATION 1 reviews the  previous know ledge While working in cement industry you will come across many accidents and injuries. During extraction of stone from rock you will get injuries like hand injury, eye injury, injuries to legs etc, these are unpredictable and unplanned. When extracting stone from the rock so much dust comes, the prolonged inhalation of dust causes many respiratory diseases, like allergic rhinitis, Bronchitis, asthma, silicosis etc. These can be reduced by using  protective measures like face mask, Goggles, gum boots, helmets etc. So today we will discuss about selected occupational health hazards and its prevention at cement industry, such as accidents and injuries and its prevention allergic rhinitis and its prevention, bronchitis and its prevention at cement industry. Teacher reviews knowledge of cement industry workers by asking questions Answers to the questions What are the common health hazards occurs in the cement industry 2. introduce the topic Occupational health hazards and its prevention : Occupational health is concerned with health in its relation to work and the working environment. Occupational health includes health promotive, protective, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to the workers. There are many health hazards which affect the worker in the working area, the health hazards which affect the health of worker in the cement industry are falls, blasting accidents, detachment of rocks, injuries of hand, eye, legs from the stone and respiratory diseases due to dust inhalation like allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, asthma, silicosis etc . Teacher introduces the topic 3. explain about accidents and type of injuries occurs in cement industry Accidents and injuries : Accidents are common in working area. The common type of injuries the workers will get during stone extraction are hand injury, head injury, eye injuries, foot injuries etc. Teacher explains the accidents and type of injuries which occurs in cement industry with the help of charts Workers What are the common injuries and accidents which occurs in cement industry ?   listens and answers and clarifies enumerate the causes for accidents and injuries Causes of accidents and injuries in cement industry The causes of accidents are several and may be grouped under two headings Human factors Environmental factors Human factors Human factors are important than environmental factors in accident causation. Human factors causing accident can be grouped into following. 1. Physical factors: The physical factors like worker with deafness, visual impairement. Psychological factors : These are mental factors that might include a person in accidents these are Carelessness : The worker not doing the work with care Inattentiveness : if the worker not paying attention in his work leads to an accident. Ignorance : if the worker not knowing the  particular work to do leads to an accident. Inexperience : if the worker not having much experience in that  particular work leads to an accident. These are the human factors which leads to an accident at cement industry. General factors Age : the younger ages are known to be involved more in accidents than older age group. The very old again are more  prone to accidents. Time : accidents are minimum at the beginning of the day and increases gradually as fatigue sets in . Experience : approximately 50% of the employees had accidents in their first 6 months of employment. Working hours : an increase in accidents is found whenever the daily or weekly working hours increases. Environmental factors : Amongst environmental factors known to influence the Teacher enumerates the causes for accidents and injuries in cement industry. Workers listens observes and clarifies What are common causes for accidents and injuries in cement industry ?  incidence of accidents are ventilation, lighting communications, rest, meal breaks should all designed to reduce fatigue. Good conditions will improve productivity as well as safety. discusses the  preventive measures for accidents and injuries in cement industry Prevention of accidents and injuries in cement industry Accidents can be prevented by 1. Adequate preplacement examination : Preplacement examination is the foundation of an efficient occupational health service. It is done at the time of employment and includes taking workers medical history, family history, occupational history. This helps to identify hereditary diseases, occupational disease and can be treated accordingly thorough physical examination of the worker helps in identification of any abnormalities. If the person is not fit for the work cannot be taken. 2. Periodical examination for finding out hazards : Many occupational diseases require months or even years for their development. Their slow development leads to the non recognition in the early stages and this is harmful to the worker. So periodical examination is essential for finding out health hazards in early. 3. Establishing safety engineering measures : The protective devices like gloves, gum boots, goggles, ear  plugs, helmets, safety shoes, the worker should be instructed in the correct use of protective devices. Gloves : gloves can be used to provide protection against injury from heavy, rough, abrasive or sharp materials. Goggles : safety goggles are used to prevent eye injuries from sharp stone.  pieces, workers are instructed to use. Ear plugs : protect ears from excess of noise at cement industry  by using ear plugs. Helmets : helmets or face shields which protect the face and head injury from sharp stones. Respirators against dust : these respirators usually contain filters. Which can prevent entry of dust into nose. Safety boots : safety boots provides protection against heavy objects dropped on the feet like stones. Teacher discusses the  preventive measures for accidents and injuries in cement industry with the help of chart Workers listens and puts forward his doubts How can we  prevent accidents and injuries in cement industry ?
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