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  Digital Graphic Narrative Planning Use this booklet to help structure your planning and collate your planning documents. Considerations: There are lots of things to consider in this project. Fill out each section in detail to show you have thought about each one. You should imagine that this is a live project, so considerations like cost, quantity and codes of practice must be thought about in that context rather than just as a college project. Costs:  As all the resources I will require in order to produce my project are available to me at College or at home, there will not be any costs. Available resources: The resources I need for my assignment are all at College; these include a Mac, Photoshop software on the Mac, pens and paper (if needed), and internet connection.  Quantity: I initially plan for there to be a limited amount of books available to purchase, however, if the book was popular and all copies were sold, I would increase the quantity to meet demands of consumers and also to allow a larger mainstream audience the opportunity to buy it. Audience and Target Market: The target audience of my story will be the parents of children (as they are the ones buying the book and deciding whether or not it is suitable, and will most likely be reading the book with their child) and children aged six to eight. This age group allows for the inclusion of images and text because, while they are still learning to read, they have a do have some reading ability. The book will be aimed at both genders, however, due to the content of the book, it may be better enjoyed by girls; some boys, but not all, are generally not interested in Princesses. As my book will be written in English, it will be suitable for English-speaking countries. Quality Factors: In order for my product to be of the highest possible standard I need to make sure I manage my time effectively and work quickly, without compromising the quality of my work. I should also stick closely to my srcinal plans and not deviate too far from them so that I know the direction I need to be going. I need to stay focussed and not become distracted, otherwise I may get behind and have to rush through the creation of some of the pages of my book, which could result in a loss of quality and inconsistency in my work. Codes of Practice: ‘ Where appropriate the publisher must give the author a proper opportunity to share in the success of the work ’ - This means that, generally, I, as the author, should receive the same rewards as the publisher, as stated in the publishing contract. ‘The publisher must not cancel a contract without good and proper reason’ - If the reasons stated by the publisher for the termination of the contract are not sufficient, I will still be paid for my work. However, if I fail to meet requirements, such as my deadline and the fact that my work is not at a high enough standard, the publisher is within their rights to cancel the contract and I will not receive payment.  Regulation:  As my book falls under the definition of a toy, when it is completed and sold it will have to be compliant with the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC. My book won’t contain any  sharp or pop-up features that could cause potential harm to children. Copyright: My book is based on a fairytale that is out of copyright; therefore I won’t be breaching any copyright laws. The area of my work that I may need to check is acceptable with regards to the copyright law is my source images that I found on the internet due to the fact that they have been created, designed or photographed by someone else. However, I will be significantly altering the images I use by means of Photoshop, and therefore I feel that I won’t be violating any copyright laws.   Ethical Issues: Due to the fact that my book will be mainly aimed at a young audience, I have made sure that the content is ethically suitable for children, for example the story has a happy ending. Rather than the King having a central role, my story has the Queen instead as a main character, this prevents gender stereotypes. However, some people may be offended on cultural grounds due to the fact all the characters are white.  Resources:  A successful project relies on good planning. Considering all the resources you will need for a project and then assessing which you already have and which you need will help ensure you are ready to start your project. If there is a resource you don’t cu rrently have, then consider how you are going to get it before you go in to production. Resource: Do you have it? What do you need to do to get it?  A Mac or computer with Photoshop. Yes, at College. I can use it at College. The internet (for information and source images). Yes. I can access it at home and at College. Storyboards. Yes. Can be accessed through Development Pro Forma. Script. Yes. Can be accessed through Development Pro Forma. Flat Plans. Yes. Can be accessed through Development Pro Forma. Test Pages. Yes. Can be accessed through Development Pro Forma.
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