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    CITY PLANNING DEPARTMENT DEVELOPMENT  APPLICATIONS AWARENESS GUIDE January 2010  1. What is Development? Development is a very broad term that encompasses activities that result in a change of density, construction or addition to or alteration to a building or to the subdivision of a parcel of land. The information that the city council of Nairobi requires in a development application varies with the intended development. 2. Why Should I Make A Development Application? Planning Laws require that any person intending to undertake any form of development must first obtain approval from the local Authority. It is therefore lawful to make an application. Penalties for non compliance are immense. Secondly, making an application will ensure the orderly, secure and healthy development of our neighbourhoods. Thirdly, development applications are a source of revenue continued giving services to the residents. 3. About The Development Application Guide This guide informs you in simple language how to prepare the plans and other supporting documents for your development application. Use the guide as a checklist. This will help you provide all the required information to support your application so we can deal with your application without delay. The City Council cannot accept applications which do not include all the require plans and supporting documents. 4. How to Find Out More Most questions about making a development application can be answered simply by referring to this guide. 2  However, if you still have questions that are not answered by this guide, do not hesitate to contact city council’s City Planning Department. You can phone us or call in personally or simply email your enquiry. We recommend that you discuss your development proposal with one of our technical officers before submitting a development application. We are always happy to arrange interviews; but please phone (020) 224281 extension 4013 for an appointment. 5. Do I Need To Make A Development Application? Most types of development require a development application. However, there are several exceptions. Enquire about Council’s requirements for exempt and complying development. Types of development that need a development application include: i. New buildings; ii. Alterations and additions to existing buildings; iii. Most types of change-of-use of existing building or premises; iv. Demolition of dwellings, v. Subdivision of land vi. Outdoor Advertising and signage; vii. Earthworks, filling and clearing; and viii. Regularization of existing developments If you are taking over an existing business, it’s a good idea to check with us to see if the business has a valid development application and occupation certificate; it may be possible to regularize an existing unauthorized development. If you are unsure whether you need to make a development application purposes, please contact Council’s City Planning Department. 3  6. What Documents Do I Need The council’s checklists will assist you in providing accurate, detailed information to ensure a development application is processed as quickly and smoothly as possible. To find the checklist which relates to your proposed development, simply choose the most relevant category and the most appropriate checklist in that section will be availed to you. The following are the checklist categories to choose from. i. New buildings; a) Residential class; b) Public class; c) Warehouse class; ii. Alterations and additions; iii. Regularization of existing developments. iv. Demolitions; v. subdivision / amalgamations; vi. change/extensions-of-use; and vii. Outdoor advertising and signage. The following are common requirements in all applications: i. The proposed development; ii. A survey plan from Survey of Kenya (in the absence of an approved survey a beacon certificate duly signed by a Licensed Surveyor); iii. Ownership documents; and iv. Up-to-date rates payment receipts. 4

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