Plant Micro and Macro Nutrient Deficiency

pLANT micro and macro nutrient dificiency
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  PLANT MICRO AND MACRO NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY Prepared by: MS. EDS LEONISA  Essential Elements ã The 16 elements required by plants are obtained from the soil, water and air. ã Thirteen of these elements must be supplied by the soil. ã Six of the soil elements required by plants are needed in relatively large amounts and are usually added to the soil through fertilizer or lime. These are called macronutrients. ã The remaining 7 elements supplied by soil are required in very small amounts and are termed micronutrients.  Element Symbol Source OxygenOAir/Water HydrogenHAir/Water CarbonCAir/Water NitrogenNSoilPhosphorusPSoilSulfurSSoilPotassiumKSoilCalciumCaSoilMagnesiumMgSoil  Element Symbol Source IronFeSoilManganeseMnSoilBoronBSoilMolybdenumMoSoilCopperCuSoilZincZnSoilChlorineClSoil
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