Plastic Injection Mold Calculations

mold calculation
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  S.NoName of MaterialAbbrevationRelative DensityEase of IgnitionWhether self extinguishingCharacter of Flame 1PolystyrenePS1.05Readily burnsNoYellow Dense Black Smoke sooty2Acrylic S.NoName of MaterialDensity g/cm 3 Bulk FactorHeat Distortion TemperatureMoulding TemperatureSpecific Heat Capacity J/Kg o K  1Polystyrene1.051.9 - 2.159020013442Acrylic1.21.8-2852251470 Properties of MaterialIdentification of Thermoplastics  Odour of burningBehaviour of material Oppressive FloweryMelts and  bubbles Total Heat Content KJ/Kg 239.4302.4.  S.NoCategoryDescriptionSizeUnit Screw Diameter22mmShot Weight29gmShot Size32cm 3 Injection Pressure3008kg/cm 2 Injection Rate37cm 3 /secScrew Stroke85mmPlasticising Capacity31kg/hr Screw Speed0-440rpmClamping Force245.52KNHeight395mmWidth365mmGeneral Dry Cycle1.73SecCycle Time17Sec 21 Metal Industry Development InstituteProduct Design and DevelopmentMachine Specification Platen Size Injection UnitClamping Unit  S.NoDescriptionUnit 1Material TypeAcrylic2Density of mould3Mass of the component ( m )5.05gm4Projected area of the component2166.52mm 2 5Volume of the mold3556.586Surface Area7Elastic Modulus8Poisson's Ratio9Shear Modulus10Tensile Strength11Compressive Strength12Yield Strength13Thermal Expansion14Specifice Heat15Damping Ratio Material Properties
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