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Presented in 2013 to the CEO of the Institute for International Research. Data showed that there were unexplored opportunity in an underdeveloped corporate web presence. Pocket Con presented an idea of leveraging value from profitable business conference products and turning profit through digital means.
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  • 1. IIR's Search for Revenue within the Digital Environment “People First. Platforms Second.”
  • 2. We’ve been disrupted.
  • 3. + = The challenge is not so much a technical one. It has more to do with maximizing opportunity in our new environment. Unanticipated Democratization: aka “The Spaghetti Mess”
  • 4. Not one idea but tons of ideas. Think Tanks Resolving Habitual Value Conflicts Prototypes: • The Social Media Brand Am- bassador • The Social ABC (Always Be Closing) • Peer to Peer Maintainence • The Permanent Community • The Year Round Influencer • Self Sustaining Mobile/online Strategy • Online chat/board posting through LYNC External Partner Recommendations Unification must occur before coming up with a product riCardo Crespo, Global Creative Chief, Fox SoMoLo - agile problem solv- ing - hyper focus on customer BRANDX Mobile Revamp website - focus on brand building - integrate mobile FUSED180 Crowdweaving co-creation platforms - simplify MR data collection via digital KLCommunications TEDX branding model - gen- erate immediate revenue through low cost video pro- duction and brand building WALLACE CHURCH Connecting dots with focused content and digital partnering in the events area STYLUS Employee Recommendations Comprehensive Social/digital Strategy FEI 2013 Valerie Russo Microsoft LYNC integration Greg laRosa Newfangled Website Optimization Joe LiBrizzi Tony Primavera Think Tanks Dan Madinabeitia Webinar sales platform Jon Sax The Phish Model Greg LaRosa Selling whitepapers Richie Adomako Create a Disruptive Digital Product Prototypes: • The Boardroom Blitz • KnowledgeQuest • The Boardroom Blitz • The I Like It Membership program • The Business Safari Walkabout The Deeper Dive Prototype: The centralized IIR corporate website portal that acts as a resource center includ- ing cross divisional promotion, eCommerce and branding among other things
  • 5. Tools to execute upon those ideas. Digital “Tool Box” A Amazon Android Annotary ______________________ B Behance Blogger Bump (business cd app) ______________________ C Chat 1 Messengers Cloud Connection 4G Cozi Shared grocery App Crowdvine ______________________ D Data base Delicious Deviant Art Diaspora Disqus ______________________ E Email (gmail, yahoo, etc) Evernote ______________________ F Facebook Facetime Flickr ______________________ G Gchat/Ychat Goodreads Google Analytics Google + Google Search ______________________ H Hoot Suite Houzze ______________________ I Instagram Instant Messaging iPad iPhone iPod J Jujama ______________________ K Kickstarter Kindle Klout ______________________ L Last FM LinkedIn ______________________ M Microsoft Link Mog Myspace ______________________ N 9Slides ______________________ P Pandora Pinterest Plancast Podcast ______________________ R Reddit ______________________ S Sales Force Chatter Skype Slideshare Snap Chat Soundcloud Spotify Stack Overflow Stumble Upon ______________________ T Task Rabbit Texting Tumblr Twitter ______________________ V Virtual Assistant Visually ______________________ W Webinar What’s Up App! WordPress ______________________ Y Ychat/ Gchat Yorn YouTube ______________________ Z Zerista
  • 6. The Challenges: 1 - The “spaghetti mess” 2 - Don’t know next steps (too many ideas, too many tools) The Solution: We create a centralized focus and we harness the disruption.
  • 7. Centralized focus.
  • 8. • Redesign IIRUSA.COM so that it showcases digital conferencing products and services • Our new ‘centralized’ mantra - Always recognize, enable and promote online success Where to go Right now • 42,000 unique pageviews - 2012 • 50,378 views from Sept 2012 - Sept 2013 (25% increase in 9 months) The present page has valuable potential for testing ‘conference business’ ideas. Visitors to are interested in ‘conferencing.’ IIRUSA.COM Where do we begin?...
  • 9. What does that look like?... Search Functions (per existing set up) Product TESTING Content TESTING Behavior TESTING Drive Revenue/ Lead Gen Traditional IIR Traffic Revenue/Lead Gen old customers/new customers 150 NEW VISITSPER DAY
  • 10. Harness the disruption.
  • 11. The digital take over in the past decade has disrupted IIR. If we shift to embrace this reality we can harness it. effective disruption generates new revenue (sometimes a lot of it) minimum annual revenue of $2 billion $3.4 billion annual sales $224 million in annual sales DisRuPt... Embracing the “spaghetti mess”... the competitive landscape of the conference industry by providing an unexpected solution. 2 1
  • 12. IIR’s disruption to the conference industry... What if we created a ‘conferenceless’ conference? • it will last 24/7/365 • it will be network focused (not content focused) • it will be both free and expensive
  • 13. What about the ‘business’ part?
  • 14. Initially - Reconsider New Media: • Webinars. • Videos. • Podcasts. • Blogs Long Term: • Professional Growth Facilitation • Business Development Facilitation • Speaker Training • Publishing What “products” are we talking about? A pathway to an IIR subscription model(s) begins Look for exponential number growth - if we can’t monetize use it as brand leverage Rockin! Like how that sounds!
  • 15. • M-Division now pulls in about $200k - a more digitally focused market begins with a rock solid email optin strategy AND to begin to ex- panding into launch market areas. - lower risk market testing (for both event and digital businesses - Getting people's email addresses will create new leads within our existing markets paving way for new revenue generation • From a centralized perspective, we take this momen- tum and scale it across divisions • We then share, partner, and solicit sponsorship Keeping Our Balance is Key: The dynamic remains win-win for IIR and its divisions Webinars: the Proven Example... How do we expand? YAY!
  • 16. • Can take our time (compared to what we’re accustomed to) - No dependence on an event marketing cycle • No hotel/venue costs • Much of the testing can be low cost once we create the right digital infrastructure • Digital is exact - gravitate towards exact performance metrics • We would be first - ground breaking companies tend to benefit for long periods of time while others play catch-up Advantages to Growing this Business
  • 17. PREMIUM MODELS: TED/TEDx • Standard Membership: $7500 / year (All attendees must apply for membership) STYLUS • Access to website $20,000 / year - 3 users APPLICATION BOOT CAMP • Attendance: $14,000 for 4 days STANDARD/LOW COST MODELS (IN THE DESIGN SPACE): HOW Design Conference • Video series ( For full 2013 Conference: $150 - $525 For sessions (75 items): $25 each • Webinar series - (31 items at): $30 - $100 LINDA.COM Membership website: • Monthly/annual premium/starndard - $25 - $375 “IIR-STYLE” MODELS: IQPC CONFERENCES multiple conferences company No real digital revenue model • Video access - Free • Webinar access – Free upon registration (for data collection) TERRAPIN CONFERENCES multiple conferences company No real digital revenue model • Video – home page uses video in “advertisement style” • Webinar access – very light activity – multiple Dead links to webinars – nothing active The “White Space”
  • 18. A Brand Emerges • Immediately identify and pursue potential markets • Communicate our intent • Apply our knowledge and skills to execute intent • Find, promote and maintain advocacy
  • 19. Wang Xiaoying Risks in Not... We don’t want to find ourselves in a position where listening to our present customers prevents us from finding new customers.
  • 20. What does this look like?
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