Policy. Business Continuity. Business Continuity Policy. Ref: FA5.3. North East Scotland College All rights reserved. Review Date: September PDF

Ref: FA5.3 Business Continuity Policy Review Date: September 2017 North East Scotland College All rights reserved 1.0 Introduction 1.1 The College operates from three permanent main centres owned by the
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Ref: FA5.3 Business Continuity Policy Review Date: September 2017 North East Scotland College All rights reserved 1.0 Introduction 1.1 The College operates from three permanent main centres owned by the College as well as at a number of Learning Centres, and a range of facilities in community locations not owned by the College. 1.2 The College recognises the potential disruption to its activities that would be caused by a major incident such as fire at one of its permanent main centres. The College has developed this Policy to anticipate the disruption that would arise from any such occurrence, and to ensure a return to full working in the shortest possible time, accepting however that the size of the College precludes the maintenance in a permanent state of readiness of a complete duplicate set of facilities and resources. 1.3 It is recognised that the disruption could involve inter alia the non-availability of accommodation, the lack of essential equipment, the loss of teaching materials, the non-availability of key staff (including teaching staff). 2.0 The Policy 2.1 In order to implement the Policy, the College will: Develop and maintain appropriate business continuity documentation such as a business continuity plan and an asset register Review, update and test all business continuity documentation as part of an agreed calendar of business continuity activities Ensure that the likelihood of the occurrence of any major incident is minimised by routine reactive and preventative maintenance, the upgrading of safety and alarm systems, the regular review of procedures regarding the response to major incidents, and the raising of awareness amongst staff and learners as to safety issues Research and where feasible secure suitable alternative premises for the continuation of the activities undertaken on any site and to obtain or seek agreement with the owners of the premises as to possible sharing or leasing of the premises as a short- or medium-term contingency. Page 2 of 4 North East Scotland College. All rights reserved. 2.1.5 Provide training and scenario-based exercises for key staff to help them prepare for a possible disruptive incident. 3.0 Business Continuity Plan 3.1 The College s Business Continuity Plan provides guidance to those who may be involved in the immediate assessment and consequential management of a serious event, and its effects on the operations of North East Scotland College. 3.2 The Plan contains three main sections: Emergency Response Continuity Recovery. 3.3 The Plan identifies personnel and procedures to be implemented in responding to any major incident on a given site and sets out priorities and communications to ensure an appropriate response which minimises any disruption. 3.4 Department specific business continuity plans also detail the equipment and materials that would require to be replaced in order to resume essential activities. 3.5 The Plan will be made accessible on the College s intranet, and in an online repository alongside supporting business continuity documentation. 4.0 Calendar of Business Continuity Activities 4.1 The Business Continuity Plan will be reviewed twice a year, once at the end of Block one and once at the end of Block two. Plans will also be updated following any significant changes e.g. personnel, facilities. 4.2 The effectiveness of business continuity documentation will be reviewed through regular testing and scenario training exercises. 4.3 Key College staff named in business continuity documentation will take part in review activities, testing and training as required to ensure that documents remain accurate and up-to-date and that there is familiarity and understanding of roles. 4.4 Any lessons learned from training, exercises or following the implementation of the Business Continuity Plan will be incorporated into the calendar of business continuity exercises as appropriate. Page 3 of 4 North East Scotland College. All rights reserved. 4.5 Communications to all staff will ensure there is College-wide awareness of the Business Continuity Plan. 5.0 Responsibilities 5.1 The Principal will have overall responsibility for the College s business continuity arrangements. 5.2 The Senior Management Team (SMT) will be responsible for ensuring areas of responsibility have required business continuity documents and procedures in place. 5.3 The Planning Manager will be responsible for maintaining and updating the College s business continuity documentation and ensuring that the agreed calendar of business continuity activities is followed. 5.4 Key College staff named in the College s business continuity documentation, through training, must be aware of their role should business continuity procedures be activated. 6.0 Supporting Documents 6.1 College Health and Safety Procedures. Status: Approved Approved by: SMT SMT Sponsor: Principal Date of version: 03 September 2015 Responsibility for Implementation: Planning Manager Responsibility for Review: Planning Manager Date of Review: September 2017 EIA Date: April 2016 Page 4 of 4 North East Scotland College. All rights reserved. Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) Form Part 1. Background Information. (Please enter relevant information as specified.) Title of Policy or Procedure. Details of Relevant Practice: Person(s) Responsible. Business Continuity Policy Principal Date of Assessment: 14 April 2016 What are the aims of the policy, procedure or practice being considered? Who will this policy, procedure or practice impact upon? To ensure continuation of the College s services following any disruptive incident. Potentially all staff and students. Part 2. Public Sector Equality Duty comparison (Consider the proposed action against each element of the PSED and describe potential impact, which may be positive, neutral or negative. Provide details of evidence.) Need Impact Evidence Eliminating unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation. Neutral Advancing Equality of Opportunity Neutral Promoting Good relations Positive in terms of ensuring the College can continue to provide an effective service EIA 1 Part 3. Action & Outcome (Following initial assessment, describe any action that will be taken to address impact detected) N/A Sign-off, authorisation and publishing * Name: Position: Principal Date: *Please note that an electronic sign-off is sufficient EIA 2
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