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   Let us say a person stabbed his roommate causing the latter to die a painful death. When asked why he did so, he reasoned out that the sharpness of the knife on the table is just so tempting that he wanted to try it. Should we just ban the use of knives forever just to avoid a murder like this? Of course, many of you would say that such story has no sense. It is very childish indeed. Most of all, it is a lame “palusot”. Now that you’ve read this story, you have seen the bigger picture of the scandal that have beaten that of Chito Miranda and Wally’s, The Pork Barrel Scam.  A lot of Filipinos today believe that when the PDAF would be abolished, corruption would immediately dilute and the Philippine Government will now live happily ever after. It may be such a sorrowful honor to say but, no, they are definitely wrong. Because it is not the PDAF that tempts the officials to steal, it is the officials who are tempted. Is it even the Pork Barrel Fund’s fault that it is such an irresistible delight to the hungry and greedy eyes of the officials? Before everything else, just to inform the readers, Priority Development  Assistance Fund, or Pork Barrel, a government program most commonly known as Pork Barrel, has existed and been institutionalized for many years. It is the distribution of money for the lawmakers and congressmen to aid their official projects. It is the fund that is used for scholarships and projects. With this definition, you could clearly see that it exists in our system, mainly to be a great help to the needy. People, not only the government, should see that Pork Barrel Fund is not the root of corruption as the knife is not the root of murder. Hence, I strongly believe, in front of all the Filipinos who may just as strongly disagree with me, that PDAF should not be abolished for reasons that not many Filipinos see In this picture. The solutions suggested should be more on solving the crooked mentality of officials nowadays. They should emphasize on how to implement and control situations and more importantly, teach Filipino officials values that even a Grade 1student knows more. There must be a greater transparency on the usage of this fund. Not only to show how politicians use it but also for the citizens to have a knowledge on what’s happening around them. It would even be better if the reports about such would be printed on media for everyone to have an easy access with it. Regular and more often checking and inspection of projects in every unit should be done. Through this way, we are able to see that PDAF is going somewhere good and bright and not going into the dark pit called the pocket of the politician’s pants. The  amount of project proposals should be checked before it could operate. An even better way is to give a quota on the projects that an official must have to fully utilize PDAF. But then, these solutions are just what anyone could ever think of. They are common that it gets really boring to hear them. Know one solution that would be really great? It is the solution that is not found in many of us- love for one’s country. Such is the root of all goodwill in our nation. With love for one’s country, people would know that if they steal tax revenues, they don’t really steal from the people, they steal the key to the better future of their mother country. Without love, even the most strict implementation and security control could not stop these filthy, cholesterol-spirited officials from being a pig.  The Pork Barrel Fund may be abolished and be out of anyone’s sight forever. But it doesn’t mean that the officials won’t have any other funds to put their fatty hands on.
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