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MARCH SEMESTER 2018 Due: 31/5/2018, Thursday 3.00pm Objective: This assignment allows students to develop analysis that would assist in the investment decisions of a firm or client. Consider the relevance of information to provide to the firm or client, and show a broad knowledge of business valuation, both practice and theory, through development of estimates of the value of the firm. This assignment intends to assess students based on the Learning Outcome 3 of the module: L.O 3: Evaluate and apply various fundamental and technical analyses, in asset selection and portfolio allocation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scenario:- You are a team of professional portfolio managers from a prestigious investment company. Your task is to identify stocks of different companies listed on Bursa Malaysia and form a portfolio. Please take note that you are required to write a report containing justifications on the selection and formation of the portfolio in 2500 words (+/- 10%). The content should include: 1) How are external factors (not limited to Malaysia’s macroeconomic fundamental) generally affecting the performance of Malaysian stock market? Additionally, relate any of the factors to the three (3) selected industries of your choice (Main market and/or ACE market and/or REIT) (1000 words – 35 marks) 2) As for part (2) and part (3), you are required to sign up on “Bursa market place” at where extensive information may be accessed to assist your research and where your portfolios can be monitored. On Bursamarketplace, go to tools – screener - select the industries of your choice from part (1). Then take any 3 companies within the same industry with complete data and compare their performance according to at least 3 indicators/ratios. Conclude this part by selecting ONLY ONE (1) company from each industry and justify your selection. (The mechanism and formatting are subjective, however you are to ONLY apply/use the information provided on Bursa Market place. Any adoptions from other sources are prohibited hence, will be subjected to deduction of marks. (1000 words – 35 marks) 3) (a)Every team is given virtually RM50,000 as an initial capital to purchase stocks (use the “add cash” function on “my portfolio” and add RM50,000 into your portfolio). Purchase 3 companies that you have selected from part 2, on the virtual platform via “MyMkt - My portfolio” at Add 0.5% or RM10, whichever is higher, as commission cost. Please take note that ONLY one (1) portfolio per team is required. (b) Track the performance of your portfolio for a period of FIVE (5) TRADING DAYS (21/5 to 25/5/2018 or earlier). At the end of the 5th trading days, attach the screen shot of trading activities via “history” function in the appendix of your report. 4) Justify the performance of your portfolio from part (3) and conclude whether you have made the right investment decision. Suggest how to further improve the performance of your portfolio. (500 words – 20 marks) Method of submission: A bounded hardcopy is to be submitted via the Dropbox assigned at the Taylor’s Business School Divisional Office together with the Turnitin Similarity Index Report AND, softcopy is to be submitted into Turnitin On TiMES Note:  +/- 2500 words not including references, tables, figures and charts.  Students must state your word count at the title of every section. Cover page and any documents in the Appendix / Bibliography are not included as part of the word count; however, quotations, case citations, footnotes etc. are.  5% penalties are applicable if the word limit is exceeded.  Marks will be awarded based on how well your analyses relate to the concepts of investment management, and quality of the discussion.  Refer to the Marking Rubric for further details.
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