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POS 355 LT Final Draft Paper

Introduction to operating systems
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  December 09, 2012 Team Paper1 Compare and Contrast Windows 7, Windows 2008 server, and Red Hat Enterprisein! #erver $ersion %P&#'(()December 10, 2012  POS/355- Introduction To &perationa* #+stems  December 09, 2012 Team Paper2 Windows 7 Windows 7 is an operating system that is of the Microsoft Windows family. Windows 7 is part of one of the most used operating systems around the world. It is the successor to Windows XP and Windows Vista. Alongside Windows 7 are two other operating systems that are viewed asalternatives to the Windows O. !hose alternatives include inu# operating systems as well as Windows erver $%%&. Windows 7 li'e all other versions (efore has with su( versions of its operating system. !heses su( versions include Windows 7 tarter) Windows 7 *ome +asic) Windows 7 *ome Premium) Windows 7 Professional) Windows 7 ,nterprise) and Windows 7 -ltimate. !hese are all the su( versions of Windows 7 that have their 'ey features as well as their reuirements. +eginning with Windows 7 tarter version) the 'ey aspects are that it only comes in a /$0 (it version with a ma#imum 1AM amount of $ giga(ytes. !he other 'ey aspects are that it lac's the use of aero enhancements and does not have the a(ility to run three programs at the same time. Also its ma#imum num(er of 2P-3s that it can have is one. !he ne#t version of Windows 7is the *ome +asic version. !his version is somewhat li'e the starter version in some 'ey aspects.*ome +asic does not have aero enhancements) live thum(nail previews and internet connection sharing. ome other 'ey aspects are that it comes in) /$0(it and 450(it versions as well as 5 and &giga(ytes respectively (etween the /$ and 45 (it versions. Windows 7 *ome Premium consists of having aero enhancements) multi0touch) and media functionality and is a(le to create home networ' groups. 1espectively it is also (oth in /$0(it and450(it versions as well as employs (etween 5 and 64 giga(ytes of 1AM. Alongside *ome Premium comes Windows 7 Professional. Windows 7 Professional includes an enhanced networ'ing feature li'e domain oin) also advance (ac'up programs. !his version includes (oth a  POS/355- Introduction To &perationa* #+stems  December 09, 2012 Team Paper( versions of a /$ and 45 (it. As well this version includes a ma# 2P- of $ li'e the remaining versions. Windows 7 enterprise is the ne#t level of windows operating system in which includes (ranch cache) direct access) (itloc'er) apploc'er) and (oot from V*8 support. !he final level of these windows versions is the Windows 7 -ltimate version. !his version includes everything in all other versions and is (oth in /$0(it and 450(it versions. ,very version from tarter to *ome Premium cannot (ac'up to networ's as the other versions can do. Windows tarter as well as Professional) ,nterprise and -ltimate are mostly utili9ed (y  (usinesses as well as (ig organi9ations. *ome +asic and *ome Premium are utili9ed for personalhome computing. In that regard Windows 7 utili9es many versions to compete with competitors li'e inu# and even in a sense a server version in its own family li'e Windows server $%%&.Windows 7 has some great networ'ing features. Windows support peer0to0peer and client0to0server networ'ing. !he networ' management is very user friendly and as many options for setting up networ's and security parameters and user accounts. :etwor'ing on Windows 7 allows many different computers to connect and share data files as well as printers. One of the (est parts of the Windows 7 operating system is that it can run on a very wide variety of different hardware products. !here are many different (rands of computers out there with many different hardware parts that are also interchangea(le and upgrada(le) and Windows can (e installed and run on ust a(out all of it. !here are certain drivers and fi#es that may need to (e applied for certain specialty products) (ut most are ust plug0n0play. Many users upgrade their machines to handle the programs and games that they li'e to run. ome e#amples of hardware that can (e e#changed is 1AM) video cards) fans) (atteries) and mother(oards. !he operating system can all (e installed as long as the system reuirements are met. POS/355- Introduction To &perationa* #+stems  December 09, 2012 Team Paper Windows erver $%%&  Windows erver $%%& is also in the windows family (ut in as a server type of operating system. !his type of operating system is mainly used (y (usinesses or any type of organi9ation that utili9es the need for servers of this type. It utili9es as well as comes in (oth /$ and 45 (it versions. As well it respectively holds (etween $ to 5 giga(ytes of 1AM and has a ma# *88 of 5% giga(ytes or higher. It includes new features that version 7 or any other Microsoft versions do not have. !hese features include things such as; M+ for server apps; e#tends support for *yper0V virtual dis's and < erver data(ase filesto M+$ file shares for small organi9ations and (ranch offices. !his means that you can run your virtual machines and < data(ase from a o(ect file server) which would not reuire no special storage system. =ou can develop >continuously availa(le? M+ file server clusters that provide transparent failover to protect your *yper0V and < wor'loads. *yper0 V 1eplica; One of the greatest characteristics of virtuali9ation is uncomplicated disaster recovery) (ut this (ecomes simple in the Windows erver $%%& 1$ *yper0V. !he cum(ersome process for setting up virtual machine replication in 1$ gives way to a clear wi9ard in Windows erver &. It allows you to select the virtual dis's to replicate and the position for the replicas) you have the option of syncing immediately) scheduling the sync) or writing the replica to local dis' (ut if you want to (ring up the replica on a immense -+ drive and forward it to the other end for the (eginning load. !his results in what you would call asynchronous. =ou can also identify the IP settings for the failover environment within the replica) and fail(ac' is maintained.  POS/355- Introduction To &perationa* #+stems
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