Postofficce Savings Habit

a project report on postoffice savings habit
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  1 INTRODUCTION The post office saving schemes basically started for rural area development motive, now a days the people are lagging to save in post office because of other saving banks & more schemes are available in our country with high interest to pay the people, so this study analysis about women‟s perception to saving in post office. Perception means different type of people think differently in the same situation, this study reveals about the women‟s  perceptions, expectations, thoughts and their activities towards post office saving scheme. Perception of investors about saving schemes will have a significant impact on the saving  behavior of people. For example, people who have positive perception about the scheme in which they have invested will continue to invest in the same scheme. Very often, they will start investing on other schemes from the same institutions. People with positive perception might tell good things about the schemes to other people. In fact, they might act as unpaid  publicity agents. Hence, it is necessary to study about the nature of perception that exists among investors about saving schemes and institutions offering such instruments. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY:-    The major objective of the study is to study in detail the perception of women‟s towards post office saving schemes and to analyze their perceptions with regard to different aspects of  performance of post office in detail. Following are the specific objectives:    To understand the level of perception and awareness of women‟s in the post office saving schemes with reference to Kasaragod district    To study about women‟s expectation from the post office saving schemes      To know whether there is any significant difference in the level of perception of different category of investors, viz., salaried, business, agriculturist and housewives.    To understand the problems faced by the customers of post office saving schemes while transacting their money.    To know whether the women investors are satisfied with their investments post office saving schemes.    To give few suggestions to increase more customers in post office schemes.    To study about customers services offered by post offices.  2 SCOPE OF THE STUDY    This project aims at knowing the perceptions of investors towards post office saving and different aspects of their performance. „Perception‟ here means what the investors actually know about their investments, what is their understanding about the different schemes of the  post office investment and their opinion about the returns, whether the returns according to them is up to the industry average or below or above the industry average etc. The term „investors‟ referred here includes only those who are the pres ent investors of the post office schemes. Further, the investors referred here covers only small individual investors of different categories, viz., salaried persons, business persons and housewives. Further, since this study being student research work in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Degree in Bachelor of Commerce and the available time being very limited, area of the present of study is restricted only to post office saving investors in the area of Kasaragod District. CHAPTER SCHEME The project is divided into five chapters. The first chapter deals with introduction.Theorotical  background of the study is dealt in the second chapter. The third chapter contains a profile of Indian Postal Service and the fourth chapter deals with analysis and interpretation of data and the fifth chapter contains findings and suggestions. NEED FOR THE STUDY:-    Post office saving is the best form of saving schemes which provide substantially lesser risks of suffering losses. To know the women's perception in the post office saving scheme, it contains different type of customer‟s satisfaction level, their expectations and interest. What kind of problems customers facing in post office. To know the customers age, occupation, annual income, and scheme type, etc. Post office saving schemes is safety, and it has 8 types of schemes available in post office. But the peoples are not willing to save in post office, the reasons are customers facing some  problems example money transfer, create new account, close the account and change the nominee‟s names. This study helps to give some suggestions to solve the customers‟  problems towards the post office saving schemes and to improve the customer services  3 through conducting a research. Since the available time being very limited, in this project work an attempt has been made to study the perceptions of women‟s towards post office saving schemes and to analyze the data collected about women‟s‟ perception towards post office saving from different dimensions.   METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY Research in common parlance refer to a search for knowledge , one can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a scientific topic. According to Clifford woody research “comprises defining and redefining Problems, formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions, collecting, organizing and Evaluation data, marking deductions and reaching and conclusions, and at last carefully Testing the conclusions of determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis”. In order to achieve the objective of understanding the perception of investors towards post office saving, a well-structured questionnaire considering various parameters of perception of investors was designed. The studies based on the data collected through Primary and Secondary sources. A sample of 100 customers was taken for the study. Primary Data   The information has been collected through women's who all invested in post office saving schemes were personally interviewed and also have been collected through questionnaire.   Secondary Data   The post office Website formed the main source of Data Collection. Various books on Financial Management, journal and articles were also referred during the study. Statistical tool used   The data collected were carefully analyzed & interpreted using MS Office mathematical tools. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY:    The present study „A Study on Women‟s Perception towards Post Office Saving with reference to Kasaragod District ‟  is based on the survey information collected from  4 100 investors and published information collected from journals, newspapers and websites. Findings of this study are purely based on the survey responses of post office saving investors.    Short time period of project work    Findings of this study are purely based on the survey responses of post office saving women investors. Accuracy of the analysis, findings, and suggestions is dependent on accuracy of survey responses of the respondents.     Non  –  availability of confidential matter is also one of the limitations of the report.


Jul 23, 2017
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