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Powering Off Vnx

Powering Off Vnx
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  Here is Your Customized Document  Your Configuration is: Powering off your system Model - VNX5300Storage Type - Unified (NAS and SAN)Document ID -1315835176109 Reporting Problems To send comments or report errors regarding this document,please email: Issues not related to this document, contact your service provider.Refer to Document ID:1315835176109Content Creation Date Mon Sep 12 09:47:04 EDT 2011  VNX5300 Unified Power Off Procedure  1 The tasks to power off the VNX5300 Unified system are covered by: ◆ Power off procedure............................................................................ 2 VNX5300 Unified PowerOff Procedure  2 VNX5300 Unified Power Off Procedure  VNX5300 Unified Power Off Procedure Power off procedure To power off the VNX5300 Unified system, do the following: Table1 Power off steps Step Action 1. When possible, before you power down the VNX5300 Unified system, be sure to notify all users of the powerdown.2. Establish a HyperTerminal session and login to the Control Station at the serial console: Connect a null modem DB9 serial cable from a Windows-based laptop or workstation to the serial port on the Control StationãOn the Windows client, open a HyperTerminal sessionãSelect the COM port that the cable connects to in the Connect Using box and click OKãEnter the following port settings:Bits per second: 19200Data bits: 8Parity: NoneFlow Control: NoneEmulation: Auto DetectTelenet terminal ID: ANSIãFrom the Hyperterminal session, log into the Control Station as nasadmin and su to root3. Verify the system’s health. Type:# /nas/bin/nas_checkupThe checkup command reports back on the state of the control station, data movers, and storage system. Note: This healthcheck ensures that there are no major errors in the system that would prevent the system from being turned on during the power up process.This step will take several minutes.  Power off procedure  3VNX5300 Unified Power Off Procedure 4. To halt the Control Station and all the blades, type the following: # /nasmcd/sbin/nas_halt now ******************************** WARNING! *****************************You are about to HALT this VNX including all of its Control Stations and Data Movers. DATA will be UNAVAILABLE when the system is halted.Note that this command does *not* halt the storage array.ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO CONTINUE? [ yes or no ] :5. Type yes . It can take as long as 20 minutes to halt the server, depending on the configuration of the VNX system. Wait until the command completes before continuing. If the Control Station halted successfully, the Hyper Terminal session will be unresponsive.6.Unplug the power cables from the Control Station(s) and the blade enclosure’s power supplies to the PDU.7. If you are powering down the system completely, shutdown the storage array: Note: This step involves safely shutting down the SPs to preserve the write cache and can be skipped if only the blade(s) and Control Station are to be powered downa.Stop all I/O activity and wait five minutes before continuing. Note: All I/O activity flowing from the blades was stopped when the blades were shutdown in step 4. If external hosts are attached to the storage array, stop all I/O activity from these hosts.b.Use the SPS power switches to power off the array. Turn off (0 position) the power switch on the standby power supplies (SPSs). Make sure the SPS power indicators are off before continuing. See Figure1 on page4.c.Wait two minutes to allow the storage system to write its cache to disk and to power off. Then, disconnect the power cables that run from the SPSs to the DAE. For systems with a single SPS, after waiting two minutes, unplug SP B and DAE 0 LCC B power cables from the PDU.d.If there are multiple DAEs present, disconnect the power cable from each DAE to the PDU. This powers down the DAEs. Table1 Power off steps Step Action
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