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    CENTRE OF STUDIES FOR SURVEYING SCIENCE AND GEOMATICS FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE, PLANNING AND SURVEYING, UNIVERSITY TEKNOLOGI MARA MALAYSIA   PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE (SUG694) TITLE: THE BASIC LABOR LAW PREPARED FOR: PROF. MADYA DR. KHOIRI BIN DIMYANTI PREPARED BY: NO NAME MATRIC NO SIGNATURE 1 MUHAMAD SHAHRIZAL BIN ABDUL RAHMAN 2014569141 2 MUHAMAD IKMAL ALIF BIN MUHAMAD HALIM 2014562001 3 AHMAD FAIZAL BIN RAZALI 2014365185 CLASSS: AP220 7C DATE SUBMITTED: 13 APRIL 2018  INTRODUCTION On the previous class session which is on Wednesday 4 th  April 2018, our lecture Assoc. Prof Dr. Khoiri Mohd Dimyati had organized the third talk for us under the subject of Professional Practice. The talk was entitled basic labor law which was given by Mr. Mohd Rosandy Bin Md Ruslim. He is now work in Bahagian Standard Perburuhan, JTKSM as a senior Assistant director. He began talk with talking about his background started witch school with his school, university and the company that he had worked before. He very experience in this law about labor. (MUHAMAD SHAHRIZAL BIN ABDUL RAHMAN) He started talk about contract first because contract is very important in working. The contract is the agreement the labor and the employer. With the contract we can defend our self and for employer that can do anything if is follow the contract which will agree by two party. Contract was divide by two it is contract for service and contract of service. To know type of contract is very important to know the what the suitable action to taken when the contract is broken. Contract of service is happened when employees in the control of employers. The worker need to follow the rule and follow work in that company and also be protected with act work 1995. This Contract of Service also includes apprenticeship contracts. For the purpose of this Act, the contract includes oral and written contracts. Contract for service is when company give project to other company. This contract doesn’t have any control from the give project but have a time to need finished the project given. This contract doesn’t have any protected by any act. To be a good contract we need to follow the guide a provide by AKTA KERJA 1995. In this act it has the rule need to make sure the contract is sincere and have win-win situation on the two party. In that act have scope to follow. The scope the act it is the basic salary does not exceed RM2,000.00 per month & not manual worker (not included allowance & OT). Salary paid in RM. There is no limit on the amount of salary if working in a rough job (manual labor) including skilled workers. Engaged in operation or any operation motor vehicles. He oversees or maintains other workers who engaged in abusive workers. all service contract need in writing argument. In the wiring contract need to have Employment & appointment, pay rate, type of allowance and rate, the rate of payment is overtime, other benefits or benefits, working hours per day, term of notice of termination and number of days for types of leave. All the requirement in the contract must not  less than the act provide and limit workers' rights to enter, join or establish a trade union. It is a thing prohibited in contract. All the contract can be finished if the work given in contract it finishes and also contract is expired. The contract termination for special reason in the event of a breach, employee termination can be made after the investigation and employees can end its services without notice if he or anyone his dependents are threatened safety. The infringement contracts can divide into two causes first employed and labor. The employed cause if the fail to pay the salary in seven day from the last date get salary or late from date be sign of KP. The labor cause If persistence is not present for 2 consecutive days without truth or without reason reasonable. If the employer refuses to give written contract, it does not mean that there is no contract of employment between the employee and the employer. Without written contract also does not mean the rights and obligations of both parties are limited. The written contract is very important when something bad happen to work we can refers the written contract. If don’t ha ve any written contract we can’t defend our self because no argument can’t see. Like if a employer talk to want given the salary RM2500 but only listen and don’t have any written about it and when time salary the worker don’t get the expectation salary. The worker can’t bring this issue to court because don’t have any writing that say you will get salary RM2500. Without it, the provisions of the law such as the Employment Act 1955, the Sabah Labor Ordinance and the Sarawak Labor Ordinance will play a role in identifying the rights and obligations inherent in the workplace between employers and employers. (AHMAD FAIZAL BIN RAZALI) SALARY ã Introduction: All basic salaries and all payments in cash except:  i. Any contribution by employer. ii. Any travel allowance for travel concessions iii. Retirement or retirement benefits iv. Bonus PAYCHECK ã Period of salary: can not exceed one month   ã Must be paid within 7 days from the end of the pay period    CURRENCY OF SALARY There are 3 situations; ã Only on written request from employees (no need for permits) eg: sports & welfare clubs, unions   ã Upon written request from the employee and with written permission from KP (permit)   ã No employee request or purpose  i. Approved by any written law. ii. Getting back up iii. Indemnity under section 13 i. Employer's mistake is overpaid WOMEN'S WORKER PROTECTION ã Women workers in agricultural or enterprise activities may not  working : i. Between 10.00 pm and 5.00 am except for shift ii. Starting work after 11 consecutive hours is free from work iii. Must not be employed in any underground work iv. Eligible for 60 days maternity leave (regardless of salary limit). v. Can not fired a woman laborer who is on maternity leave vi. Get a maternity allowance of up to 5 surviving children DAY OFF ã 6 working days 1 day break. It does not apply if workers are on maternity leave, sick leave or leave due to work disasters ã If there are 2 days of rest in a week, the last day is a day of rest for the purpose of the act   ã  For shift workers, the rest day should not be less than 30 hours. ã A schedule should be provided at the beginning of the month if the given day is not the same for all employees, a notice must be provided. TIME OF WORK ã Employers may not be required to  work: i. More than 5 consecutive hours without rest is not less than 30 minutes.
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