30 October 2014 HON. JOSE MARIA R. ZUBIRI, JR. Governor Province of Bukidnon Dear Governor Zubiri: Greetings! In line with the Philippine Development Plan’s goal of inclusive growth, poverty reduction, and promoting good governance at the local level, the Human Development and Poverty Reduction Cluster (HDPRC), through the Grassroots Budgeting Oversight Agencies (Department of Budget and Management [DBM]; Department of the Interior and Local Government [DILG]; National Anti- Poverty Commission [
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  30 October 2014 HON. JOSE MARIA R. ZUBIRI, JR. Governor  Province of BukidnonDear Governor Zubiri:Greetings!In ine it t e P ii##ine Deveo#$ent Pan%s goa of incusive grot & #overt'reduction& and #ro$oting good governance at t e oca eve& t e (u$an Deveo#$entand Povert' )eduction *uster +(DP)*,& t roug t e Grassroots Budgeting Oversig t -gencies +De#art$ent of Budget and .anage$ent /DB. De#art$ent of t e Interior and oca Govern$ent /DIG ationa -nti Povert' *o$$ission /-P* and t eDe#art$ent of 5ocia 6efare and Deveo#$ent /D56D, ave i$#e$ented t eGrassroots Partici#ator' Budgeting Process +GPBP, for$er' caed Botto$u#Budgeting +B7B, since 20128 Joint Memorandum Circulars signed b' t e four +4, GPB Oversig t -gencies ereissued since 2012 unti #resent to #rovide #artici#ating agencies and oca govern$entunits it t e #oic' guideines& #rocesses& res#onsibiities and ti$eines in t e GPBa##roac 8 -s an overvie& on 9 2013& ;4 oca govern$ent units (LGUs) under )egion 10ere funded under GPBP8 < is 9 2014& t e nu$ber of LGUs   ic are benefitingt roug GPBP increased to =>& and for 9isca ears 201; and 201?& t ei$#e$entation of GPB i eventua' cover a cities and $unici#aities in t e countr'&t us& a @3 LGUs  under )egion 10 i be incuded as GPBP goes universa in itscoverage of G7beneficiaries8 GPBP is #artici#ated b' t e fooing ationa Govern$ent -gencies:De#art$ent of Budget and .anage$entDe#art$ent of (eat De#art$ent of abor and A$#o'$ent<ec nica 5kis Deveo#$ent -ut orit'ationa Acono$ic Deveo#$ent -ut orit'De#art$ent of t e Anviron$ent and atura )esourcesDe#art$ent of -gricutureDe#art$ent of <ouris$De#art$ent of 5ocia 6efare and Deveo#$entDe#art$ent of -grarian )efor$De#art$ent of AducationDe#art$ent of <rade and Industr'< e issuance of DBM-DILG-NAPC-DSWD Joint Memoran!m Cir !#ar No. $ re: “Policy Guidelines and Procedures in the Implementation of the GrassrootsParticipatory Budetin Process (!ormerly called Bottom Up Budetin) for the preparation of the !# $%&' Budet and ucceedin #ears* on October 1& 2014 signast e 4 t  run of t #rogra$ +see attac ed co#' of .* C;,8 Item %.&' of t e said JMC  #articuar' refers to *o$#osition of t e )egiona Povert' )eduction -ction <ea$E of  ic t e Pro(in ia# P#annin) an De(e#o*ment O++i er  +PPDOs,   are noincuded8 < is oud $ean t at t e PPDO i sit as $e$bers of t e Re)iona#Po(ert Re! tion A tion eam /RPRA0   the roup that shall provide support and uidance to LGUs throuhout the GPB process and +ill monitor the implementation of GPB Pro,ects- It is t erefore on t is ig t t at t e undersigned& being t e .P./0 Chairperson  in)egion 10& for$a' invites 'our Panning and Deveo#$ent Officer to attend t e P)-<  Orientations in 'our #rovince t is co$ing ove$ber ?>& 20148 < e venue of t e saidP)-< Orientations i be arranged b' our Provincia Office89urt er$ore& RPRA  reguar' ods Fuarter' $eetings to u#date about t e statusof t e res#ective #roects under t e different #artici#ating ationa Govern$ent -gencies as e as discuss $atters #ertinent to t e i$#e$entation of t e sa$e8 -sone of t e $e$bers of t e )P)-< no& 'our PPDO i be invited to t ese $eetingst roug advisories fro$ t is Office89or carifications about GPB& 'ou $a' contact .s8 (aHe 8 Occea& GOO JIKGPB)egiona 9oca Person fro$ t is Office t roug office nos8 =;=21@1 to @38On be af of t e GPBP Proect .anage$ent Office& e eco$e 'our PPDO to t e RPRA. < ank 'ou ver' $uc 8Jer' tru' 'ours& A1. RENE 2. BURDEOS, CESO III )egiona Director  * air#erson& )P)-< 10 
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