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Pppm Bahasa Inggeris Ld Tahun 1

kssr p. khas
of 6
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  KEMENTERIAN PENDIDIKAN MALAYSIA PANDUAN PERKEMBANGAN PEMBELAJARAN MURIDBAHASA INGGERISTAHUN 1MASALAH PEMBELAJARAN  BAHASA INGGERIS PKHASMASALAH PEMBELAJARAN TAHUN 11 AIMS The EnglishLanguageStandardCurriculum for Primary Schools(Learning Disabilities)aims to equip pupils with basic language skills to enablethem to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts that’s appropriate to the pupils’ level of development. SUBJECT FOCUS By the end of Year 6, pupils should be able to:i. listen, revise and understand easy communicative language;ii. talk and give clear responses according to the situation;iii. read and understand brief messages;iv. write information using simple language; andv. use language skills in daily life.  BAHASA INGGERIS PKHASMASALAH PEMBELAJARAN TAHUN 12 BAND PERNYATAAN STANDARD1 Knowbasic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. 2 Know and understand words, phrases and sentences heard, spoken, read and written. 3 Know, understand and apply knowledge obtained through listening, speaking, reading and writing. 4  Apply knowledge obtained through listening, speaking, reading and writing in various situations using goodmanners.  BAHASA INGGERIS PKHASMASALAH PEMBELAJARAN TAHUN 13 KEMAHIRAN BAND DESKRIPTOR Listening and Speaking 1 Say aloud words or phraseswith guidance. 2 Participate in conversationwith guidanceusing thelanguagefunctions correctly;express orexchange greetings, introduce oneself.Say aloud words or phrasesindependently. 3 Participate in conversation andanswer questions correctly pertaining to differenttopics discussed.Listen to and follow simple instructionsaccurately. 4 Listen to and demonstrate understanding of oral instructions by answering thequestions correctly.Respond to oral questions fluently.
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