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Practice Essay for Exam

Practice Essay for Exam
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  Practice Essay for Exam: “Northern Lights” is a fantasy novel, first in the Trilogy “His Dark Materials”, by Phillip Pullman, whih is about a young urious an! a!venturous little girl with a smart !aemon name! Pantalaimon" #he loves to hang out an! !o !angerous things with her peers in $or!an %ollege" #he is a young girl who wants to !isover the mysteries about the other worl!s that are visible through the northern lights" The novel !eals with a number of issues& Lyra, the main harater, wants to !isover who her parents are, what “Dust” is an! where her best frien! 'oger is" The theme of ourage is entral to the novel as Lyra is onstantly faing !iffiult situations throughout the novel" (aing Mrs %oulter an! having the ourage of running away from her, also for having the ourage for going up North with all the men to resue Lor!  )sriel an! save her best frien! 'oger" #he has a lot of ourage by faing the truth about her parents an! who they were"My first e*ample of ourage is in %hapter + when Pantalaimon an!Lyra are !isussing whether to esape Mrs %oulter an! Pantalaimon says, “-ll fight him this time, Pantalaimon sai! bol!ly" an hange an! he an-t. /ll hange so 0uikly he won/t be able to keep hol!" This time /ll win, you/ll see"” This 0uote shows the ourage that Pantalaimon has when he says that he will fight Mrs %oulter/s !aemon an! that he will !efeat him so that they an esape without Mrs %oulter knowing" The Language Tehni0ue in this 0uote is that Pantalaimon has a !etermine! tone in his voie an! that he is fouse! to !efeat Mrs %oulter/s !aemon so they anesape without Mrs %oulter knowing" %ourage is very important for Lyra beause throughout the novel she omes aross a lot of ba! people an! has to have the ourage to stan! up to them an! take them on 1ust like Pantalaimon !i! when he fights Mrs %oulter/s !aemon an! suessfully !efeating him"My seon! e*ample of the theme ourage is also in %hapter + Lyrais at the oktail party an! she says to Pantalaimon “#he-s never  going north. #he-s going to keep us here forever. 2hen are we going to run away3"” This 0uote shows the ourage that they will run away from Mrs %oulter an! esape her ma!ness an! that they are not afrai! of her an! they are willing to esape" The LanguageTehni0ue use! in this 0uote is 'epetition of 4#he/ like when Lyra says 4#he/s going to keep us here forever/ an! the other LanguageTehni0ue is short sentenes" My thir! e*ample of ourage is in %hapter 5 on page 6+7 is where (ar!er %oram says to Lyra “Lyra. 8our oming too, but it en-t an oasion for 1oy an! 1ubilation" There-s trouble an! Danger ahea! for all on us" 8es.  will 1oin you beause  am !estine! to save Lor! )sriel an! my best frien! 'oger"” The Language Tehni0ues are that (ar!er %oram an! Lyra both have a !etermine! tone in their voie, also ollo0uial language" Lyra also has the ourage to say yes to go with the men on the e*pe!ition to save the hil!ren who have been taken by the gobblers an! also to resue her father Lor! )sriel" #he also knows the !angers that lie ahea! for her on the 1ourney"n %onlusion Phillip Pullman has use! the theme of ourage to portray the main protagonist Lyra on her 0uest to save her best frien! 'oger an! her father Lor! )sriel" 2e know that Lyra is an a!venturous little girl an! is !estine! to !o anything even if her life is on the line"


Jun 13, 2018
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