CIVIL ENGINEERING STATICS : Coplaner and multi planer system free body diagrams, centroid second moment of plane figure force and funicular polygons, principle of virtual work suspension systems and cetenary. DYNAMICS : Units and dimensions, Gravitational and absolute system, MKS & S.I. Unit. KINEMATICS: Rectilinear and Curvilinear motion, Relative motion, Instantaneous centre. KINETICS
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  CIVIL ENGINEERING STATICS: Coplaner and multi planer system free body diagrams, centroid second moment of plane figure force and funicular polygons, principle of virtual work suspension systems and cetenary. DYNAMICS: Units and dimensions, Gravitational and absolute system, MKS & S.. Unit. KINEMATICS: !ectilinear and Curvilinear motion, !elative motion, nstantaneous centre. KINETICS: Mass moment of inertia, simple armonic motion, momentum and impulse e#uations of motion of rigid body rotating about a fi$ed a$is. STRENGTH OF : %omogeneous and isotropic media, stress MATERIALS and strain elastic constants, tension and compression in one direction, reveted and welded oints.Compound stresses' (rincipal stresses and principal straints, simple t eories of failure.)ending moments and s ear forced diagrams. * eory of bending, s ear stress distribution in cross section of beams +eflection of beams.nalysis of laminated beams and non-prismatic structures.* eories of columns, middle-t ird and middle-fourt rules.* ree pinned arc analysis of simple frames, *orsion of s afts combined bending direct and torisonal stresses in s afts.Strain energy in elastic deformation, impact fati#ue and creep. SOIL MECHANICS: rigin of soils, classification void ratio, Moisture content permeability, Compaction..Seepage/ Construction of flow nets, +etermination of s ear strengt parameters for different drainage and stress conditions- *ria$ial, unconfined and direct s ear tests.0art pressure t eories - !ankine1s and coulomb1s analytical and grap ical met ods, stability of slops.Soil consolidation - *er2ag i1s t eory for one dimensional consolidation, rate of settlement and ultimate settlement, effective stress pressure distribution in soils, soil stabili2ation. 3oundations- )earing capacity of footings, (iles, 4ells, S eets piles. FLUID MECHANICS : (roperties of fluids.3luid Statics -- (ressure at a point force on plane and curved surface, buoyancy stability of floating and submerged bodies, dynamics of fluid flow, 5aminar and turbulent flow, e#uation of continuity energy and momentum e#uation, )ernoullis t eorem, cavitation, 6elocity, potential and steam functions, rotational, irrotational flow, vortices, flow net, 3luid flow measurement..  +imentional analysis ' Units and dimensions - non-dimensional numbers, )uck-ingg am1s pi-t eorem, principles of similitude and application.6iscous flow ' 3low between static plate and circular tubes boundary layer concepts' drag and lift.ncompressible flow t roug pipe ' 5aminar and turbulent flow, critical velocity, friction loses, loss due to sudden enlargement and contraction energy grade lines.pen C annel flow - uniform and non-uniform flows, specific energy and critical dept , gradually varied flow furface profiles, standing wave flume, surges and waves. SURVEYING: General principles, sign convention surveying instruments and t eir adustment, recording of survey observations, plotting of maps and sections, errors and t eir adustments. Measurement of distances, directions and eig ts, correction to measure lengt and barrings, correction for local attractions, measurement of ori2ontal and vertical angles, levelling operations, refraction and curvature corrections, C ain and compass survey, t erdolite and tec eometric traversing, traverse computation/ plane table survey, solution of two and t ree points problems, contour surveying, setting out direction and grades & type of curves, setting out of curves and e$cavation lines for building foundations.

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