Prelims Analysis

Analysis of questions for civil services
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  Religion    Jainism    Buddhism Environment    Mangroves    Soil degradation    IUCN    Water pollution (Eutrophication) and water purification methods    Carbon cycle    Popular threatened species (India)-location, characterisics    Biodiversity (including hotspots)    Air pollution    Ozone hole/CFCs    Famous NPs/sanctuaries/Biosphere reserves/wetlands-Location, endemic species, distribution (statewise, areawise etc, respective famous endemic species)    Tiger reserves/Elephant Reserves    Kyoto protocol (all the relevant terms)    Biomes    Bio-geographical zones    Acts and Authorities    Renewable energy and its uses (Biomass gasification)    Global warming/Acidification of oceans    Carbon sequestration    GHGs    Famous conventions (Ramsar)    Soil conservation Economics    Terms from current happenings (teaser loans, fiscal stimulus, base effect, fiscal deficit etc)    Concepts-forex, money supply, Inflation, Bank Rate, Export/Import/Consumption, FDI/FII, VAT    Terms in budget speech    IMF/WB/WTO    Five year plans    Direct tax/indirect tax (see the list from the budget receipt)    CRR/SLR etc    Inflation indices  Science    Man-made satellites (types etc.)    Solar system (Asteroids and comets, van Allen Belts, satellites)    Bluetooth, Wifi,WLAN, WWAN, VPN, CD/DVD/ Blu ray, Wimax    EDGE/LTE/DSL/GSM    Nutrition-Antioxidant, vitamins, trans-fat, artificial sweetner, minerals    DNA/genes/genomes    Microbial fuel cells    Fuel cells    Nuclear energy    CFL/LED    Blood groups    Graphene    Layers of atmosphere-features etc.    Bt-Brinja/Bt-Cotton    Stem cells    Recent Nobel prize topics    Dry cell    Biological function (ingestion. Digestion, absorption, excretion)    Hepatitis B    Electromagnetic spectrum    Neutrinos    Microwave oven principle (do it for othe house appliances as well) Geography    El Nino, la Nina    Monsoon    Major crops and cropping region and growing conditions (including spices etc)    Types of farming    Geographical location of states (relative positions, Tropic of cancer)    Biopesticides/green Manure    Dry Land farming    Climatic regions    Major ports/Minor ports    Tropic of cancer/Capricorn, Arctic circles: Countries being crossed    Major rivers of India (srcin, states, major tributaries)    Land use classification in India    Soil    Prevailing wind     Types of Forest and distribution in india    Water resource    Minerals and their distribution    History    Indus valley (Dharma, rita)    Harappan civilization Misc    Schemes    DPSPs/FRs/Fundamental Duties    Missiles (Shaurya etc)    Groups (G-8-evolution)    Partnership/Proprietorship/Limited company/Limited liability partnership    UN bodies (at least know the names)    Lok adalats (asked twice)    Consumer grievance redressal (asked twice) Culture    Indus Valley    Vedic Period    Temple Architecture    Dhrupad (minute details were asked)    Difference between Kuchhipudi and Bharatnatyam    Sufism, Bhakti    NSD, Sangeet Natak academy    UNESCO world heritage site in India, criteria etc    Cave paintings
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