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   4 © OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS   ã   PHOTOCOPIABLE English plus Pre-Intermediate  Revision ã Unit 1 Revision 1  Grammar Present simple and adverbs of frequency 1 Complete the sentences with the correct Present simple form of the verbs.  I study French and English at school. 1  I (not watch) much television at the weekend. 2  Where (he/play) football? 3  Mel (not/see) her grandparents at Christmas. 4  My brother (wash up) after dinner most evenings. 5  How often (the children/walk) the dog? 6  We (not/go) swimming on Saturdays. 2 Rewrite the sentences using one of the adverbs of frequency given. Make any other necessary changes.  I go swimming once every two or three years. (hardly ever/often)  I hardly ever go swimming. 1  Zac walks home from school four days a week. (never/usually)  2  Mum and Dad eat in restaurants a lot. (often/don’t often)  3  They go to the cinema once or twice a month. (always/sometimes)  4  I visit my grandmother every day. (hardly ever/always)  3 Write the words in the correct order to make sentences. unfriendly sometimes people are  People are sometimes unfriendly. 1  never on the bus do I my homework  2  nervous before always Isabel an exam is  3  goes hardly ever James swimming  4  confident people often nervous are not  Adverbs of manner 4 Complete the sentences with the correct adverb form of the adjectives from the box. bad late noisy good hard easy  The teacher’s angry because the children are talking   noisily. 1  The cat was very fast and it caught the mouse . 2  We played today. We lost 4–1. 3  Julie plays the guitar because she practises a lot. 4  Peter is working because he has an exam tomorrow. 5  I went to bed last night so I’m really tired today. 5 Write sentences in the Present simple using the correct adverb form of the adjectives given.  The team/never/play. (good)   The team never plays well. 1  The children/play/together. (happy)  2  The students usually/study. (quiet)  3  I/walk to school/in the morning. (fast) 4  We/drive/because/we/be/sensible. (careful)  Present continuous 6 Complete the sentences and questions with the correct Present continuous form of the verbs from the box. not watch not chat do (x2) write not listen not play study talk text wait  They aren   ’t playing  tennis. They ’re studying  in the library. 1  What you here? you for someone? 2  We to our friends. We an email. 3  The teacher but James . He a friend on his mobile. 4  I TV, Mum. I my homework!   5 © OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS   ã   PHOTOCOPIABLE Revision 1 English plus Pre-Intermediate  Revision ã Unit 1 7 Write questions for these answers using the Present continuous. What are you reading?  I’m reading a magazine. 1  ? No, he isn’t doing his homework. 2  ? They’re talking to the teacher. 3  ? She’s crying because she failed the Maths exam. 4  ? We’re going to the park. 5  ? Yes, I’m listening to the radio. Present simple v Present continuous 8 Complete the sentences with the correct Present simple or Present continuous form of the verbs.  Jack often teases (tease) his little sister. 1  Look! The boys (play) with the neighbour’s dog. 2  I often (not complain) about things at school. 3  Please be quiet. Katy and I (chat) on the phone. 4  James (sulk) because I ate all the chocolate. 5  Bess never (laugh) at my jokes. 9 Write sentences or questions in the Present simple or Present continuous. Where’s Mum? she/make/dinner  She’s making dinner. 1  Paul is a teacher. there/be/30 children in his class  2  I’m Scottish. I/not come/from England  3  You’re late! everyone/wait/for you  4  Jenny looks upset. she/cry/?  5  My mum’s a nurse. what/your mum/do/?  6  Callum hurt his leg yesterday. he/not play/football/today  Vocabulary Character and personality  10 Choose the correct alternative.  Jack talks to everybody. He’s friendly / shy . 1  Amy doesn’t respect people’s opinions. She’s intolerant  /  practical . 2  You cry a lot. You’re sensitive / active . 3  Tess wants to be a doctor, and she studies a lot. She’s mean / determined . 4  I always pass my exams. I’m naive / clever  . 5  Pete often does dangerous things. He’s tolerant  / brave . 6  I’m always happy. I’m a cheerful / sensible  person. 7  My grandparents give a lot of presents. They’re  generous / clever  . 8  You ask a lot of questions! You’re very serious / nosy . 9  Lucy doesn’t like meeting new people. She’s shy / mean .  10  We know we can dance well. We’re  practical / confident  . Communication and attitude  11 Complete the verbs with the endings from the box. -ast -gh -ke -lain -lk -re -se  bo ast 1  comp   4  jo   2  su   5  lau   3  tea   6  sta   12 Match the pictures (1–4) to the verbs from the box. hug laugh sulk tease   1   2   3   4  

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