Presentation: RF Radiation Fear Mongering

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    Title : Wireless Radiation Fear Mongering: An Anti-Wireless Movement on Tabloid Media Published by rj579!75 5 A#ril$ %& '    (ntrodu)tion ● Wireless devi)es are be)oming #o#ular as #eo#le )ut their *ires and #re+er *ireless devi)es ● (t has a lot o+ bene+its $ su)h as long range )ommuni)ation $ lo*er energy )onsum#tion $ redu)ed )osts and maintenan)e, ● es#ite its bene+its $ some #eo#le are )on)erned about the dangers o+ *ireless devi)es, ●  Peo#le )laim that radiation emitted +rom *ireless devi)es )ause ele)tromagneti) hy#ersensitivity ./012 $an medi)al disease that has little or no s)ienti+i) eviden)e,    Media )overage o+ *ireless radiation ris3s ● The (nternet is +looded *ith a lot o+ misleading li+estyle and health advi)es $ +or e4am#le $ some ouTube videos about )ell to*er radiation$ WiFi and )ell to*er radiation $ and more, ● 1ome #eo#le use measuring e6ui#ments .RF/MF Meters and ete)tors2 *ith high sensitivity to ma3e #eo#le believe it8s dangerous ● 1ome *ebsites #romote some #rodu)ts that attenuateredu)e RF radiation )oming +rom *ireless devi)es .su)h as RF Radiation Prote)tion$ 1*iss-1hield $Radi hi#$ et),2    What is RF Radiation ●  Radio +re6uen)y .RF2 is an lo* energy end o+ ele)tromagneti) s#e)trum$ +re6uen)y ranging +rom !0; to !T0; .!&&&<0;2$ *hi)h is belo* the visible light s#e)trum, ● =nly )a#able o+ )ausing mole)ules to move and )ollide$ *hi)h is used in mi)ro*ave ovens +or heating +ood, This is not ioni;ing radiation$ so it does not )ause any health e++e)ts e4)e#t tissue heating at mi)ro*ave oven #o*er,

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Apr 16, 2018
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