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  Product dimensions Bullet view Table view SAMSUNG ML1666 – Rs. 4800/-Specs !er!ie ã Print Gener#$ ã 150 MHz Processor ã 800x480 7 WV! olor Touc#$%creen &' Me(or) * %tora+e ã ,% o(-atibilit) Win.ows /000*P*/00*Vista*/0082 Win.ows 7*/008 3/2 Mac ,%  10$102 Various &inux ,% 3e. Hat 80 $ 602 Man.rae 6/ $ 1012 %u% 8/ $ 6/ an. 9e.ora ore 1 $ 4 ã :%B /0 inter;ace co(-atible ã <oise &evel &ess t#an 46 .B! =Printin+>2 &ess t#an / .B! =%tan.b)> ã 41 x //4 x 184 =14 x 88 x 7/ >(( 'i(ension ã 'ut) c)cle =(ont#l)> u- to 5000 -a+es ã 54+ Wei+#t  Print ã 3esolution :- to 1/00 x 00 .-i e;;ective out-ut ã :- to 1 --( in !4 =17 --( in &etter> %-ee. =Mono> ã Manual 'u-lex Print ã %P& =%a(sun+ Printer &an+ua+e> Print (ulation ã 9irst -rint out ti(e =Mono> &ess t#an 85 secon.s =9ro( 3ea.) Mo.e> %onsum#&$es ã ? !vera+e artri.+e @iel. 1500 -a+es2 'eclare. cartri.+e )iel. in accor.ance wit# A%, * A 1675/$%tarter Toner $ 9ullca-acit) Toner artri.+e 1500 -a+es ã 1$-iece artri.+e ã Mo.el o.e M&T$'104% P#per '#nd$in( ã Pa-er %ize? !42 !52 &etter2 &e+al2 xecutive2 9olio2 ,;icio2 A%, B52 A% B52 nvelo-e=Monarc#2 <o62 <o102 '&2 5>2 usto( ã Pa-er T)-e? Plain 2T#in2 otton2 3ec)cle.2 !rc#ive2 oloure.2 Pre$Printe.2 &abel2 Bon.2 T#ic2 nvelo-es2 ar.stoc2 Trans-arenc) ã 150$s#eet assette An-ut a-acit) ã 100$s#eet 9ace 'own =75 +* ㎡ 2 /0 lbs> ,ut-ut a-acit) 'P L#ser)et P100*- Rs.4+00 Speci,ic#tions Print s-ee. blac =nor(al2 !4>:- to 14 --(Print s-ee. ;ootnote%-ee. s-eci;ication -er in.ustr) testin+ (et#o.s  Print Cualit) blac =best>:- to 00 x 00 .-i =1/00 .-i e;;ective out-ut>Print tec#nolo+)&aser 'ut) c)cle =(ont#l)2  !4>:- to 5000 -a+es'ut) c)cle note'ut) c)cle is .e;ine. as t#e (axi(u( nu(ber o; -a+es -er (ont# o; i(a+e. out-ut T#is value a co(-arison o; -ro.uct robustnessin relation to ot#er HP &aseret or HP olor &aseret .evices2 an. enables a--ro-riate .e-lo)(ent o; -rinters an. M9Ps to satis;) t#e .e(an.s o; connecte. in.ivi.uals or +rou-s3eco((en.e. (ont#l) -a+e volu(e/50 to (e(or)/ MB e(be..e. in %AP -aca+e2 1 bit <V3!MMaxi(u( (e(or)/ MB e(be..e. in %AP -aca+e2 1 Db <V3!MProcessor s-ee./ MHzHar. .is ca-acit)< -rinter lan+ua+esHost$base. -rintin+ P#per #nd$in( -a-er tra)s1Maxi(u( -a-er tra)s1Pa-er #an.lin+*in-ut150$s#eet in-ut tra)Pa-er #an.lin+*out-ut100$s#eet ;ace$.own bin'u-lex -rint o-tionsManual =.river su--ort -rovi.e.>Me.ia sizes su--orte.!42 !52 !2 B52 -ostcar.s2 envelo-es =52 '&2 B5>usto( (e.ia sizesMain tra)? 147 x /11 to /1 x 5 ((Me.ia t)-es su--orte.Pa-er =laser2 -lain2 -#oto2 rou+#2 vellu(>2 envelo-es2 labels2 car.stoc2 trans-arencies2 -ostcar.s9inis#e. out-ut #an.lin+%#eet;e. %onnecti!it connectivit)Hi$%-ee. :%B /0 -ort,-tional connectivit)<one imensions #nd ei(t Me.ia wei+#ts b) -a-er -at#150$s#eet tra)? 0 to 1 +*(EF 10$s#eet -riorit) ;ee. slot? 0 to 1 +*(EPro.uct .i(ensions =Wx ' x H>47 x //4 x 164 ((Pro.uct wei+#t47 + Po er #nd oper#tin( reuirements Mini(u( s)ste( Win.ows /0002 Win.ows P Ho(e2 Win.ows P Pro;essional2  reCuire(entsWin.ows Vista=3> 3ea.)2 1/0 MB ;ree #ar. .is s-ace2 '$3,M .rive2:%B -orto(-atible o-eratin+ s)ste(sWin.ows /000F Win.ows P Ho(eF Win.ows P Pro;essionalF Win.ows P Pro;essional x4F Win.ows %erver /00 =/*4 bit>F Wors wit# Win.ows Vista=3>F Mac ,%  v 10/8F Mac ,%  v 10xF Mac ,%  v 104 or #i+#er Power reCuire(entsAn-ut volta+e 110 to 1/7 V! =G*$ 10>2 0 Hz =G*$ / Hz>2 7 a(-F //0 to/40 V! =G*$ 10>2 50 Hz =G*$ / Hz>2 40 a(-Power consu(-tion =active>15 wattsPower consu(-tion =slee-> wattsPower consu(-tion =stan.b)> wattsPower consu(-tion =(anual$o;;>0 watts3eco((en.e. o-eratin+ te(-erature ran+e10 to /5I 3eco((en.e. #u( o-eratin+ ran+e/0 to 80 3H<3@ %T!3J Cuali;ie.@es #t2s inc$uded Warrant)1 @ear &i(ite. Warrant) =3eturn to HP*'ealer $ :nit xc#an+e>

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