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Strength of materials
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  12 PROELEMS 1/SrMPt-E STRESS 104. A hollow steel tube with an inside diameter of 100 mm must carry a tensile load of 400 kN. Determine the outside diameter of the tube if the stress is limited to l2o MN/m2' Ans. r 19 mm 105. A homogeneous 800-kg bar,4B is supported at either end by a cable as shown in Fig. P-105. Calculate the srnallest area ofeach cable ifthe stress is not to exceed 90 MPa in bronze and 120 MPa in steel. ,\ns' Aa, = 43'6 mmz; '4o = 32; mm2 10mFigure P-105 106. The homogcneous bar shown in Fig. P-106 is supported by a smooth Jir rt C oa a cable that runs frorn ,{ to B around the smooth peg at D. Find the stress in thecable if its diameter is 0.6 in. and the bar weighs 6000 lb. i Figure P-lM  07. A rod is composed of an aluminum section rigidly attached between steel and bronzesections, as shown in Fig. P-107. Axial loads are applied at the positions indicated. If p = 3000 lb and the cross-sectional area ofthe rod is 0.5 in.2, determine the stress in each section. Ans. o* r oa = 24.0 lcsi; au. : 18.0 ksi Figure P-I07 l0B. An alurminum rod is rigictly attached between a steel rod and a bronze rod as shown in Fig. p-108. Axial loads are applied at the positions indicated. Find the nnaxirnumvalue of P that u'ill not exceed a stres.s in steel of 140 MPa, in aluminurn of 90 MPa' or in bronze of lfil MPa. Ans. P= l0 0kN l*, u*l* r tt-J* 2.s ft-*l pfo zo \ =m.ans loo(2oo) ' 2P ?. lorooo N Siee\ filvninrrr soo (110) = $9 \o(\orrl'P y1,ooo\ ?. 3( rooo N fture P-lm F-2.5 m---*..|*-2.0 m--rF-I'b m+l 109. Determine the largest weight I7 that can be supported b], the two wires shown in \^/i( [B Fig.P-lOg,Thestressineitherwireisnottoexceed30ksi.Tbecross-sectionalarsiu . of wirts l8 and AC are 0.4 in.2 and 0.5 in.2, respectively. 13 \._w s\q{o si$[b 11g: Q'0521w 6',rL I\lg: O.bBtr\^r 1o('q) = o't's1.lw ,n, . 11. tl t'its 650 psi. P= f* qo,qrr-j lt c nortk- Pr. Cclc Po: bso Llzl)Po. 93 ,u0olL P. P- ' q3,c,oolL [o. 5o{. lool P, f io,(l1l lL wiR Ac Trr -- W fr'f srnto 'lric. 0.t1qq w T1g . 6*9 A6q o.?tqqw' fo (o's) W. n-lkiF Ans. W = 11 .l ktW Figure P-l(D ll0. A l2-in. square steel bearing plate iies between an 8-ih. diameter wooden post and a concrcte footing as showD in Fig. P-l 10. Determine the maximum value of the axiat load P if the strccs ir, wood is limited to l80O psi aod that in concrele to fs,.5w Aw P 1*. \toolt t (s)-l E;=*z.o*_J*r.', lv.r. qq 111'1(Lflgur€ P-tl0 Steel L=3m I D=8in. plate
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